Wednesday, December 28, 2016

[English] Orleans 14-2-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Dr. Roman: Wait, ahead is a servant! Watch out!

Gilles: Oh my oh my, long time no see hasn’t it.

Jeanne: Gilles….!!

Gilles: I never would have imagined you defeating Fafnir and coming this far into Orleans…..

Gilles: Honestly, I’m in admiration.

Gilles: However! However! Ah, Saint! And also your comrades!

Gilles: Why do you hinder me!?

Gilles: Put yourself in my shoes. Everything was trampled, moreover Jeanne D’arc was killed!

Jeanne: I understand your point, but I have one question.

Jeanne: Gilles de Rais. Is the person you serve, really me?

Gilles: ….. How dare you, how dare you how dare you how dare you say such prohibited words! Even a Saint embraces anger, even a Saint embraces despair!

Gilles: That is, without a doubt Jeanne D’arc. The hidden side of her darkness!

Jeanne: I see. Then all the more reason, for me the one without darkness to confront her.

Gilles: Jeanne. Even if you are her other side I won’t allow this hindrance!

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