Saturday, February 11, 2017

[English] Septem 01-1-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Mashu: Phew. We’re arrived safely again, transition was a success right Senpai?

Mashu: The breeze of wind, smell of dirt, and the endless blue skies.

Mashu: It’s strange. No matter how many times I experience this, the ground that I stand on feels so different.

What’s wrong? Take a deep breath. As I thought, is the leyshift stressing you?

Mashu: Yes, I did but… I? I… I see. It must be natural to feel like this.

Mashu: Yes, the leyshift is mentally stressing. But, I think my condition is a separate issue.

Mashu: … How do I say this this, it’s an overwhelming feeling.

Mashu: When we were in France, I was constantly on alert so I didn’t think about this. It must be this scenery that I face.

Four: Fuu… Nkyu, kyu?

Mashu: Fou-san!?

You followed us again!? Did you just come out from Mashu’s chest!?

Four: Kyuu, kyaau!

Mashu: Fou-san says he’ll be accompanying us again this time. The outside world is much better than the cramped base.

Mashu: I agree with that opinion.

Mashu: Fighting is scary but being able to see a new world is amazing.

Mashu: But, even in this time period’s sky, “that” is visible as well.

As the party looked up the sky, they saw a ring of light, spanning the entire region.

Mashu: That ring of light. It looks similar to the one in France.

Mashu: No, it seems to be the same. Although it seems we cannot accurately observe it from here.

Mashu: What could that possibly be? It’s gigantic.

Dr. Roman: A ring of light? As usual, it can’t be observed on my end.

Dr. Roman: Although, it certainly is a worrisome phenomenon. I will continue to investigate.

The party walked to the designated point, the capital Rome. Or at least, what it should have been.

Dr. Roman: By the way, over there… oh? The capital Rome…….. well then, isn’t there?

This is just a hilly area. I wonder what happened to it.

Mashu: Yes, just as Senpai says. This is a hilly area.

Mashu: No, Senpai. This is a hilly area. I believe we may be in the capital.

Dr. Roman: Oh, strange. I’ve confirmed on my end, the capital isn’t there.

Dr. Roman: I thought I had confirmed the transfer point… Well, there seems to be an area on the outskirts of the capital.

Mashu: Did you… input the wrong transfer point coordinates? Then the time period we’re in?

Dr. Roman: The time period is correct. There is no doubt that you are in the first century.

Dr. Roman: The fifth Roman emperor Nero Claudius is the current reigning emperor. That I’m sure of.

Dr. Roman: But, strange. How did I miss the capital?

Dr. Roman: According to history, last year Empress Agrippina was assassinated by poison. This should not be the last of Nero’s years’ yet.

Dr. Roman: The days when the emperor was loved by his people, the prosperous city of Rome…

Dr. Roman: …I would’ve liked you to see that.

Mashu: No Doctor, there are only gently sloping hills. There aren’t even any valuable sheeps here

Dr. Roman: Yes, there must be a reason for this. Do you anything strange in your surroundings?

Four: Fuu, Foou!

Mashu: … I hear something.

Dr. Roman: What?

There was a faint sound of sword fighting coming from somewhere

Mashu: That’s…

A battle somewhere? Do you hear something?

Mashu: Yes. I believe it’s a large scale battle. It seems to be over the hills.

Dr. Roman: A large scale battle? A war? No, no no. That’s impossible.

Dr. Roman: During this time period there were no battles surrounding Rome.

Dr. Roman: Then, that means that…

Mashu: There’s an abnormality in the timeline. That’s what you mean isn’t it?

Let’s hurry towards the sound!

Four: Fou!

The party headed towards the sound, where the battle was taking place

Mashu: Over there is…

Mashu: There’s no mistaking, ahead of us is a battle. One side has a large amount of troops, the other with a much smaller force.

Mashu: The larger force carries a crimson and gold banner. The smaller force also carries a crimson and gold banner but defer in design.

Dr. Roman: The Ancient Romans like crimson and gold don’t they? Mashu, any other distinct features?

Mashu: … a woman. The young woman is leading that smaller force.

Mashu: She’s taking on the enemy forces by herself. In the direction of the capital, the army is crumbling by just one person.

Mashu: She’s a very strong individual. Could she perhaps be a servant?

Dr. Roman: No, I do not detect a servant. I can’t sense you either though.

Mashu: Okay.

Dr. Roman: I’ve confirmed it. That woman is a person from this time period.

Mashu: This is only my impression but...

Mashu: She seems similar to Jeanne. Though I have no evidence.

Dr. Roman: Like Jeanne? Perhaps she is a saint fighting for what’s precious to her?

Dr. Roman: Hmm… if she’s a person from this period then she could be…. I can’t think of anything. My knowledge is lacking for this era.

Dr. Roman: Anyways. This is a war that should not be happening.

Dr. Roman: If that’s the case

Let’s help the woman Let’s stop them from reaching the city

Mashu: Yes, I agree with senpai’s confident plan. Fou-san is also filled with energy.

Four: Kyuu! Kyu Kyu, Kyu!

Dr. Roman: It’s no servant or monster but a plan’s a plan. Be careful!

Mashu: Understood!

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