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Fuyuki Full Text

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==== [English] Fuyuki Prologue a ====

[English] Fuyuki Prologue a
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Announcer: ---Base sequence confirmed to be human genome. ---Spiritual Vessel's attribute confirmed to be Good Neutral
Announcer: Welcome to the museum of humanity's future. This is the Human Continuation Facility, Chaldea.
Announcer: Fingerprint authentication, vocal authentication, and genetic authentication all clear. Magic Ciruit measurement......Completed.
Announcer: Registered name matches. You have been acknowledged as a member of the primates.
Announcer: Pleased to meet you. You are today's last visitor.
Announcer: Please have a good time here.
Several minutes later...
Announcer: ......My apologies. Another 180 seconds are needed to complete the admission procedure.
Announcer: During that time, please enjoy a mock battle.
Announcer: Regulation: Senior Contracted Servants: Saber, Lancer, Archer
Announcer: Your score will not be recorded. Please feel free to enjoy it as you feel like.
Announcer: Booting Heroic Spirit Summoning System - Fate. We hope that you will have a good experience as a Master for these 180 seconds.

==== [English] Fuyuki Prologue b ====

[English] Fuyuki Prologue b
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
???: Four......? Kyu......Kyu?
???: Four! Fuu, Four!

Option: ......That the cry of some animal......?
Option: ......It kinda felt like my cheeck was being licked just now......
Our vistor opened his eyes, and found a girl standing infront of him.
???: .......
???: ...........................Uhm, It's neither morning or night time, so please wake up, Sempai.

Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): You are......?
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): This is......?

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
???: That was a hard question right off the bat, so I'll pass on answering. I'm not someone whose name is worth mentioning---I guess?
???: No, I do have a name. I do have a proper name.
???: But I've rarely had the chance to use it...... So like, I can't really make an impressionable self-introduction or something......
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
???: Ah, that's a simple question. Thank goodness.
???: This is the corridor leading from the front gate to the central control room. In sketchy terms, this is the front of Chaldea's front gate.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
???: Ahem. Either way, is that all, Sempai?
???: It appears you were resting, but to have a reason for sleeping in the corridor is a bit...... Are you one of those people who cannot sleep unless their bed is hard?

Option (Lead to Scene 2, Choice 1): I was sleeping here?
Option (Lead to Scene 2, Choice 2): Yes, actually. If it's not tatami, I'm actually......

---- Scene 2, Choice 1 ----
???: Yes, and soundly at that. Sleep that's sound enough for me to want to put it into a textbook.
** Go to Scene 3**

---- Scene 2, Choice 2 ----
???: The Japanese carpet, was it? I've heard of it. I see......I see.
** Go to Scene 3**

---- Scene 3 ----
???: Four! Kyu, Kyuu~!
???: ......I forgot. We've yet to introduce you haven't we, Four.
???: This squirrel-like one is Four. He's a Very Important Creature that freely strolls through the halls of Chaldea.
???: I was called here by Four,  And found you resting.
Four: Four. Nkyu, fou!
Four jumped off Mashu's arm, and ran off to somewhere.
???: ......He's run off somewhere again. In this way, he walks around whenever he pleases.

Option: ......That's an animal I've never seen before......
Option: ......That's one mysterious creature isn't it.

???: Yes, he doesn't approach anyone but me, But he seems to have gotten a liking for you.
???: Congratulations. This is the birth of Chaldea's second attendant of Four.
???: Ah, that's where you were, Mashu. That's no good, you have to make sure you get permission before you move......
???: Oops, looks like there was someone here already. You're......I see, you're a newbie whose been assigned here today aren't you.
Lev: I'm Lev Reinol. I'm one of the technicians working here.
Lev: And you're......?
Lev: Hm, Ritsuka you say. So you're the last of the 48 candidates invited here.
Lev: Welcome to Chaldea.
Lev: Seems like it was an open recruitment, but how long was the training period? A year? Half a year? Or was it the shortest three months?

Option (Lead to Scene 3, Choice 1): ......I'll leave it to your imagination.
Option (Lead to Scene 3, Choice 2): No, I'm not doing any training.

---- Scene 3, Choice 1 ----
Lev: Oh? Your competitive spirit's already awakened has it? Planning to hide info from your rivals then?
Mashu: Professor Lev. Ritsuka's traning period is on a level of several hours.  I believe he's just shy.
Lev: My. That's......I see, there was a public spot for emergency recruitment to fill up the numbers wasn't there.
** Go to Scene 4**

---- Scene 3, Choice 2 ----
Lev: Oh? So you're a complete amateur then, are you?
Lev: Ah......Now that you mention it, wasn't there a normal slot for filling up the numbers?
** Go to Scene 4**

---- Scene 4 ----
Lev: So you're one of them huh. My apologies. That was inconsiderate of me.
Lev: But please don't be pessimistic just because you got a normal slot. The upcoming mission needs all of you.
Lev: 38 people from noble magi families, and 10 civilians with potetial...... We somehow managed to gather 48 master candidates.
Lev: This is a jovial thing. The ones gathered here are all the people who have the aptitude to quantum spirit dive in 2015 after all.
Lev: If you have anything you need help with, please feel free to ask either me or Mashu......Oh?
Lev: Actually, what are you talking to him about, Mashu? That really isn't like you. Were you acquainted with him previously?
Mashu: No, this is the first time. He was sleeping in this block, so we just happened to meet.
Lev: Sleeping soundly? Ritsuka? Here?
Lev: Ah, don't tell me you took the simulation when you were admitted? If you aren't used to spirit quantum dives, you'll go dizzy.
Lev: You probably walked here after being released by the gate while your outer consciousness still hasn't awoken.
Lev: It's a form of sleepwalking. Mashu probably called out just as Ritsuka collasped.
Lev: From what I can see there's no problems, but there's always that possibility. I'd like to send you off to the infirmary, but......
Lev: Sorry, try and endure for a bit more. The succeeding chief's briefing is starting. You'll need to attend quickly too.

Option (Lead to Scene 4, Choice 1): Chief......?
Option (Lead to Scene 4, Choice 2): Briefing......? 

---- Scene 4, Choice 1 ----
Lev: The chief's the chief. The one responsible for Chaldea, and commander for any missions we have.
Lev: You are a newbie who did come here through public routes, But don't tell me that you didn't read the pamphlet?
Mashu: Seems like it. The chief's profile isn't publicly available after all.
Mashu: There's no point of contact between the Chief and Sempai.  The only ones who respect the Animusphere name now are magi whose families have been around for over a hundred years.
Lev: That's true. Well, whether he knows the Chief or not Doesn't affect him responsibilities as a Master, so there's no problem.
Lev: But it's not good to be noticed for trivial things. If you want a peaceful workplace here, you should hurry.
Lev: The briefing will be in five minutes at the central control room. A just little performance for you New Age lot.
** Go to Scene 5**

---- Scene 4, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: Yes. It's a form of greeting to all Master candidates who, like you, Ritsuka-san, were assigned here today.
Lev: Pretty much, this is tutorial number one from the organisation's boss to all the restless newbies.
Lev: The chief's the kind that'd not forgive the slightest fault after all. If you make a mistake, you'll have eyes on you for a year.
Lev: The briefing will start in five minutes in the central control room. Head straight through this corridor. Hurry up.
** Go to Scene 5**

---- Scene 5 ----
Mashu: Professor Lev. Am I allowed to attend the briefing?
Lev: Mm? Well, if you stand in the corner I'm pretty sure they'd look the other way......Why?
Mashu: I just thought that I should guide him to the control room. I wouldn't be surprised if he fell asleep again on the way there.
Lev: ......And if I leave you to it you'll be scolded by the Chief huh...... Meaning that ultimately I'll be attending too.
Lev: Well, if Mashu wants to do that then do so. Are you fine with that, Ritsuka?
Lev: If there's no other questions you need answered, we'll start heading to the control room. Do you have anything else you want to ask while we have the time?

Option (Lead to Scene 5, Choice 1): No questions.
Option (Lead to Scene 5, Choice 2): By the way, why does she call me Senpai?

---- Scene 5, Choice 1 ----
Lev: Alright. That case let's go. Straighten your posture, but keep yourself nerves relaxed.
** Go to Scene 6**

---- Scene 5, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: .................
Lev: Oh, don't worry about that. For a girl like her, any old person around your age would definitely be considered a senpai.
Lev: Though, you're right, that certainly -is- strange. Ah, but perhaps this is the only time she's done it?
Lev: I'm starting to wonder myself too. Hey, Mashu. Why do you call that boy senpai?
Mashu: A...reason? Ritsuka-san seems like the best person out of all the people I've met in here up to now.
Lev: I see. And that means?
Mashu: I truly feel no threat from them. In other words, they have no hostile motives whatsoever. 
Lev: I see, that's very important! After all, a lot of people who come into Chaldea are pretty fishy!
Lev: I agree with Mashu's assessment myself though. Ol' Ritsuka will get along great here!
Mashu: ...anyone Professor Lev likes is the type of person the chief will hate, though.
Mashu: At this point, what do you say to hiding yourself in the toilet and boycotting the meeting?
Lev: That would probably just help grab the chief's attention. At this point you might as well resign yourself and leave it up to fate. 
Lev: Just try jumping into the lion's den, Ritsuka. Hey, she's a charming enough person if you get used to it all. 
** Go to Scene 6**

---- Scene 6 ----
Mashu and the visitor quickly walked to the control room.
Mashu: This is the central control room. Senpai, your number is...based on this, you have a front row seat.
Mashu: Please head to the open spot in the front row. ...Senpai? Is your face losing color?

Option: Sorry, my head is still a little foggy...
Option: sleepy...

Mashu: It must still be simulator after-effects. I'll accompany you to doctor straightaway...
???: ..................
Lev: We better stop the chitchat. Look, things are already starting.
After a brief moment to settle things up, the woman started to speak.
???: Tardiness aside, it seems all members are now present.
Olga Marie: The secret organization Chaldea welcomes you all. I am chief Olga Marie Animusphere.
Olga Marie: You all have been chosen from around the globe, in some cases rare finds---
Suddenly, everything went black. Our visitor has fallen asleep, at probably the worst time ever. The next thing he knew, was that he was already in the hallway.
Mashu: ......are you all right, Senpai?

Option: .....whoops.
Option: ........did I fall asleep?

Mashu: Yes. Your sleep was something sort of like...REM sleep, somehow.
Mashu: Anyways, the chief's slap is the best wake-up call around. 
Mashu: Senpai, as you've been dismissed from the first mission, right now I'm to guide you to your room---kyaa!?
Four: Four!

Four charged at Mashu at a very high speed, aiming right at her face.
Option: Your face, that squirrel is....!
Option: That's dangerous...!

Mashu: N, no, this happens all the time, nothing to worry about.
Mashu: Four-san's surprise attacks on my face always finish with him wrapping around my back and calming down on my shoulder.

Option (Lead to Scene 6, Choice 1): You've gotten used to it, then.
Option (Lead to Scene 6, Choice 2): Wait, are you his godparent or something?

---- Scene 6, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: Yes. After all, it's been a year since Four-san's settled down here in Chaldea.
** Go to Scene 7**

---- Scene 6, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: Of course. For no particular reason, I have an intuition for what Four-san is saying.
Mashu: However, seeing that is pretty impressive, Senpai. You have good intuition as well.
** Go to Scene 7**

---- Scene 7 ----
Four: Four! Kuu, Fooour! Foooour!
Mashu: ......there, there. It seems as if Four-san wants to help show you around too, senpai...
Mashu: But, a squirrel-like animal can't really rival humans... 

Option: Rival?
Option: Can you elaborate

Mashu: Well, it's Four-san, so he might be forgotten tomorrow. Things like that. 
Mashu: Actually, we've already arrived at our destination. This will be your working quarters from now on, senpai. 

Option (Lead to Scene 7, Choice 1): ....I see. Thank you for everything up to now.
Option (Lead to Scene 7, Choice 2): Mashu, what team are you on?

---- Scene 7, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: It was nothing. If you request it, senpai, I'll even do things like bringing you lunch if you want. 
** Go to Scene 8**

---- Scene 7, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: I will be on Team A on the first mission. There will be no turning back in our case.
** Go to Scene 8**

---- Scene 8 ----
Four: Kyuu...Kyu!
Mashu: Four-san will be watching over you too, senpai. From here on you'll be in good hands.
Mashu: Well, this is as far as I go. If we're lucky, maybe we'll be able to meet again. 
Mashu walked off. However, he was not left alone for so long.
???: Yeeees, I'm coming---eh, ueeeeeee!? Who're you!?
???: This is an open room, it's my truancy spot, isn't it!? Shouldn't you warn a guy before coming in!?

Option (Lead to Scene 8, Choice 1): I was just guided to my room here...
Option (Lead to Scene 8, Choice 2): What type of person are you...

---- Scene 8, Choice 1 ----
???: Your room? Here? Ah-....right, finally, the last of those kids showed up...
** Go to Scene 9**

---- Scene 8, Choice 2 ----
???: What type of person? No matter where and how you look at it, I'm obviously a doctor!
** Go to Scene 9**

---- Scene 9 ----
???: Well, pleased to meet you, Ritsuka. That was an unexpected meeting, so I'll introduce myself again.
Dr. Roman: I'm the head of the medical division, Romani Akkiman. For some reason everyone just calls me Dr. Roman, though.
Dr. Roman: Well, I say that, but you can feel free to call me Roman too if you like.
Dr. Roman: Really, Roman has a nice ring to it. Somehow it's got this sort of sweet, cool, careless feeling.

Option (Lead to Scene 9, Choice 1): Nice to meet you too, doctor.
Option (Lead to Scene 9, Choice 2): .....ah, so fluffy.....

---- Scene 9, Choice 1 ----
Dr. Roman: Yep, likewise. I'm looking forwards to working with you.

---- Scene 9, Choice 2 ----
Dr. Roman: Fluffy? Oh, my hair? I never have time, so I do it accordingly.

---- Scene 1, Choice 0 ----
Four: ............
Dr. Roman: Huh? That thing on your shoulder, could it be the rumored mystery creature here? Uwaa, it's my first time seeing it!
Dr. Roman: I've heard all about him from Mashu, he honestly seems rather spoiled...well, it seems to have tamed him, anyways. 
Dr. Roman: Here, shake. If you do it well I've got a treat for you.
Four: .............Fuu.
Dr. Roman: O, oi. Just now, I saw something like an awfully pitying look in his eyes when he ignored me...
Dr. Roman: A, anyways, let's talk about some things.
Dr. Roman: You just got here today, and yet you've already drawn the wrath of the gods from the chief?
Dr. Roman: In that case you're just like me. To be honest, I always have to look out for the chief scolding me too.
Dr. Roman: You know the rayshift experiment is starting soon, right? All the other staffs are out there on site.
Dr. Roman: But my job happens to be everyone's healthcare. Frankly, I never really have to do much.
Dr. Roman: The mages climb into their coffins, and a machine accurately does a vitals check on them.
Dr. Roman: So the chief said "When Roman is on-site, the entire atmosphere itself slacks off!" and drove me out, and I ended up sulking here.
Dr. Roman: But, then you showed up. By the hells, it was like getting an email friend to deal with my loneliness.
Dr. Roman: Fellow idle friend, here we can relax and chat and bond!

Indeed. In what was my room to start.
But I'm not really lonely.

---- Scene 1, Choice 0 ----
Dr. Roman: Yep. We could say I'm just dropping in at a friend's room! Yahoo, new friend acquired!

---- Scene 1, Choice 0 ----
Dr. Roman:'re just a newbie here and you already have friends...what community bonding powers....! Lucky!

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Our visitor and Dr. Roman started chit chatting for some time.
Dr. Roman: ......well, and that's Chaldea's architecture. It's built 6000 meters above sea level with basement workshops in these snowy mountains....
Lev: Romani, the rayshift experiment is starting soon. Is there any chance you could come here to help with the preparations?
Lev: Team A's status is normal, but from Team B downwards some people are having trouble settling in.
Lev: This is likely because of anxiety for things to come. The insides of the coffins are like cockpits, after all.
Dr. Roman: Hey, Lev. That's unfortunate. I'll go to give them a little anesthetic.
Lev: Ah, you should hurry. You're in the doctor's office right now, right? You should be able to arrive from there in about two minutes.

Option: This isn't a doctor's officer, is it?
Option: ....more like, from where he's hidden from work....

Dr. Roman: ......awawa......I didn't want you to say that....well, from here it'll take about five minutes...
Dr. Roman: Well, it'll be fine if I'm a little late. Team A is doing fine.
Dr. Roman: Ah, the man just now is called Lev Reynolds.
Dr. Roman: He was the mage who created the telescope for observing the pseudo global environmental model Chaldeas---the future-observing lens, Shiva.
Dr. Roman: Shiva isn't just Chaldeas' observation system. Almost all of this facility is observed as well and can be projected to monitors.
Dr. Roman: On that topic, the one who shouldered most of the burden for the heart of rayshifting, by constructing the summoning system, was the last chief.
Dr. Roman: That theory was implemented with Pseudo Heroic Spirit Calculatior...basically a supercomputer, supported by the Atlas house.
Dr. Roman: Looking at it this way, we truly do have a massive collection of talent here for this mission.
Dr. Roman: Well, having common physicians like me here too can't really be helped.
Dr. Roman: Thanks for putting up with my rambling, Ritsuka.
Dr. Roman: When things calm down, come visit me in my office. This time I've got some great cake we can feast on.
Suddenly, everything went black. And no, it's not that our visitor fell asleep again. It was a blackout.
Dr. Roman: Huh? The light went out, what---
Almost immediately after the blackout, the alarm rang, filling the pitch black darkness with flashing red lights.
Announcement: Emergency. Emergency. A fire has started in the central power plant and central control room.
Announcement: The central division bulkhead will be closing in 90 seconds. All personnel, please quickly evacuate from the second gate.
Announcement: I repeat. A fire has started in the central power plant and central---
Dr. Roman: Was that an explosion just now!? What the hell just happened....!?
Dr. Roman: Monitor, project the control room! Is everyone safe!?
The monitor displayed the control room. It was a big mess, like there was a bomb that exploded there.

Option: horrible....
Option: ....the control room, what about that girl, Mashu.....?

Dr. Roman: That is----
Dr. Roman: Ritsuka, find shelter immediately. I'm going to the control room.
Dr. Roman: The bulkhead will be closing soon. Before that happens, you need to get out of here!
Four: ...............

Option: To escape now would be...
Option: Understood. We'll go to help Mashu!

Four: Four!
The visitor, together with Four, followed Dr. Roman to the control room.
Dr. Roman: Oi, what are you doing!? You're going the wrong way, the second gate is in the opposite direction, you know!?
Dr. Roman: You can't seriously be thinking of following me!? An extra set of hands could help save others but...
Dr. Roman: Gaaah, we don't have time to argue about this! Turn around before the bulkhead closes!
When they reached the control room, Dr. Roman did a quick scan of the surrounding, trying to find some signs of life.
Dr. Roman: survivors in here. Only Chaldeas is safe.
Dr. Roman: It seems like this was where the explosion originated. This was no accident. It has to be sabotage.
Announcement: Suspension of the power department confirmed. Power generation insufficient.
Announcement: Automatic switching to reserve power currently impossible. Personnel, please manually change the power source.
Announcement: The bulkhead will be closing in 40 seconds. All remaining personally please quickly---
Dr. Roman: ......I'll go to the basement power plant. Right now, stopping Chaldea's fire is impossible.
Dr. Roman: You need to hurry and turn back. You can still get out at the last moment.
Dr. Roman: It's fine, don't go out of your way for this! You can get out and wait for help from outside!
Ritsuka: ..................
Announcement:Transferring to the final stage of the rayshift system. Coordinates 2004 AD, January 30, Fuyuki, Japan.
Announcement: Materializing Laplace's transfer protection. Guaranteeing additional singularity factor frame.
Announcement: Unsummon program set. Masters, please enter final adjustments.

Option: ........this is absurd. I need to hurry and turn....
Option: ......I should search for survivors until the last minute....

Suddenly, there was a sound coming from behind the visitor. He turned around and found Mashu, in a critical state.
Ritsuka: ......!
Mashu: ....................ah.

...........I'll definitely save you now......!
...........(that's already....)

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Mashu:'s...fine..........please do not save me now. More importantly, you need to hurry and escape.

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: ............yes. You understand quickly, you'll be saved. So, Ritsuka-san, hurry, escape.

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
All of a sudden, Chaldeas emitted a strange sound and changed color.
Ritsuka: !?
Mashu: Ah.......
Announcement: Warning to all observing staff. Chaldeas' current status is changing. 
Announcement: Shiva's observed near future data is being overwritten.
Announcement: Detecting no traces of humanity on Earth in the next hundred years.
Announcement: Unable to confirm humanity's survival. Humanity's future is not guaranteed.
Mashu: Chaldeas' is....becoming, deep, that's---
The bulkhead closed down, completely sealed off the two from the outside world.
Announcement: Center bulkhead sealed. Beginning cleansing of internal structure in 180 seconds.
Mashu: ......the bulkhead, has shut.'s already, too late.

Option: .....yes, it seems so. Stuck here together.
Option: ....we'll manage somehow.

Mashu: ...............
Announcement: Unable to access values of vitals of coffin Masters.
Announcement: Unable to reach minimum persons required for rayshift. Seeking eligible masters...eligible masters discovered.
Announcement: Reestablishing with Number 48 as a Master.
Announcement: Unsummon program start. Beginning Heroic Spirit conversion.
Mashu:, pai.
Mashu: Is it ok, if I hold, your hand?
Announcement: Rayshift beginning in 3
Announcement: 2
Announcement: 1
Announcement: Entire process clear. Beginning First Order demonstration.

==== [English] Fuyuki 1-1-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 1-1-a
Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
???: Kyu...kyuu
???: Four...fuuu, fooour...
Option: ...This cry...
Option: ...And my face is being licked...
???: Senpai. Please wake up, Senpai.
???: ...He won't get up. Maybe I should call him by his formal title...
???: Master.. Master, please wake up. If you don't, I'll kill you.
Ritsuka: ...
Mashu: Thank goodness. It's good to see you've woken up, Senpai. More importantly, you're safe.
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): Mashu, is this place safe!?
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): Just now, didn't you say you were going to kill me!?

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: ...I'll explain later. Before that, for now please take a look at your surroundings.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: ...That was my mistake. If you don't wake up you'll be killed, is what I was meant to say.
Mashu: ...With nothing but the unexpected happening I'm not thinking straight. I'd like to be able to calm down, but first please take a look at your surroundings.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Mashu: This language is unknown. Communication isn't possible. It must be an enemy.
Mashu: Master, instruction. The two of us together will break out of this situation!

==== [English] Fuyuki 1-1-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 1-1-b
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: ---*haa*.  I was nervous, but we somehow managed through it.
Mashu: Are you hurt, Senpai? Does your stomach hurt, or do you feel bloated, or...?

Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): What WAS that just now...!?
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): Mashu, you were that strong!?

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: I don't know.  It's not something that exists in our era, let alone this one.
Mashu: Calling that a product of the singularity...I guess there really is no mistaking that, is there?
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: ...No, I always needed to work harder in combat training.  A researcher that couldn't do a bar flip; that was me.
Mashu: Right now, to be able to have Fourght like that was becau-
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Dr. Roman: Ah, it finally connected!  Hello, this is the Chaldea Control Room, can you hear me!? 
Mashu: This is A-Team member, Mashu Kyrielite.  Right now, I have completed shifting into Singularity Point 'F'. 
Mashu: With me is one other person: Ritsuka.  No problems to report. 
Mashu: Ray shift and master adaptations are both adequate.  Please register Ritsuka as a formal investigator.
Dr. Roman: ...even Ritsuka-kun got wrapped up in ray shifts...
Dr. Roman: You endured 'Meaning's Disappearance' well without a coffin.  I'm honestly really happy.
Dr. Roman: Also, Mashu...I'm happy that you're alright, but,  what's with that getup!?

Dr. Roman: It's too shameless! I don't remember bringing up that kind of girl!?
Mashu: This is my transformation.  I couldn't protect Senpai in my Chaldea uniform.
Dr. Roman: Transformation...? What do you mean 'transformation', Mashu?  Did you hit your head?  Or that just now surely...
Mashu: Dr. Roman.  Please be quiet.
Mashu: Please check my current condition.  I think you will understand the situation.
Dr. Roman: Your physical status?  Oh....ooh, OOOOOOHHHH!?
Dr. Roman: Physical ability, magic circuits, everything is maxed out!  These aren't human, they're-
Mashu: Correct.  They're that of a Servant.
Mashu: I don't remember the details, but it seems I escaped death by fusing with a Servant.
Mashu: This time, Chaldea prepared a Servant in advance for me to investigate and resolve the Singularity Point 'F', 
Mashu: That Servant, having lost their Master in the recent explosion, was fading away.
Mashu: But just before that, he offered to contract with me.
Mashu: In exchange for a Heroic Spirit's ability and Noble Phantasm, he wanted to eliminate the cause of this singularity.
Dr. Roman: A Heroic Spirit and a human combining...that's Chaldea's sixth experiment, the 'Demi-Servant'.
Dr. Roman: So that's what it is.  They finally did it.  So now the consciousness of a Heroic Spirit lies inside of you?
Mashu:, he left me with his combat ability and disappeared.
Mashu: I never got his true name in the end.   Because of that, what kind of Heroic Spirit--- 
Mashu: What kind of Noble Phantasm is the weapon placed in my hand...right now, I completely do not know.
Dr. Roman: that so?  But still, that's a blessing in disguise.  There's no limit to summoned Servants working with you.
Dr. Roman: In short, Mashu has become your Servant.  In that case, I can have full faith in you.
Dr. Roman: Ritsuka-kun.  You're the only one who successfully shifted.
Dr. Roman: Also, I'm sorry.  Things became like this without any explanation of the situation. 
Dr. Roman: I'm sure there are many things you don't understand, but please be calm about this.
Dr. Roman: There is already a powerful weapon with you.  Mankind's strongest weapon called 'Mashu'.  
Mashu: ...I'm not sure about 'strongest'.  That's saying a bit much; later on I'll be the one getting blamed.
Dr. Roman: Now now.  It's better to have Ritsuka-kun understand  that Servants are that sort of thing. 
Dr. Roman: However Ritsuka-kun, while Servants are reliable allies, they also have a weakness.
Dr. Roman: That is unless they have a human to supply them with mana - a 'Master' - they will disappear.
Dr. Roman: We are still collecting data, but it seems like Mashu exists as your Servant.
Dr. Roman: In short, you are Mashu's Master.  In other words, she is your first contracted Heroic Spirit.

Option: I'm Mashu's Master...?
Option: Um, I'm not following...

Dr. Roman: Right, your confusion is understandable.  You didn't even get the explanation about Masters and Servants yet.
Dr. Roman: This is a good chance to give you the full explanation.  This mission has two objectives-
Mashu: Doctor, the connection is unstable.  Ten seconds until connection loss.
Dr. Roman: Hm, so Shiba's power output is unstable on just backup power.  Can't be helped, I'll explain later.
Dr. Roman: You two, there is a strong leyline two kilometers from your location.
Dr. Roman: Make your way there.  That should help make a more stable connection.
Dr. Roman: Listen, don't do anything too reckless.  I'll do what I can to restore power quickl-
Mashu: ............

Option (Lead to Scene 2, Choice 1): He got cut off, I guess.
Option (Lead to Scene 2, Choice 2): ...Can't be helped.  Let's get going.

---- Scene 2, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: That's what the doctor does.  When it counts, you can't really rely on him.
** Go to Scene 3**

---- Scene 2, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: Yes.  You're reliable, Senpai.  I was actually really scared, but you saved me.
** Go to Scene 3**

---- Scene 3 ----
Four: Kyu.   Fu, Fou!
Mashu: Oh!  Four is also here.  Thank you for your support.
Mashu: It looks like Four-san, Senpai, and I  all ended up ray shifting here.
Mashu: ...oh,  but I forgot to report this to the Doctor...
Four: Kyu.  Four, Kyauu!

Option: Don't worry about it, though.
Mashu: Okay then.  I'll give a report about Four later, when the time is right.
Mashu: Let's head for the point the Doctor mentioned.   We can set up a base camp once we get there.

==== [English] Fuyuki 2-1-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 2-1-a
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: Senpai.  We'll be at the point  the Doctor gave us soon.
Mashu: Still...the flames go as far as you can see.   This is completely different than the Fuyuki in our records.
Mashu: Our records have it as an average city,  and this kind of disaster wasn't supposed happen in 2004...
Mashu: The mana concentration here is also strange.  It's as if this world was from the past...
???: Kya------!

Option: That screaming just now...!?
Option: I have a bad feeling about this.

Mashu: That was certainly a girl screaming.  Let's hurry, Senpai!
Olga Marie: Wha-what the heck are these!? Why am I  the only one that has to suffer like this!?
Olga Marie: No, please come save me Lev!  You're always the one saving me, aren't you!
Mashu: Chief Olga Marie...!?
Olga Marie: Y-you guys!?  Ahh jeez, I have no idea what's happening anymore-!

==== [English] Fuyuki 2-1-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 2-1-b
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: We have won the battle... are you hurt, Chief?
Olga Marie: ...............  ............what is this?
Mashu: Chief?  ...ah, it's me, isn't it?   I'm sure it's hard to believe, but I-
Olga Marie: -fused with a servant; a 'Demi-Servant', right?   I know that already.
Olga Marie: What I really want to know  is how you won just now!
Olga Marie: More than that, you!   You were the one that came late to my lecture! 
Ritsuka: !?
Olga Marie: How are you a Master now?  You need to be a mage to form a contract with a Servant!
Olga Marie: You shouldn't be able to become a Master!   Why does she recklessly go and do what she's told!?

Option: This is a misunderstanding!
Option: Even if you say that...

Mashu: You're mistaken, Chief.   If anything, I'm the one that pushed him into the contract.
Olga Marie: What are you saying?!
Mashu: Let me explain.   That way we can both understand the situation.
Mashu: ...and that's it.  We got trapped in a rayshift, and  we ended up transferring here to Fuyuki.
Mashu: The other transferred Masters are not here.   Chief, you're the first human we've met since we got here.
Mashu: But there's still hope.  If you're here, then perhaps  there are others who successfully transferred...
Olga Marie: ...there aren't any.   Of that I am very sure.
Olga Marie: I don't necessarily agree with it, but I think I understand  why I rayshifted to Fuyuki here with you.
Mashu: You mean how you survived in getting here?
Olga Marie: The same way you did.   We three never got into a coffin.
Olga Marie: Rayshifting without a coffin certainly reduces the chance for success,  but it's not impossible.
Olga Marie: Besides, the coffins have breakers.   If the shift success rate drops below 95%, it cuts the power.
Olga Marie: So those others likely did not rayshift themselves. We are the only ones here.
Mashu: I expected of the Chief.

Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): When she's calmed down, she's quite reliable, isn't she?
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): Huh?  So then you didn't plan on shifting, Chief?

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Olga Marie: What do you mean by that?   Are you saying I'm always agitated?
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Olga Marie: ...excuse me?  You never see a commanding officer on the front line, right?   I did say that you are all means to an end, you know.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Olga Marie: Well, that's that.   I understand the situation.
Olga Marie: Ritsuka. Since this is an emergency,  I will acknowledge your contract with Kyrielite.
Olga Marie: From here on you'll be taking orders from me.   ...First, to build a base camp, I guess.
Olga Marie: Got it?  In times like this, we'll need to find a leyline terminal  with an abundance of mana.
Olga Marie: From there we should be able to contact Chaldea.   Then, we can figure out what's...
Mashu: Chief, just letting you know -  you're standing on a ray point. 
Olga Marie: Eh? seems so.   I know that.  I knew that all along! 
Olga Marie: Mashu, put your shield on the ground.   I'll need a Noble Phantasm as a catalyst to establish a summoning circle.
Mashu: ...I guess so.   Is that okay, Senpai?

Option: Sure, go ahead.
Option: I'm not a fan of dropping weapons, but...

Mashu: ...Understood.   Then I'll start.
Mashu: exactly the same as the summoning test site in Chaldea...
Dr. Roman: CQ, CQ.   Hello-!  Great, it connected again!
Dr. Roman: Good work you two, I successfully locked in your spatial location.   We should be able to communicate now, and even supplies-
Olga Marie: Haa!? Who put you in charge, Romani!   Lev? Where's Lev? Go get him!
Dr. Roman: Uhyaaaaa-!?
Dr. Roman: Ch-chief, you're alive!?  Even inside that explosion, and with no injuries?!  How in...?!?
Olga Marie: What do you mean by that!  Whatever, where is Lev?!  Why are you in that high level medical section?!
Dr. Roman: ...even if you ask me... I am fully aware that I am not cut out for this role.
Dr. Roman: However, there's no other capable person here, Olga Marie.
Dr. Roman: Currently, no more than twenty Chaldea staff members  are still alive, including me.
Dr. Roman: I am overseeing this operation  because there is no staff higher ranked than me.
Dr. Roman: Professor Lev was in the control room directing the rayshifts.   It's wishful thinking that anyone survived being in an explosion like that. 
Olga Marie: That- ---Lev, he...?  No, wait, hold it, stop.
Olga Marie: There's only twenty left alive?   Then what of the Masters?  What happened to the coffins?!
Dr. Roman: .....all 47 are in critical condition.  Our medical tools aren't enough.   Even if we had people to help them, they're all- 
Olga Marie: Don't joke with me, put them into cryofreeze immediately!   Worry about resuscitation later, your priority is to make sure they don't die! 
Dr. Roman: Ah!  That's right, coffins had that ability!   I'll prepare immediately!
Mashu: I'm surprised.  Cryogenically freezing someone  who has not given their consent is a criminal act.
Mashu: And yet you immediately decided on it.  It's not just being responsible,  it's the Chief prioritizing lives, isn't it. 
Olga Marie: Isn't that obvious!  You can explain it to them all you want afterwards, as long as they don't die!
Olga Marie: Besides, there's no way I could bear  the responsibility of 47 peoples' lives...!
Olga Marie: Please, don't die...!   ...ah, jeez, if Lev were here, surely...!
Dr. Roman: ...That's the end of my report.
Dr. Roman: Currently, Chaldea has lost 80% of its functionality.   The remaining staff is doing all it can.
Dr. Roman: We are split into three actions: controlling the rayshifts,  repairing Chaldea, and maintaining Shiva.  [TL Note: Not sure if there is an implied conjugation here.]
Dr. Roman: As soon as communications to the outside are restored, we will get supplies and fully repair Chaldea...or something like that.
Olga Marie: Good.   I'd do the same in your position.
Olga Marie: ....Haa.  Romani Akiman.  I'm not happy, but I leave Chaldea to you until I get back.
Olga Marie: Your utmost priority is to repair the rayshifts.
Olga Marie: Those of us here in this city... will continue the investigation of Singularity Point F.
Dr. Roman: Ue?! Chief, you're not scared  of that ground zero-like place?  Aren't you a bit of a chicken!?
Olga Marie: ...Honestly, you talk too much.
Olga Marie: I'd really like to return immediately, but it seems like we have plenty of time until the rayshift is repaired.
Olga Marie: I know this city is filled with weak monsters,  but I'll be okay as long as Demi-Servant Mashu is here. 
Olga Marie: To serve the very best under the circumstances, regardless of trouble or accident,  is the Animusphere's pride.
Olga Marie: Henceforth, Ritsuka and Mashu Kyrielite are both formally acknowledged as investigators in Singularity Point F.
Olga Marie: Although inexperienced, the mission will be to discover the source of this singularity's existence.
Olga Marie: We will send a second team for analysis and removal after Chaldea is restored. You're okay with that, right?

Option: Is it okay to just find the source...?
Option: I'm okay with that.

Dr. Roman: Understood.  I wish you luck, Chief.
Dr. Roman: We will be able to keep this connection for a short while.  Do not hesitate to call if there is an emergency.
Olga Marie: ....oh?   Even if we sent an SOS, nobody would come save us anyway.
Dr. Roman: Chief?
Olga Marie: It's nothing.  I'm cutting the connection.  Go take care of the work you have over there.
Mashu: ...Chief, is that okay?  We had planned on waiting here until help arrived. 
Olga Marie: I can't let that happen.  ...After we get back to Chaldea, who knows how much time it'll take to select the next team for this.
Olga Marie: It's not just finding the people and months of financing.  Do you know how many objections the Association will raise in the meantime? 
Olga Marie: Worse case, we'll have to talk about who takes responsibility  for Chaldea's latest failure.
Olga Marie: If that happens, it'll be the end.  We can't go back empty handed.   It's important that I find something that can get them off our case. 
Olga Marie: ....Sorry, but I'll have you accompany me,  Mashu, Ritsuka.
Olga Marie: For now, let's explore this city.   The cause of all this craziness must be somewhere.

==== [English] Fuyuki 3-1-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 3-1-a
Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Olga Marie: Stop. Before we start, don't you have something to tell me, Ritsuka?

Option: Nope, nothing.
Option: Yeah, not really.

Olga Marie: ...You really do have terrible memory. Back in the control room, remember?
Mashu: Oh! She's referring to that part where you dozed off, Senpai.
Mashu: This should help you remember, here---
Mashu: We made it. Senpai's spot is... at the front row.
Mashu: Feel free to take any open spot up front. I'm sorry that you have to face the director.
Olga Marie: ......
Lev: It's best to cut the chatter. We're starting soon.
Olga Marie: We're a little late,  but it looks like everyone's here.
Olga Marie: Welcome to the covert organization, Chaldea.  I'm your director, Olga Marie Animusphere.
Olga Marie: Each and every one of you here possess a unique set of talents, and have been hand picked from all around the globe.
Olga Marie: The talent refers to your aptitude in performing Spiritual Dives, as well as the possession of Magical Circuits, making you Master candidates.
Olga Marie: Some of you may find this hard to believe, but I assure you it is the truth.
Olga Marie: You are a new batch of Magi with the unprecedented mix of scientific and magical aptitude alignments.
Olga Marie: However, it is merely a unique talent you possess. This does not make any one of you special in any way.
Olga Marie: You now stand where everyone else has started from, as an inexperienced rookie. Keep that in mind.
Olga Marie: Doubly so for those dispatched from the Association. Make no assumptions that you are any better.
Olga Marie: Chaldea is under my jurisdiction. Your birth status and past achievements do not matter here.
Olga Marie: First and foremost, my orders are absolute. Your opinions are not needed.
Olga Marie: Complaints will not be entertained.  You are nothing more than tools for protecting humanity's history.
Olga Marie: ...Quit the mumbling. I just told you no complaints will be entertained.
Olga Marie: You, over there. Yes you, the one that was late. Do you have anything to say?
Option: ......
Option: ......Snore.
Olga Marie: ... ...Am I seeing this right?
Olga Marie: Falling asleep while standing upright... I'm not sure if I should be impressed.
Recruit(Female): What is this, this is not what we were told! Weren't we chosen for our outstanding talent and expertise!?
Recruit(Female): We were buttered up, and agreed to come all the way here to the boonies. And now you demand our absolute obedience? Stop kidding yourself!
Recruit(Male): Exactly, this is crossing the line!
Recruit(Male): A Mage's bloodline is what defines them, yet you expect us to ignore it!?
Olga Marie: Silence, I did not permit you to speak! This is what I call a god complex!
Olga Marie: I will be the only one doing the talking from here on out. Those that are unsatisfied, feel free to leave Chaldea!
Olga Marie: Though there's no flights available to send you back.
Olga Marie: If you have the will to trek down an alpine tundra of 6000 meters, that will be an entirely different story.
Olga Marie: Excellent, I see nobody left. Geez, that was such a waste of time.
Olga Marie: It is critical for you to understand our, no, all of humanity's current condition.
Olga Marie: Look at him over there and learn. No complaints whatsoever, complete obedience. How admirable.
Olga Marie: ...Moving on. Do you understand now? Today's---
Mashu: Do you remember now, Senpai?
Option: ...Somewhat.
Option: ...One way or another.
Olga Marie: You only just remembered? So you really wasn't listening, weren't you!?
Olga Marie: Ah, geez! Sit down! Coming to a Singularity Point without knowing the situation nor our mission is beyond funny!
Olga Marie: It can't be helped, I'll brief you from the beginning. Listen close. We at Chaldea---
Mashu: That can wait, director. I'm reading enemies!
Option: Alright, prefect timing!
Option: Prepare for battle, Mashu!
Olga Marie: Ah, wai-! Listen to me!

==== [English] Fuyuki 3-1-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 3-1-b
Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Olga Marie: ...Phew. Good job. The nuisance is gone now, back to where I was...
Mashu: You mean you still have things to say, director?
Olga Marie: Of course! Ritsuka! Don't tell me you've already forgotten!
Olga Marie: The briefing was just getting started! I mean, we haven't even covered the important parts!
Olga Marie: Remember, now! R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R!
Option: ...It can't be helped.
Option: ...You're such a pain.
Dr. Roman: Hey, now.  The director's speeches are really dull, but undeniably useful, Ritsuka.
Dr. Roman: It's an important topic explaining the reason Master candidates are gathered at Chaldea.
Olga Marie: Do you understand now? Today is the day. The day where Chaldea will leave the mark of a grand achievement in humanity's history.
Olga Marie: The discovery of knowledge. Founding of religions. Acquisition of naval technology. Advancements on information technology. Space exploration.
Olga Marie: We will leave an achievement that is comparable to the [Cultivation of Stars]. No, one that exceeds even that.
Olga Marie: We will not be a mere stepping stone in the development of civilizations. We will be the hands of God whom protects them.
Olga Marie: We will stabilize all anomalies in human history, and take measures to revolutionize the future.
Olga Marie: We will watch over humanity's evolution process from the primates. In other words, we will observe and ensure the continued progression of humanity.
Olga Marie: That is Chaldea's, and now your very own raison d'etre.
Olga Marie: Chaldea has achieved countless breakthroughs to date, such as the magical device used to monitor the past, Laplace.
Olga Marie: Chaldean Projection, which displays a model of Earth's environment. Completion of the Future Observation Lens, Shiva.
Olga Marie: Heroic Spirit summoning system, the Fate Construct, and the launch of the Spiritual Computator, Trismegistus.
Olga Marie: With the help of these technology, we at Chaldea have observed humanity's progress hundreds of years into the future.
Olga Marie: We are not predicting the future, merely observing it. Just like observing the constellations, Chaldea has been watching the future.
Olga Marie: Whatever the future holds, our job is to ensure that even hundreds of years later, humanity will continue progressing.
Olga Marie: Please look up. This is Chaldea's greatest achievement to date---
Olga Marie: Created with the use of advanced magical theories, a projection Earth's environmental model, this is Chaldea.
Olga Marie: This is the definition of this planet's soul, a miniature Earth made with it's very soul.
Olga Marie: Because of the difference in stage and scale, we are unable to observe humanity's perception and knowledge.
Olga Marie: But everything on the surface, the land, the brightly lit cities. Those can be observed through Shiva.
Olga Marie: Its current state is set to reflect hundreds of years from now. This Chaldea may very well be the future of Earth itself.
Olga Marie: As long as the light of civilization remains lit within Chaldea, humanity's presence for hundreds of years to come is guaranteed.
Olga Marie: I mean, as long as the lights are lit, it would mean that cities are functioning, people are living, and that civilization is progressing.
Olga Marie: But--- Lev, Normalize Shiva's polarization angle.
Olga Marie: As you can see, six months ago, Chaldea turned into such a state. Future observations have become a difficult task.
Olga Marie: The light of civilization which had shone so brightly so far. Most of it have become unobservable to us.
Olga Marie: Hmm. Nice response. I'm glad you catch on quick.
Olga Marie: Yes. There being no light means that civilization has stopped functioning.
Olga Marie: This is a matter of utmost secrecy, but you reserve the right to know.
Olga Marie: According to our observations, the last observable civilization activity is on July 2016---
Olga Marie: Which means that there is a chance humanity will fall on June of 2016. No, it is guaranteed to happen.
Olga Marie: Needless to say, this shouldn't be possible. It is physically impossible for a global extinction to happen in such a short time span.
Olga Marie: There is no notable economic collapse, nor is there any major seismic activity. Humanity just stopped functioning one day.
Olga Marie: For the past 6 months, we have been studying the cause of this anomaly--- The cause of this mass human extinction.
Olga Marie: If the cause does not lie in the present, then it must be in the past.
Olga Marie: We have, with the use of Laplace and Trismegistus, analyzed 2000 years into the past and have gathered the required information.
Olga Marie: We have looked for events which didn't match up with our current history, events that shouldn't have happened on our current Earth.
Olga Marie: As a result,  we have observed some anomalous events taking place here---
Olga Marie: Spatial Singularity F. Year 2004 AD, in a city within Japan.
Olga Marie: Here, we discovered an "Unobservable Area" which did not exist as of 2015 in our history.
Olga Marie: Chaldea labelled this as a potential cause of humanity's eradication, and have carried out Rayshifting experiments with approval by the United Nations.
Olga Marie: Rayshifting is the process of converting a human into spiritual form, and transferring them into the past to intervene with certain events.
Olga Marie: Simply put, it is like time travelling into the past, but this can only be done by certain individuals.
Olga Marie: It is a journey only for Master candidates with superior Magical Circuits.
Olga Marie: Well then--- I believe everyone has gotten a gist of the situation. Your mission will be to investigate this Singularity Point F.
Olga Marie: Traverse into Japan 12 years ago, locate the anomaly which will cause humanity's extinction, and destroy it.
Olga Marie: This is an unprecedented mission. We do not know what will be waiting on the other side.
Olga Marie: However, this shouldn't be an issue for all of you who have been chosen from across the globe. I place all of our hopes on you.
Olga Marie: The upper levels have demanded a swift investigation on this matter. We do not have time to spare.
Olga Marie: We will begin our Rayshifting experiment an hour from now. I believe you have received enough practice in virtual training.
Olga Marie: The first stage will be carried out by Team A, made up of 8 of the top scorers, which will be sent to Singularity Point F.
Olga Marie: The subsequent teams have not been deployed yet, but they are made up of Master candidates chosen by Chaldea.
Olga Marie: Team A has been in operation since a month ago. They can be considered fully-fledged soldiers.
Olga Marie: Team A will form the front lines in Singularity Point F. They will take charge of the base camp's construction to ensure the safety of the subsequent teams.
Olga Marie: Teams B and beyond will monitor their activity while preparing to deploy for stage 2.
Olga Marie: Let's get started with the individual registration process for the human spiritualization converters, the Klein Coffins.
Olga Marie: They are bound to one person only, so sharing is impossible. Please utilize your own Coffins carefully.
Olga Marie: Teams B through D, standby in your Coffins as soon as registrations are complete. You will be the fallback team in case anything happens to Team A.
Olga Marie: ---Do you still have something to say? I have explained everything that you need to know.
Olga Marie: Since you have responded to the Master candidate recruitment, you are nothing more than soldiers now.
Olga Marie: Follow orders, and be prepared for battle at all times. Don't make me repeat things like this.
Olga Marie: Or do you still have questions? Hey, you! The one who was late!
Olga Marie: I will grant you the privilege of asking one question. You look puzzled, do you have any complaints?

Option: Is time travel possible...?
Option: Is it fine for us to intervene with the past...?
Olga Marie: ...Have you been paying attention? Do you not understand when I explained about Singularities?
Olga Marie: The singularity we have discovered does not exist within our recorded history.
Olga Marie: It's as if a hole has opened up within the timeline, a hole that is separate from the regular temporal axes.
Olga Marie: The Singularity on the year 2004 exists independent of the past and future. There will be no interference to the anteroposterior axes.
Olga Marie: What's more, the Shift technology is much more reliable than time travelling. There is no need for restitution from the interventions.
Olga Marie: If all of humanity's history is a dress, this Singularity will be a stain on it.
Olga Marie: A speck of hideousness staining what is otherwise beautiful. And all of you are tasked with the removal of this stain.
Olga Marie: And thus returning humanity's history back on the path in line with our previous observations.
Olga Marie: ...Geez. What is the Association thinking, sending someone clueless about even the basics of space-time theory.
Olga Marie: I've even stressed that this mission will be of the highest possible designation within the magic world.
Olga Marie: Whatever. What is your team? ...Let me see your ID.
Olga Marie: What is this, this must've been a mistake! You're merely a standard cooperator, and you don't even have field experience nor any virtual training!
Olga Marie: Do you think Chaldea is a joke!? There is no way an amateur like you could make it in!
Olga Marie: Lev! Lev Reynolds!
Lev: I'm here, director. Why are you so loud, did anything go wrong?
Olga Marie: Of course something is wrong, as usual! It doesn't matter. Get this amateur out of my sight immediately!
Lev: Ah... So this is the problem. But director, he too, is a chosen Master candidate.
Lev: Undoubtedly he has less experience than the others, but handling this issue with such harshness is not advised...
Olga Marie: Throwing a green amateur into the midst of such a mission is what's not advised! Will you take responsibility if something happens to Chaldea!?
Olga Marie: Enough. Takehim to Dr. Romani. Pace him through basic training, at the very least!
Lev: ...Ugh. I loath to do this, but there's nothing else I can do. Let's follow her orders for the moment.
Lev: Mashu,  can you assign Ritsuka a private room?
Mashu: I understand the situation. I just need to assign Senpai a private room?
Lev: I'm counting on you. I have to oversee the Rayshift preparations.
Lev: Don't worry, this experiment will only take two hours at most. I will pay you a visit in your room afterwards.
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): Thank you.
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): ......

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Lev: Don't mention it. After all, you're in luck.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: Professor Lev is really thoughtful, aren't you? By any chance, is Professor Lev Senpai's Senpai?
Lev: No, no. I'm just doing what I should. After all, I believe it is important for me to cherish our fated encounter.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Mashu: This way, Senpai. I'll assign Senpai a Senpai room exclusively for Senpai's use.
Mashu: And that concludes the story of Senpai being chased out of the control room. Do you remember now?
Option: I see.
Option: Perfectly.
Olga Marie: ...How shameless. You seemed like the quiet type, yet you are so bold.
Olga Marie: Anyways! Do you remember now? How much trouble you caused me before such an important mission!?
Dr. Roman: Er, director Marie? Aren't you exaggerating a bit too much?
Olga Marie: I'm not exaggerating! Thanks to that Q&A session, I've lost the time to get dressed!
Mashu: ? Director, you weren't planning on Shifting. Is there a point in you suiting up?
Olga Marie: Yes.There.Is! There is! I've prepared a special dress for the occasion!
Olga Marie: ...Sigh. I've not even tried it on once... Well, whatever.
Olga Marie: Do you understand you role as a Master candidate, and the mission and responsibilities assigned with that role now?
Olga Marie: Well then, Ritsuka. Once again, I leave my guard duty to you. Please do you utmost.

Option (Lead to Scene 2, Choice 1): Understood, great director Marie!
Option (Lead to Scene 2, Choice 2): ...Why don't you drop the bravado?

---- Scene 2, Choice 1 ----
Olga Marie: Wh-what's with you? You're creeping me out. F-flattery will not get you anywhere, you hear?
** Go to Scene 3**

---- Scene 2, Choice 2 ----
Olga Marie: I'm being myself! I was just nervous earlier! You better watch out once we get back to Chaldea!
** Go to Scene 3**

---- Scene 3 ----
Mashu: ...I see you're getting along well. Well then, let's keep moving before more enemies show up.

==== [English] Fuyuki 3-2-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 3-2-a
Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Olga Marie: By the way, I assume you at least know the basics about servants?
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): Nope.
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): I know it quite well

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Olga Marie: As I thought. It can't be helped, I will give you a crash course while we move.
Olga Marie: Servants, in general, can be considered the highest grade familiars in the magic world.
Olga Marie: Humanity's heroes, achievements, concepts. They are given form and summoned as Servants.
Olga Marie: Whether they existed or not, they are categorized as "information formed on earth".
Olga Marie: The summoning of Heroic Spirits is the act of taking the information stored on this planet, and shaping them into a form that benefits mankind.
Olga Marie: As we modern humans are naturally entitled to the heritage of the past, it is also our obligation to ensure our continuity in the future.
Olga Marie: Do you get it? The nature of the contract that you have formed, it is to turn a being that is above us humans into a mere tool.
Olga Marie: That is why they are called Servants.  They have no choice but to obey the Master as if it's the word of God.
Mashu: Director. Your description is so extreme, even my cells are convulsing in protest.
Olga Marie: ...Hmph. This means the servant that you have merged with is of the Earth element. I'm sure of it.(Wikipedia)
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Olga Marie: Yes I am.  I'm glad I don't have to start explaining about servants from scratch, at least.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Olga Marie: Heroes of the past that are summoned as familiars are called Servants. The contract holder, or employer, is the Master.
Olga Marie: The are seven classes, which the Servants are categorized into based on their narratives and abilities.
Olga Marie: Giving a spiritual being like Heroic Spirits a physical form is difficult. A human Magi doesn't have enough resources nor memory for such a feat.
Olga Marie: This is why only certain parts of the Heroic Spirit's soul is materialized. And that is where the seven classes comes into play.---
Olga Marie: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Berserker, Assassin.
Olga Marie: No matter which Heroic Spirit it is, they will surely manifest as one of the classes.
Olga Marie: This also serves to protect the Servant's, the Heroic Spirit's identity.
Olga Marie: The Heroic Spirits hides their identity precisely because they are powerful, and that makes them famous. For example, Achilles of Greece's legend.
Olga Marie: Achilles is a Heroic Spirit with an invincible body, but at the same time possesses a famous weakness.
Olga Marie: Just as Heroic Spirits inherit their strengths, their weaknesses are inherited as well. That is why their names are hidden behind their classes.
Olga Marie: If the identity is unknown, it will become very difficult to figure out their experiences and weaknesses, won't it?
Olga Marie: That's not all. There is another reason the identities of the Heroic Spirits are hidden.
Olga Marie: There is also the absolute trump card of the Servants. The crystallized miracles that these Heroic Spirits hold-
Mashu: Director, sorry to burst your bubble. I have visual confirmation of enemy life forms. Commencing battle.
Olga Marie: Hii!? T-take care of them, quick! I-I'll look for a place to hide!

==== [English] Fuyuki 3-3-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 3-3-a
Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Olga Marie: ---
Dr. Roman: I felt the pressure even on the other side of the monitor. The director has a short fuse as usual.

Option: She goes 0-100 in no time.
Option: Why is she always mad?

Mashu: Oh, but I understand how the director feels.
Mashu: Sorry to say this, Ritsuka-senpai, but you are too ignorant towards all things Chaldea.

Option: I-Is that so...?
Option: It's true I arrived without knowing anything...

Mashu: You're really troublesome. Almost comparable to a good-for-nothing cat.
Mashu: ---Not that I'm any better...
Mashu: Even after two years of effort, I still know nothing. It's as if I've been lazing around instead. Almost comparable to a slow crocodile.

Option: I, I see.
Option: Crocodiles do seem clueless...

Mashu: Indeed. What I know is limited to what's written in the catalog. I will try to recite it for Senpai. 
Mashu: Human Logic Continuation Security Engine, Finis Chaldea, commonly referred to as simply Chaldea.
Mashu: A laboratory-observatory wherein talented scientists and magi are gathered without bias, with the ultimate goal of preserving humanity's long history and guaranteeing it's continuation.
Mashu: Observing both sides of the world: one where nothing else matters besides magecraft, and another where everything is analyzed scientifically.
Mashu: It is a covert agency founded and funded globally to ensure mankind's continued progress.

Option: Ooh. You sure are smart.
Option: Yeah. I know that part.

Mashu: Indeed. Well, that's how it is.
Four: Four!
Mashu: Though Chaldea's funding is sourced from all over the globe, seventy percent of it comes from the Mage's Association in London---
Mashu: Those funds are from Animusphere, Director Olga Marie's house.
Mashu: Chaldea may be a research and observation organization, the internal management is more befitting of a military organization.
Mashu: Extremely strict rules have been laid down. In fact, director's tyranny is a cake walk compared to those rules.
Mashu: The director may not be downright evil, but she's still nasty, anybody that gets on her nerves will be laid off, no questions asked.
Mashu: Oh, er, hold on. I guess that qualifies her as "downright evil", doesn't it?
Mashu: ...I apologize. I was trying to cheer Senpai up, but I'm not used to telling jokes...
Four: Kyuu. Nkyu, kyu!
Olga Marie: Kyaaaaaah! W-what are you doing!?
Olga Marie: Behind, behind you! Isn't that the enemy!?
Olga Marie: Battle formation, hurry!
Mashu: ! Since when have they gotten this close..! Senpai, instructions please!

==== [English] Fuyuki 3-3-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 3-3-b
Translator: Wayne Lee
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Olga Marie: Sigh... Stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings, seriously!
Olga Marie: Even is Romani is on the monitors, this IS still a Singularity Point. We can never be too safe.
Olga Marie: Kirielight, come closer. You're hurt, aren't you? I can treat light injuries like this.
Mashu: Ah... Alright. I'll leave it to you, director Marie.
Dr. Roman: Jeez. The director is so reliable. Only when she's calm though...
Dr.Roman: Ritsuka, allow me to say this. The director... Olga Marie is in a very difficult situation now.
Dr. Roman: She started off in the same way as you did, as a Master candidate.
Dr. Roman: Three years ago, the previous director... her father passed away. She's just a student at the time, and yet she is expected to take over Chaldea.
Dr. Roman: From that point onwards, every single day must've been stressful for her. After all, she has to carry the weight of house Animusphere on her shoulders.
Dr. Roman: She has been giving her all to keep Chaldea running, yet such an anomaly occured at this timing...
Dr. Roman: Hundreds of years of mankind's guaranteed existence into the future vanished from out sights. Complaints and queries from the Association and our Sponsors have been piling up a mountain.
Dr. Roman: The orders drilled into her in the case where such a situation arises is to "Contain the anomaly without a moment's hesitation."
Dr. Roman: What's more, She turned out to have an unusually low aptitude for a Master.
Dr. Roman: The noblest of nobles, one of the twelve lord's houses. Animusphere, whom administrates all matters of Astrology within the Mage's Association.
Dr. Roman: The scandal it must have caused, the head of such a house not being able to become a Master.
Dr. Roman: It's easy to imagine the amount of whisperings behind her back, so much so that they would reach her own ears.
Dr. Roman: Even subjected to such a situation, she gave her all to directing Chaldea. We have made it by the past six months by the skin of our teeth.
Dr. Roman: Truth be told, I have wanted her to come for some Mental care, given her workload, but that's precisely what makes it impossible.
Dr. Roman: And so, do understand that when she deliberately causes you trouble, it's not because she hates you.

Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): I understand. Director is not a bad person.
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): Her reactions are just so interesting...

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Dr. Roman: I'm glad you understand. Oh, but the director is a bad person.
Dr. Roman: I can only guarantee that she's not a complete, trashy, waste of space. Deep down, she's stiff as a board.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Dr. Roman: You're such a terrible person. Oh, but I kind of sort of understand what you mean, a little.
Dr. Roman: Director is a pampered princess after all, it's no wonder her reactions are so amusing.
Dr. Roman: But don't say that in front of her. She will be staring at you funny for the rest of the day.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Dr. Roman: In any case, we are depending on the three of you now. Get along with each other and keep the investigation going.

==== [English] Fuyuki 4-1-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 4-1-a
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: All enemies defeated.   Let's move on.
Olga Marie: I wondered what to do when I saw that monster,  but as expected of a Servant, your specs gave a complete victory.
Mashu: ....they're still quite frightening though... by the way Chief, I have a question.
Mashu: This Fuyuki City is far too different than the Fuyuki in our records.
Mashu: Chief, what do you think  happened in this city?
Olga Marie: ...True.  Surely its history has been altered.   But I don't think that's all of it.
Olga Marie: Mashu.  Also, Ritsuka.  Don't ask questions, just listen closely.
Olga Marie: Chaldea sees the future through model Earth, called Chaldeas.   At the same time, it collects records of the past through a function called 'Laplace'.
Olga Marie: It's easier to think of Laplace's function as collecting history outside of public knowledge,  or events that were quietly buried away.
Olga Marie: According to the Laplace surveys, a unique Holy Grail War was held in this city in 2004. 
Mashu: Holy Grail War...?  By Holy Grail, you mean that legendary Holy Grail?
Mashu: An almighty power that grants its owner their wishes.  A holy vessel, claimed to be the root of all magic?
Olga Marie: Yes, that Holy Grail.
Olga Marie: For the mages living in Fuyuki city to complete the Holy Grail,  they summoned seven Heroic Spirits.
Olga Marie: That is the start of the Holy Grail War.   Away from the public eye, Servants were called to this city. 
Olga Marie: The system for Fuyuki's Holy Grail War was simple.
Olga Marie: Seven Masters competed with each other,  and the last man standing would be granted the Holy Grail.
Olga Marie: Chaldea knew of this event in 2010.  Fathe-... sorry, the previous chief used this data as the basis for creating the summoning ceremony.
Olga Marie: That is Chaldea's Heroic Spirit Summoning System, 'Fate'.   Laplace was Chaldea's third invention. 
Mashu: Third?  It's different from the near future lens, 'Shiva'?
Olga Marie: That would be Professor Lev's invention.   Well, I did invent it with him though.
Olga Marie: In any case, this is where Servants originated from.
Olga Marie: Before, seven Servants fought here.   The war ended as a result of Saber's victory. 
Olga Marie: Not only was the city not destroyed,  but the Servants' activities should have stopped by now.
Olga Marie: ...Despite that, things are like this now.   It's like that the results are different due to the singularity. 
Olga Marie: This abnormality of the year 2004 affects human history,  and because of it we can no longer see the future clearly.
Olga Marie: Therefore, our mission is to resolve this abnormality.   The source of whatever is causing history to change is here somewhere.
Olga Marie: That's why eliminating it without analysis will complete the mission.   Both you and I would be able to return to the present day.
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): I see; I completely understand now.
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): Have you summoned Heroic Spirits at Chaldea?

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: Yes. The current situation is strange,  but I'm glad it's a straightforward mission, Senpai.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Olga Marie: Of course we have.  But they didn't go very well, and the success rate isn't very high.
Olga Marie: It seems like three summons occurred,  but I only know about two of them.
Olga Marie: The first one was in the previous chief's time.  The 2nd and 3rd happened after I became chief.
Olga Marie: ....the second was Mashu's fusion with a Heroic Spirit.   And you already know of the 3rd one, right?
Olga Marie: That oddball that settled down at Chaldea. Leonardo da Vinci.

---- Scene 2 ----
???: GuoooOOOOOOOO!!!!!! 
Olga Marie: Tch, they're back again....!   Mashu, Ritsuka, send them back!

==== [English] Fuyuki 4-2-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 4-2-b
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: ...whew. The battle is over, Master.  I'm glad we somehow managed through this one as well.

Option: Good work, Mashu.
Option: Thanks, Mashu.

Mashu: ...Of course.  I'm glad I can help.
Olga Marie: ....Say, Mashu.  Could it possibly be - you can't use your Noble Phantasm? 
Mashu: ...That is correct. It's because I do not know the identity of the Heroic Spirit that fused with me.
Mashu: I can't manifest that Heroic Spirit's special art and trump card, the 'Noble Phantasm'. 
Mashu: Ritsuka-senpai.  I'm sorry for the late explanation.
Mashu: Servants possess special inherent skills called 'Noble Phantasms'.
Mashu: Heroes each have their legends and exploits,  and their strong and unique trump cards.
Mashu: However, I cannot use my Noble Phantasm at all.
Mashu: ...You can probably use a Noble Phantasm somehow, but its power will be greatly diminished,  and you can't use its true ability without understanding its true name.
Mashu: My weapon, in the first place, is something I don't know about,  other than "It must have been derived from somewhere."
Olga Marie: ..................
Mashu: So I am a half-complete Servant, and so  please do not expect much of your kouhai, whose growth may not reach full potential.
Mashu: Although I don't have any leads or information on my fused Heroic Spirit,  as long as Senpai continues to grow as a master I will understand eventually. 
Olga Marie: That's true.  Masters can look at a matrix of information on their contract Servant's skills and parameters.
Olga Marie: Ritsuka...if you stand in front of Mashu,  you should be able to see her information, right?
Olga Marie: All Servants you contract with after this will be the same.  First, you understand the true name of your Servant's Noble Phantasm. 
Olga Marie: As you continue to build a bond, that Servant's ability will also increase.
Olga Marie: Although, you probably don't have that kind of ability.  Mashu being unable to use her skills is proof of that.

Olga Marie: When Chaldea's rayshift functionality is restored,  I'll have a team of Masters shifted here.
Olga Marie: When that happens you'll be let go.  Rookies with no combat experience should stay trembling in the corner of Chaldea.

Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): Even though Chief Marie is the one that's shaking...
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): Could you perhaps be worried about me?

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Olga Marie: I am not! Watch it!  Respect your elders, will you!
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Olga Marie: O-of course I am, you're the only one that can fight right now!  Who would fight if something happened to you? Who?!
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Mashu: It's enough that everybody understands the situation better now.  We should leave before more arrive.

==== [English] Fuyuki 5-1-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 5-1-a
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Olga Marie: Everything here is burning... no signs of life either, what on earth is going on here?

Olga Marie: And what the heck turned Chaldeas gray... To not be able to see the future means that humanity disappeared...
Olga Marie: Could it be...deterrence didn't work in this singularity?  Then, it must have been catastrophic here...
Olga Marie: The choice that brought destruction and downfall of mankind... this is the result of choosing the worst possible path...

Dr. Roman: Oh, the Chief started talking to herself?  She'll be fine, then. 
Dr. Roman: Ritsuka-kun.  You're safe for the time being, why don't you rest a little?
Mashu: I agree with the Doctor.  Senpai, would you like a ration?

Option: Thanks. You're not tired, Mashu?
Option: Thanks for the food. Do you feel alright, Mashu?

Mashu: Physically tired...? Are you asking if I have had any issues since I became a Servant?
Mashu: ...I guess in some ways.  I'm scared of fighting, but I'm 100% physically fit.

Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): So, you're okay with me as your Master?
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): And you have no complaints about becoming a Servant?

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: Of course. I have no complaints.  Senpai can be this year's #1 best master.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: ...that's...difficult to say.   I never quite imagined becoming a fighter like this.
Mashu: Even if I became able to fly through the air,  maintenance really isn't in my hands.
Mashu: No matter how much strength I have,   a Master is important to the fundamental concept of my "existence".
Mashu: It's a balance of risk and return, but thinking about it I feel that Senpai is carrying quite a burden.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Dr. Roman: ---No time to rest now, I'm detecting multiple organisms in your area!
Mashu: Tch...!  Master, your instructions!

==== [English] Fuyuki 5-2-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 5-2-a
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: ...whew.  Thank goodness. We somehow managed this time, Master.
Olga Marie: You've as strong as a real Servant now, aren't you?  With all that, there shouldn't be anything to be scared of, right?
Mashu: That's...I wonder.  Even if I could effectively use my weapons, the idea of fighting is just...
Dr. Roman: Sorry, but talk later!  You three need to run away from there immediately!
Dr. Roman: I'm still seeing multiple contacts!  Even more, this is---
Olga Marie: Wha-, it can't be, is that-!?
Dr. Roman: That's a Servant!
Dr. Roman: Ritsuka, Mashu, don't fight it!  It's still too early for you to fight a Servant...!
Olga Marie: Even if you say that, there's no way we can escape!
Olga Marie: Mashu, fight it!  You're a Servant too, you'll manage somehow right!?
Mashu: ....Yes.  I'll give it everything I've got...!

==== [English] Fuyuki 5-2-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 5-2-b
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: *haa*---*haaa*--- We won...I thought we were done for, but we won...---
Dr. Roman: ...Sorry, but you can't relax yet Mashu.
Dr. Roman: Another identical contact is heading your way. know what to do without me saying so, right?
Mashu: Yes---Another contact, that means...---
Olga Marie: Ritsuka! We're retreating, hurry up!  For now we have to get away from here!

==== [English] Fuyuki 6-1-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 6-1-a
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Olga Marie: Haa, haa, ha ----ah, geez, what is going on!?  Why is a Servant here!?
Dr. Roman: Of course...the Holy Grail War!  The Holy Grail War was being held here!
Dr. Roman: Originally, the summoned classes would fight each other,  but in your case, something is off about the situation!
Dr. Roman: It's not that there are Servants with no Masters.  Originally, Servants' enemies are Servants! 
Mashu: ...then, as long as we are here here,  we will be targeted by other Servants...?
Olga Marie: Mashu has no connection to the Holy Grail!  That's just an insane ghost!
Servant (Assassin): ---I've found you.  My new prey. The Holy Grail, with my own hands...!
Dr. Roman: Confirmed Servant detected!  That's an Assassin-class Servant!
Mashu: ...! We're fighting back!  Senpai, give me your orders!

Option: I got it, we'll definitely win!
Option: I'm sorry, please take care of things somehow!

Mashu: ---Alright.  To your victory, Master!

==== [English] Fuyuki 6-1-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 6-1-b
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: Haa----how about, this then...!
Servant (Assassin): --- It doesn't matter.  At this rate, I can handle this myself. 

Option: ...what do you mean?
Option: ...Mashu, get back!

Dr. Roman: Ritsuka, they've caught up with you!  There's one more, that's the real thing!
Olga Marie: That's...we lost to one,  and now two are attacking at the same time?
Mashu: Ah---
Servant (Assassin): It's decided Lancer.  I do not know what hero you are, but I will surely find out.
Servant (Lancer): ---Ha.  Hahahahahahahahaha!
Dr. Roman: Chief, Mashu. Be careful...!  Don't stop moving!
Four: Fou, fouu!
Servant (Lancer): ---Ha.  Hahahahahahahahaha!
Dr. Roman: Damn, they're both drunk... Ritsuka-kun, orders! You're the only level-headed one left!

Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): ...Right now all we can do is run!
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): If it's come to this, we have to fight!

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: Senpai!
Servant (Lancer): Interesting interesting interesting interesting!
Mashu: Ugh, tch..!
Servant (Lancer): Interesting! I'll kill you. Your fleeing back is still so beautiful-!
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: ...Understood. We've no other choice!
Servant (Assassin): Hah. Too soon. Fighting will be your death. Running is useless.  Your final days, young girl, will be miserable indeed.
Servant (Lancer): Do what you want. Struggle all you want. Your unsightly bodies will still be interesting!
Olga Marie:'re seriously fighting?! No matter what there's no way we can win, right?!
Mashu: ...even so, we have to fight.  In such dire situations, we'll find a way to live...!
Servant (Assassin): Ha---You're dead, girl..!
???: The young lady speaks like a true warrior, doesn't she?  Then I can't possibly leave her be.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Servant (Assassin): Nuu...! Who's there...?!
???: Can't you tell just be looking, friend?  Or did you eat so much mud your eyes rotted?

==== [English] Fuyuki 6-2-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 6-2-a
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Servant (Lancer): Damn you, Caster!  Why are you supporting those outsiders...?!
Caster: Oh? They're better than you lot, so isn't it obvious?  And I also can't hate a kid with some good points. 
Caster: Hey, you determined looking girl there. With your skills, there's no way you can lose to people like him. If you steady yourself, I'm sure you'll be surprised.
Mashu: Y...Yes, I'll do my best!
Caster: You're the girl's Master?  Then I can leave the orders to you, correct?
Caster: I am a Caster-class Servant.  It seems things are a bit hostile with those lads over there.
Caster: It's not quite "Enemy of my enemy is my friend", but  for now I'll trust you.
Caster: In light of that brave girl fighting alone,  I'll become your Servant even without a contract!

==== [English] Fuyuki 6-2-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 6-2-b
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Servant (Assassin): Guh...---You bastard, the Holy Grail, right in front of me---
Mashu: Ah, um...thank you. You saved us from a dangerous situation...
Caster: Oh, good work. Just this much is a freebie, so don't worry about it. 
Caster: More importantly, I'm concerned for your physical well being. That asshole,  Assassin probably kept chasing after you, right?
Mashu: Hyan...!
Caster: Oh, such a frail figure and yet a strong body! That's pretty handy.
Caster: I'm not sure what class you are, but with that strength maybe Saber? That can't be right, you don't have a sword.
Olga Marie: ...wait, Ritsuka.  What do you think of this?

Option: He's unmistakably some old pervy man.
Option: ally, maybe...?

Dr. Roman: For now just keep an eye out.  At the very least, he seems to be an honest Heroic Spirit.
Caster: Oh, doesn't someone here speak fast? What now, nerd? Is that magic you're using to speak with us?
Dr. Roman: A pleasure to meet you, Caster. I am not sure what Heroic Spirit you might be, but I am humbled and honored to meet-
Caster: Ah, such introductions aren't necessary. I've tired of hearing them. Get straight to the point, you weakling. That's what you're good for, right?
Dr. Roman: Uh...right then, I'll get straight to it. ...weak... I got called weak during the first meeting again... 

==== [English] Fuyuki 6-3-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 6-3-a
Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Dr. Roman: ...that's all for our - Chaldea's situation. 
Dr. Roman: Currently,  is conducting field research as a Master.
Dr. Roman: To confirm, you are the sole survivor of the Servants that fought in this city's Holy Grail War?
Caster: I didn't lose, at least. But our Holy Grail War was suddenly changed and became totally different. 
Caster: I don't know much of the details. In one night the city was engulfed in flames,  all the humans disappeared, and all that remained were Servants.
Caster: First of all, restarting the Holy Grail War is that Saber's doing.  She's getting more violent every day.
Caster: Saber defeated Archer, Lancer, Rider,  Berserker, and Assassin herself.
Olga Marie: Survival amongst the seven Servants... that's the rule of this city's Holy Grail War.
Mashu: Of those, only Caster won... no, was the only Servant to stay alive.
Caster: Right. Also, the Servants that Saber defeated  are mired in that black mist, as you've already seen.
Caster: They're monsters, appearing like maggots, but they've started searching for something.
Caster: So, while it is a pain in the ass, I've started searching myself.  Until I can get that done, the Holy Grail War won't end. 
Dr. Roman: The only remaining Servants are Saber and you... so if you defeat Saber,
Caster: Oh, this city's Holy Grail War will end, I suppose.  Although I'm not sure if this situation will ever go back to how it was.
Olga Marie: Is that it? You came to rescue us,  but in the end it benefits you.
Olga Marie: You want to beat Saber. But you can't find a way to win by yourself  so you want us to I wrong?
Caster: That's correct. That's such a harsh way of putting it, you know?  At any rate, ---look, a customer's arrived.
???: GuOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Olga Marie: Hiiii....!
Caster: That thing is just an inexhaustible supply of energy.  We don't have nearly the people for this!

==== [English] Fuyuki 6-3-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 6-3-b
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu:'s finally calmed down. Yeah, we definitely can't talk in peace here.
Caster: M'bad. If I had been summoned as a Lancer, I'd have been able to finish small fries like Sabers with a pierce however.
Caster: Maan, Caster really isn't for me.  I'm helpless as a Caster in Fuyuki's Holy Grail War, I tell ya!

Option: So if you were a Lancer......?
Option: So it's impossible as a Caster......?

Mashu: It's possible, Sempai. There are those amongst Heroic Spirits who possess the traits of multiple classes.
Mashu: While this person is a user of the spear, He can be thought of a high-level Heroic Spirit, who also possesses a side to him that's a mage.
Mashu: ......It's nothing more than a guess, but he must be amongst the top servants. Almost like he'd be listed in VIVIAN.
Caster: That's how it is. You guys say that you're masters from that Chaldea organisation, but......Well, guess that's fine.
Caster: Just one of the rules of thumb as a Servant, but don't get caught up in things in a time period that isn't yours. We're ultimately cooperating as a weapon after all.
Caster: Your goal is the investigation of this anomaly.  Mine's the closure of this Grail War.
Caster: Our interests match. Why don't we just merrily band together?
Olga Marie: ......That is a sound decision,  But in that case, who will be your Master?
Caster: Well, that'd obviously be the kid over there. You don't have the aptitude to be a master, after all.
Caster: No, that ain't something you'd see everyday. The amount and quality of your magical circuits are top-notch, But of all things, you lack the ability to be a master. That some kinda curse?
Olga Marie: Oh shush. That doesn't matter does it!
Olga Marie: Ritsuka, I'll leave that guy to you. Use him well as best you can.
Caster: Well that's settled. It's a contract limited to this town, but let's get along.
Caster: In that case, next thing's to check the objectives. What you people are searching for is without a doubt the Greater Grail.
Dr. Roman: Greater Grail......? Never heard of it; what's that?
Caster: It's the true heart of this land. If there's an irregularity, it can't be anywhere but there.
Caster: But well, the bastard Saber's in the Greater Grail. Along with the what's remaining of the polluted servants.
Olga Marie: The ones remaining are Berserker and Archer? How are they, those two. Strong?
Caster: The bastard Archer is well, it'll be fine with me around. The main issue's Berserker.
Caster: That's a monster that even Saber'd have problems with. Well, so long as you don't come near him he won't attack, so ignoring him's also an option.
Dr. Roman: I understand the situation. We will aim for the Greater Grail with Mr. Caster.
Dr. Roman: Mr. Caster, can we trust you with the way?
Caster: Don't bother with 'Mr'. I'll show you the path. When we go in will be up to the kiddo.
Dr. Roman: Much appreciated. Let us resume the search then. All the best, Ritsuka

==== [English] Fuyuki 8-1-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 8-1-a
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: ..................
Olga Marie: Hey, you. Ritsuka. Kyrielite looks like she's depressed.
Olga Marie: You're still a master right? Give her some care will you.

Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): Mashu, what's up?
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): ......Is it......that?

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: ......! No, everything's perfectly normal. I'm functioning normally, master!
Mashu: However, ......everything being perfectly fine, is the problem......
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: ...............Yes. It's pathetic though, coming from me......
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Mashu: .........Uhm. Based on your directions,  I have amassed enough experience though trials.
Mashu: And yet......I still can't use my Noble Phantasm.
Mashu: I don't even know how to use it. It's like I'm a defective servant.........
Four: Fou......
Dr. Roman: Aah, you were worried about that huh. You do have a strong sense of responsibility after all......
Dr. Roman: But I doubt that's something you can pull off in a day.  I mean, we're talking ahout a Noble Phantasm after all.
Dr. Roman: If you could use a Heroic Spirit's ace in one or two days, That then would be making Servants lose face, in a way.
Caster: Huh? Such things obviously can be used immediately. Heroic Spirits and Noble Phantasms are the exact same thing after all.
Caster: If the missy can fight as a servant, Then at that point she can use a noble phantasm.
Caster: Not being able to use it Just means that there's a clog in the prana.
Caster: How to put it, motivation? No, energy? Either way, you're just not doing those shouting practices enough y'know?
Mashu: Is that so!? IS. THAAAAAAT. SO!?
Four: FA----!?
Olga Marie: Hey, please don't shout all of a sudden! My eardrums almost burst, seriously!
Mashu: Ah......Excuse me, chief. However, Caster said that I should raise my voice......
Caster: No, that was just an analogy...... Well, either way, it's good that you have the will.
Caster: Ritsuka. The missy's saying stuff like that. You don't mind a short detour yeah?

Option: What do you mean detour?
Option: Please don't tease such a pure Mashu.

Caster: Oh, just some special training. It'll finish quickly. The me now's a Caster, y'know? Leave healing to me.
Caster: Before that......Just a lil' bit. To carve outta danger warding rune......There we go.
Olga Marie: Eh? What are you doing? Why are you carving the rune into my coat?
Caster: Well that'd be because if you were attacked you'd be able to handle it yourself, obviously. There, they've come.
???: Grrrr Zuaaaaa......!
Olga Marie: I don't get what's going on---!?
Mashu: C, chief, behind me! Senpai too, please prepare for battle......!
Caster: Good good, with this many gathered it oughta be enough.
Caster: Put simply, the Noble Phantasm's a Heroic Spirit's instinct. If there's reason in the mix it'll be harder to pull off.
Caster: And so~, the plan's to get the missy to use all her spirit and core to the limit! Damn that was badass, me!

Option: This isn't healing, it's nothing but rough treatment!
Option: Are you actually an idiot---!?

==== [English] Fuyuki 8-4-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 8-4-a
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: That's enough.---Any more of this continuous combat is ---I'm sorry, Caster---
Mashu: Please give me some lessons with some proper reason in it, please Not will-power like this---
Caster: ---You really don't get it do ya. Was I wrong in my hopes for this lady?
Caster: Well whatever. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Well then, the next opponent'll be me.
Caster: Just because I'm an ally doesn't mean you have to hold back. I'll be out to kill Ritsuka with all I've got too after all.
Mashu: .........!?
Olga Marie: What are you saying? You crazy!? This training's got nothing to do with Ritsuka does it!?
Caster: A Servant's problems are also the Master's problems. Did I not say they're a collective bound together by fate?
Caster: That's the case for you too right, Ritsuka? When the missy can't stand no more'll be your death.
Mashu: ......! Master......Please, stand back......!
Mashu: I will---Not pull You down......!
Caster: What's how it should be. Well then, let's get straight to this fight with a proper servant!

==== [English] Fuyuki 8-4-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 8-4-b
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: Haa---Haa---Hah---!
Caster: Alrighty, time for the final touch! Burn to ashes, master and all!
Caster: My magecraft is a cage of flames, a titan of green like that of a wild rose. Karmic Justice, shrine that purifies the misfortunes of man---
Caster: That which crumbles is Wikka Man! C'mon, return all, good and evil, to the earth---!
Mashu: a---Ah,
Mashu: (If I don't protect......If I don't use it, everyone will disappear--- A fake is fine too, just this once is fine too.)
Mashu: (If I......If I don't properly use it, Everyone will end up disappearing---!)
Mashu: Aa, AAaAAA---!!!!

==== [English] Fuyuki 8-5-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 8-5-a
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Mashu: Ah......Did I...... Deploy......My Noble Phantasm......?
Caster: ---Whew, I thought you managed to save Only your life, but to think you managed to save everyone, master and all.
Caster: Rejoice......No, guess that's wrong. Praise her Ritsuka.
Caster: This lady who has become your servant Is without a doubt a useable Heroic Servant.
Mashu: Sempai......Just now, I......!

Option: Yeah, Congrats, Mashu.
Option: Yep, it was awesome, Mashu

Mashu: ......!
Four: Fou, Fo----u!
Dr. Roman: ......I'm surprised. To think that you'd be able to use your Noble Phantasm so quickly. And to think that Mashu's mental was this strong too......
Caster: Well, your way of looking at it was mistaken. The missy's one of, y'know, the people who protect.
Caster: There's no helping the results if you taught a bird how to swim right? You have to teach them how to fly high.
Caster: But well......even so Guess you didn't manage to take hold of your true name huh.
Mashu: Ah......Yes. I'm able to use my Noble Phantasm now, But I still don't know the Noble Phantasm's name, or the Heroic Spriit's name......
Olga Marie: ......Yes, even if inexperienced...... Even if temporary......
Olga Marie: You opened your Noble Phantasm wishing that didn't you, Mashu.
Olga Marie: To gain your true name and become one of the chosen.--- You didn't have a single grain of desire to become the Heroic Spirit itself.
Olga Marie: That's why even the Noble Phantasm heeded your call. Oh man, some touching story this is. Can almost call this a fairy tale.
Mashu: Uhm, chief......
Olga Marie: It's only sarcasm, pay it no mind. The fact that you can use your Noble Phantasm now is a cause for celebration.
Olga Marie: But isn't it inconvenient to use your Noble Phantasm without it's name? I'll think up a good incantation for you.
Olga Marie: It's an imitative deployment of the Noble Phantasm so......Yes, Name it Lord Chaldeas.
Olga Marie: Chaldea is a meaningful name even to you. Is it not an apt spell for activating your spiritual foundation?
Mashu: Y, Yes......! Thank you very much, chief!
Dr. Roman: Lord Chaldeas......Yeah, that's good. It's very fitting for Mashu!
Dr. Roman: If so then wanting to try it out is natural. Caster, can we trust you to be Mashu's partner?
Caster: Yeah, of course. Even if I held back, She did manage to completely defend against it.
Caster: As your senior I'll hammer the basics of Noble Phantasms into you. Are you ready, Ritsuka, missy?
Mashu: Yes! Please go ahead!

==== [English] Fuyuki 9-3-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 9-3-a
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Caster: The Greater Grail's in here. I'mma head in fer a bit, so don't get left behind.
Mashu: It looks like......a natural cave, But has it been here in Fuyuki city from the beginning?
Olga Marie: Probably. This is half natural, half man-made. It's an underground workshop that magi have spent many moons to expand.
Olga Marie: More importantly, Servant Caster. We have yet to check something very important.
Olga Marie: Do you know the true name of Servant Saber? You sound like you've fought them several times, from the way you talk.
Caster: Yeah, I know it. Everyone whose taken her Noble Phantasm would  Be able to reach her true name......her identity.
Caster: The reason why the other servants were defeated is too, Because her Noble Phantasm is too powerful.
Mashu: A powerful Noble say. What do you mean?
Caster: That which comes after the sword in the stone which designates kings. It would be the most well known holy sword in your era.
Caster: It's name is,
Servant: The Sword of Promised Victory - Excalibur. The blade weld by the one who is honoured with the title King of Knights, King Arthur.
Ritsuka: !?
Olga Marie: Servant Archer......!
Caster: @Oh, speak of the devil, the devotee makes an entrance! You still protecting the Holy Sword user as always?
Archer: ......Hmph. I don't remember ever becoming a devotee however. I'll only do my job, nothing short of chasing away pathetic guests.
Caster: So you're pretty much a gatekeeper then. I haven't a clue  What you're protecting Saber from, but let's settle our score here.
Caster: A neverending game's boring right? Come what may, the players have to make their moves right?
Archer: Going by the way you're speaking that you know the gist of things then. Even after seeing the big picure are you greedily going after your desires......
Archer: I see that you don't change even after becoming a magus. I shall literally beat you anew with this blade.
Caster: Hah, what're you talking about, archer. Wait, oy, what're you doing spacing out, missy?
Caster: The enemy's Archer. Without your shield  I won't be able to chant properly?
Mashu: Ah......Y, Yes! Sorry, I was out of it for some reason.
Mashu: No problem, I can proceed. Please leave guarding to me!

==== [English] Fuyuki 9-3-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 9-3-b
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Archer: You've thought it though huh, Magus of Flowers......! To think that there would be such a way to use this Noble Phantasm......!
Caster: Oh! Rid yourself of regrets and disappear, disappear. The missy and I are enough for beating the Holy Sword.
Mashu: ......I'm glad you trust me,  But would I really be able to defend against it?
Mashu: ......Uhm, this iss the well known holy sword of King Arthur. It seems like too much of a role to me that my fingers are shaking.
Caster: You'll have no choice but to go through with [#willpower:guts] there. But well, from how it looks like to me, you'll be extraordinarily effective against fighting her.
Caster: That shield won't break. If you were to lose,  It'll probably be when you, the one supporting the shield, screw up.
Caster: If you let go of the shield, The Master behind you would evaporate in a split second.
Caster: You hear? You don't have to think about winning against the Holy Sword. All you have to think about is protecting your Master.
Caster: You're good at that, right?
Caster: Well. Leave stopping Saber to me, And do whatever you want, basically.
Mashu: ......Okay. That advice seems like it would be very helpful.

==== [English] Fuyuki 10-3-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 10-3-a
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Caster: We're almost at the Greater Grail.  This will be the last chance to rest, so do you have anything left to do?

Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): Of course, I'm all set.
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): Is it okay if we just quickly go back to base?

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Caster: Well that's promising. I don't hate Masters who know when to show resolve.
Caster: You're still wet behind the ears, But you have the most important things that voyagers need.
Caster: The luck to grasp fate, and the decisiveness to face it.
Caster: Don't go forgetting that foolhardiness yeah? The thing called the blessings of the stars are only granted to people like that.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Caster: Yeah, if you've got things worrying, shuffle your asses back. We're entering enemy territory here, so you'd better make sure you've everything.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Olga Marie: What are you talking about. Regardless if we're moving forward or going back, don't we need to rest first?
Olga Marie: Doctor, are you really doing a proper check on our vitals? Ritsuka's face is looking paler than usual?
Dr. Roman: Eh!? Uhh......Hm, this really is pretty bad. It was a sudden servant contract after all......
Dr. Roman: The unused magic circuits are working full throttle, And it's putting a lot of pressure on the brain.
Dr. Roman: Mashu, prepare a camp. This is a cue for a nice warm cup of tea with plenty of honey.
Mashu: Understood, doctor. I too agree that it's time for tea.
Caster: Oh? Last meal before the showdown eh? That case Imma hunt a boar or something.
Olga Marie: There isn't an animal like there, is there. Besides, cut down on the meat. If you want to, have some fruits instead.
Having said that, Marie took out a bag of dry fruits and some cofee. The party sat down and took some rest

Mashu: ......I'm satisfied. To think that the chief kept dry fruits hidden on her being, I'm once again astonished by that meticulousness.
Olga Marie: I only just happened to have it on hand is all. Citruses work well on headaches you know. More importantly---
Olga Marie: ............ ..............................

Option (Lead to Scene 2, Choice 1): ......Uhm, what's that, chief?
Option (Lead to Scene 2, Choice 2): ......Would you like more, chief?

---- Scene 2, Choice 1 ----
** Go to Scene 3**

---- Scene 2, Choice 2 ----
Olga Marie: One cup is enough! And do remember that I prefer coffee over tea!
Olga Marie: N, no, that's not that. That's not what I mean......Ah geez!
** Go to Scene 3**

---- Scene 3 ----
Olga Marie: I'll give the work so far a passing mark. As the chief of Chaldea, I acknowledge your achievements.
Olga Marie: ......Hmph. What's with that face.  It's probably all just a fluke, but right now there's no one but you.
Olga Marie: It's just that if you keep things up, there's no problem with praising you. I've understood that even a third rate can do work for more qualified people after all.
Dr. Roman: Wow. To have acknowledged Ritsuka as qualified! Did you eat something sweet?
Olga Marie: Romani. If you have time to spout nonsense, Send some supplies to Ritsuka.
Olga Marie: Isn't it just painful to watch him pushing himself so hard,  but failing because of inadequate equipment?
Dr. Roman: Oh? 'Painful'? How kind. Don't tell me that this means, that the Chief's heart has finally melted from it's icy shell?
Olga Marie: You idi......! I, I mean it's pitiful to watch!  You can't even understand that!?
Dr. Roman: Maan, no matter how many times you witness the interactions between a boy and girl, it's  always a wonderous sight isn't it. It's a bit weird calling the Chief a girl though.
Mashu: Really? It's true that the Chief is older than us,  But I feel something intimate in her preferences. I can feel deep affection from them.
Olga Marie: What are you saying!? Haven't I said all of you are just my tools!?
???: ---(Yep yep)
Olga Marie: See look, even this blackish, monstrous looking thing  Is agreeing!
It took her seconds to realize her mistake.
Olga Marie: Eh---Eeeeeeeeek!? Mashu, eliminate it quickly! I'm going to be eaten, I'm going to be eaten!

==== [English] Fuyuki 11-1-a ====

[English] Fuyuki 11-1-a
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Olga Marie: So this is the Greater Grail......Isn't that an exceptionally advanced magecraft reactor core...... Why would an island in the Far East have something like this......!?
Dr. Roman: According to the data, it was apparently created by a distinguished family of alchemists known as the Einzberns.
Dr. Roman: It appears they are a clan that does not align themselves with the Magi Association,  Who create homunculi - artificial humans.
Caster: Sorry, but the friendly banter ends here.  The buggers noticed us.
Saber: ---.
Mashu: ......That powerful prana burst...... Is that, really King Arthur......?
Dr. Roman: There's no doubt about it. It appears that there's some alteration, But she's the King of Britain, the Holy Sword user Arthur.
Dr. Roman: The sex is different to the legends, But she probably had some reason for crossdressing in Camelot.
Dr. Roman: I mean, you can't gain the throne unless you were a boy, right? She must have been forced to act as a boy because of familial circumstances, I'm sure.
Dr. Roman: Must have been the court magician's guile. This was also mentioned in lore, but Merlin was one hell of a prankster.
Mashu: Eh......? Oh, you're right. He's a she isn't she? I thought it was a man.
Caster: She might look flashy, but don't underestimate her. That isn't muscle, but a monster of exponential power.
Caster: Each and every hit is just crazily heavy. If you let up, the top half of your body will be blown off.
Mashu: It's as though she's a rocket personified, isn't it? ......I understand. I will intercept with all my strength.
Caster: Cool. Once we defeat her, the anormaly in this town will disappear. You got me? [#Both her and I won't be an exception].
Caster: After that'll be your job. I have no clue what'll happen,  But make sure you do what you can and do it well.
Saber: ---Oh? You have an interesting servant there.
Caster: Whut!? You could speak!? You mean you've just been silent all this while!?
Saber: Indeed. There is little point in speaking when everything can be seen. Thus I gave it my all to become a scarecrow.
Saber: However---Interesting. That Noble Phantasm is interesting.
Saber: Take your stance, woman whose name I know not. Let this sword determine if your defence is true!
Mashu: Here she comes---Master!

Option: Yeah, let's fight!
Option: Yeah, as if we'd lose!

Mashu: Yes! Mashu Kyrielite, commencing battle!

==== [English] Fuyuki 11-1-b ====

[English] Fuyuki 11-1-b
Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

---- Scene 1 ----
Saber: ---Heh, it appears that my muscles too have become loose.  To think that you would have stopped me right at the end.
Saber: I intend to protect the Grail,  However I ended up losing due to your devoted tenacity.
Saber: It appears that in the end, no matter how fate changes, With only me the same fate would be met, huh.
Caster: Ha? What the heck does that mean? You, what do you hiding?
Saber: You'll find out eventually, Ireland's Child of Light.
Saber: That Grand Order - The fight revolving around the Holy Grail - Has only just begun.
Saber slowly faded away, leaving the party tons of questions unanswered
Caster: Oy, wait. What do you mean---Wooah!? What the, we're being forced back now!?
Caster: Tch, ain't happy but can't complain! Kiddo, I'mma leave the rest to ya!
Caster: If we have the chance to meet again,  Make sure you summon me as a Lancer!
With the same fashion, Caster also disappeared. The short but eventful contract with the Caster named CĂș Chulainn has come to an end.
Mashu: I have confirmed the disappearance of both Saber and Caster. ......Can I consider this as, our victory?
Dr. Roman: Yeah, nicely done Mashu, Ritsuka! I'm sure the Chief is very plea......Wait, where's the Chief?
Olga Marie: The Court Ranking System - Grand Order. Why does that servant know that name......?

Option: Chief Marie, your orders?
Option: ......Is something wrong?

Olga Marie: Eh......? Y, Yes.  Well done, Ritsuka, Mashu.
Olga Marie: There are many unknown points,  But with this, the mission's clear.
Olga Marie: Let's collect that crystal first. The reason behind Saber's change......
Olga Marie: And the cause of Fuyuki city becoming a singularity, Appears to be that after all.
Mashu: Yes, I shall do so imme---Wha!?
A man appeared right in front of the party. And to their surprises, the man was someone who they are too familiar with
???: My, to think that all of you managed to come this far. Not only was it not part of my plans, but it is not within my generous tolerance level.
???: The forty-eighth master candidate. It was a miss on my part for letting you go out of the pureness of my heart, Having thought you were a completely unlikely child.
Mashu: Professor Lev!?
Dr. Roman: Lev---!? Did you say Professor Lev!? He's there with you?
Lev: Mm? Is that voice Romani? You ended up surviving too, did you.
Lev: I had told you to come to the control room straight away. You didn't listen to my directions did you. Geez---
Lev: There's too many people are just pieces of junk who don't follow commands That the nausea just won't stop.
Lev: I wonder why do these things called humans stray from their determined fate?
Mashu: ---! Master, behind me......quickly!
Mashu: That person is dangerous......That, that isn't the same Professor we know!
Olga Marie: Lev......Ahh, Lev, Lev, you're alive Lev!
Olga Marie: I'm relieved, without you I,  Didn't know how to protect Chaldea anymore!
Mashu: Chief......! Don't, that man is......!
Ignoring Mashu's warning, Olga ran up to Lev. She pretty much looked up to him and relied on him on almost everything, there's nothing that will go wrong now that Lev is here
Lev: Hey, Olga. I'm glad you seem fine. It must have been hard on you too.
Olga Marie: Yes, yes, it was Lev! The control room exploded,  This whole town's all ruins, and we can't return to Chaldea!
Olga Marie: There are too many surprises that my head was going all weird! But that's all fine, with you here we'll manage right?
Olga Marie: I mean that's how it's always been. You'll save me this time too, right?
Lev: Yes, of course. There really were so many surprises that blood would go to your head.
Lev: But the most surprising of all is you, Olga. I had set the bomb right under your feet, so to think that you'd be alive.
Olga Marie: ---Eh? ......L, Lev? Uhm, what, do you mean, by that?
Lev: No, to say you're alive, would be wrong. You're already dead. Your body's been long gone I mean.
Lev: Trimegistus ended up being so nice to you,  Transfering you who had turned into lingering thoughts to this land.
Lev: I mean, while alive you didn't have the aptitude to Leyshift did you? You can't transfer while you had a physical body.
Lev: Do you understand? With the advent of your dead, You finally obtained the aptitude you had yearned for so much.
Lev: That's why you can't go back to Chaldea. The moment you return to Chaldea,  Your consciousness will disappear, after all.
Olga Marie: Eh......Eh? Disappear, me......? Hold on a minute......I can't go Chaldea?
Lev: Indeed. But then that would be too pitiful.
Lev: For the sake of you, who had devoted your whole life to Chaldea, I shall at least show you what is happening to Chaldea right now.
Suddenly, the group found themselves near Chaldeas. It could be teleportation, or projection. One thing for sure, this Chaldeas was not the one back home, which has already been in ruins. This one, on the other hand, was completely fine, apart from one thing.
Olga Marie: Wha......What in the world? Chaldeas has turned completely red......?
Olga Marie: This is a joke, right? That's just a virtual image right, Lev?
Lev: It's the real deal. I connected space-time for you. Witht he Holy Grail you can do things like this after all.
Lev: Now, look closely, Animusphere's descendants. That is the fate of your foolishness.
Lev: There isn't a single shard of blue to show human life. All there is is a blazing red.
Lev: That is the result of this mission.
Lev: Aren't you glad, Marie? Yet again, Your incompetence caused this tragedy!
Olga Marie: Don't---Don't mess with me!
Olga Marie: It's not my responsibility, I haven't failed, I haven't died......!
Olga Marie: You, who the hell are you!? What in the world did you do to my Chaldeas......!
Lev: That is not your Chaldeas. Geez---You're one noisy girl right to the end aren't you.
Olga Marie: Wha......My body is floating into space---It's being pulled by something---
Lev: Didn't I tell you? That that's connected to Chaldea right now?
Lev: It's easy to kill you right now, but there's no beauty in that. Allow me to grant your wish at the end.
Lev: You may touch your treasure. What, consider it as compassion on my part.
Olga Marie: Wai---What are you talking about, Lev? By treasure you mean......Chaldea?
Olga Marie: No, stop. Please. I mean that's Chaldeas you know? It's a body of information densed together you know? It's a territory of another dimension you know?
Lev: Yes. It's no different to a blackhole. Or perhaps the Sun. Well, regardless.
Lev: It's the incarnation of hell that'd disassemble any person who touches it on the molecular level. Please, feel free to savour living death for an eternity.
Olga Marie: No---No, no, help, somebody help! I......I, I don't want to die in a place like this!
Olga Marie: I haven't been praised yet......! No one, no one has acknowledged me yet......!
Olga Marie: Why!? Why does this always happen!?
Olga Marie: No one would appreciate me! Everyone hated me!
Olga Marie: No, please, nonononononono......! I mean I haven't done anything yet!
Olga Marie: Since I was born, not even once Did anyone acknowledge me---!

Option: Chief......!
Option: ......We won't make it, anymore......

Marie was pulled straight into Chaldeas. She tried to resist it but it was futile. She disappeared, leaving no trace of her behind. The girl called Olga Marie, is no more.
Ritsuka: ......!
Mashu: It's no good. Don't go, sempai......! If you come any closer to that man, you'll meet the same fate!
Lev: Oh? To be able to tell that I'm a fundamentally different organism. I suppose it's to be expected from a demi-servant.
Lev: Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Lev Reinol Flauros.
Lev: I am in charge of 2015, here to deal with you humanity.
Lev: You're listening aren't you, Doctor Romani? As school friends who had studied sorcery together, I shall give you one final piece of advice.
Lev: Chaldea is finished. You humans have, from this point onwards, been destroyed.
Dr. Roman: ......Professor Lev. No, Lev Reinol.
Dr. Roman: What do you mean by that. Does it have any relation with how we cannot see 2016?
Lev: It's no relation. It's the truth that it's already over.
Lev: When you couldn't see the future anymore, you all babbled about how  "The future disappeared" didn't you? That was a truly hopeful observation.
Lev: The future didn't disappear. It was incinerated.  From the moment that Chaldeas was dyed deep red.
Lev: The end has been determined. The era all of you belong to no longer exists.
Lev: Chaldea is probably being protected by Chaldeas' magnetic field, But outside, it's probably met the same end as what you see here in Fuyuki.
Dr. Roman: ......Is that so.
Dr. Roman: So the reason why we could not contact the outside world wasn't because of a transmission fault, But that anyone who could have received our calls have been erased.
Lev: Heh, smart as always.  It's regrettable that I didn't kill you first.
Lev: But that too is futile resistance. Once the time within  Chaldea progresses past 2015, it too will vanish from this world.
Lev: There is no longer anyone who can change this fate. For this is a denial of humanity caused by human history itself.
Lev: You do not reah a deadend in evolution and degenerate, Nor do you fall from conflict with another race.
Lev: But your own meaninglessness! Because of your own incompetence!  Because you have lost favour with our King!
Lev: You'll burn without a trace,  Like the worthless paper scraps you are!
Lev: Oops. guess this singularity's almost at it's limit.
Lev: ......That Saber. If she had quietly obeyed,  I would have let her live.
Lev: But she caused me unecessary trouble, trying to maintain this era even though I gave her the Holy Grail.
Lev: Well then, farewell, Romani. As well as Mashu, and the 48th candidate.
Lev: Despite appearances I have more work to do. I'll have to stop enjoying your ends here.
Lev: Be swallowed by the distortions of space-time. But I'm no monster. I'll let least allow any final prayers.
The cave started to shake violently, showing signs that it was going to collapse at any moment.
Mashu: The underground cave is collapsing......! No, more importantly this space isn't stable!
Mashu: Doctor! Emergency Leyshift!
Mashu: If this goes on, not just me,  But even Sempai......!
Dr. Roman: I know, I'm already on it! But sorry, the destruction on your end might be quicker!
Dr. Roman: When that time comes, just give up and do something on your end! They say that you can survive without special equipment for ten or so seconds after all!
Mashu: Sorry, please shut up Doctor! I can feel that I'm losing my cool out of rage!
Dr. Roman: Either way just hold on to your consciousness! As long as you don't lose your essence I can at least salv---

The shaking got even more intense. The time remaining could only be counted by miliseconds.
Mashu: ! We won't make it!

Option: Mashu, this way!
Option: Even if it's just her......!

Mashu: Sempai, your hand......!

Suddenly everything went white. The next thing our hero knows is a strange woman's voice. He woke up, and found himself in a familiar place. It was back home, at Chaldea.
???: You've been a very good boy! Wanna eat something? Fruits? Or maybe fish?
???: Mm...I can't tell if it's a cat or squirrel. But whatever, it's cute!
Four: Foou~...... Nkyu, Kyuuu......
???: Mm? Oh, our favourite's woken up eh. Nice, nice. That truly is what being a protagonist is all about.
???: Hello, good morning, Ritsuka. Have you come to your senses?

Option: This is......?
Option: You are......?

???: Hmm, guess your cognitive capabilities aren't back yet huh. This is the first time we've spoken in person isn't it.

???: What? You're surprised that there's a stunning woman here when you woke up? I get you, I get you. But get used to it.
Da Vinci: I'm Da Vinci. I'm an ally of Chaldea. Or rather, Summoned Heroic Spirit No.3, or something?
Da Vinci: Either way, we'll leave the talking to later. There are people waiting for you, So go to the control room.

Option: People waiting......?
Option: The doctor......?

Da Vinci: Roman? Well, Roman's waiting,  But who cares about him.
Da Vinci: Geez, there's another more important girl isn't there! Your protag senses still aren't up to scratch are they.
Four: Fou, fou!.
Da Vinci: See, even he agrees. It's about time you stand, Ritsuka.
Da Vinci: This'll be a story revolving around you from here on out. It'll probably be your choices that will save us.
Da Vinci: Just like the countless heroes who saved humanity  But were not carved into history.
Da Vinci: Not as a hero, but as a normal person, your role is this fight,  That would determine the path of this world.
He walked down the hallway, and found Mashu.
Mashu: Good morning, Sempai. I'm glad you're safe.

Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 1): Good morning. Thank you, Mashu.
Option (Lead to Scene 1, Choice 2): Good morning. Looks like we were saved doesn't it, Mashu.

---- Scene 1, Choice 1 ----
Mashu: I should be the one to say thanks. Because you were there I managed to maintain my consciousness.
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 1, Choice 2 ----
Mashu: Yes. It's all thanks to being able to hold your hand.  I feel like I want to believe in the proverb "What happens twice will happen thrice"
** Go to Scene 2**

---- Scene 2 ----
Dr. Roman: Ahem. It's all well and good celebrating your reunion, But I'd appreciate it if you'd pay attention to me here.
Dr. Roman: Firstly, congrats on returning alive, Ritsuka. And good work, completing the mission.
Dr. Roman: Everything ended up being pushed onto you bit by bit,  But you gallantly took this situation on, and overcame it.
Dr. Roman: For that, you have respect and gratitude fromm the depths of my heart. Thanks to you, both Mashu and Chaldea have been saved.
Dr. Roman: What happened to the Chief is a shame......but we don't have the time to hold a funeral for her. The most we can do would be to grieve.

Option (Lead to Scene 2, Choice 1): ...............
Option (Lead to Scene 2, Choice 2): I'm alive, so the Chief too, should......

---- Scene 2, Choice 1 ----
** Go to Scene 3**

---- Scene 2, Choice 2 ----
Dr. Roman: ......
** Go to Scene 3**

---- Scene 3 ----
Dr. Roman: Listen to me Ritsuka. We will protect humanity in the Chief's stead. That will be our tribute to her.
Dr. Roman: I've received Mashu's report. The crystal object that was called the Holy Grail, and Lev's mannerisms.
Dr. Roman: Considering the situation that Chaldeas is in, Lev speaks the truth. We have no contact with the outside world.
Dr. Roman: The staff that had gone out from Chaldea aren't coming back. ......I fear that humanity has already fallen.
Dr. Roman: The only one that isn't on a standard time axis would be Chaldea. I suppose you could say......That it's stopped it's tracks in a history just before destruction.
Dr. Roman: You could think of it as a colony that's floating in outer space. The world outside is a dead world. Until we break this situation down, at least.

Option: Can we break it down?
Option: ......Do you have a plan?

Dr. Roman: Of course. Before that, I want you to look at this.  I tried scanning with a rebooted SHIVA.
Dr. Roman: Not the Earth of the future, but of the past. Thanks to the both of you, the singularity in Fuyuki has vanished.
Dr. Roman: We hypothesise that the fact that, despite that, the future hasn't changed, Means that there are other causes  to it.
Dr. Roman: The result of that hypothesis is---
Dr. Roman showed the Chaldeas, it was not the one in deep red that killed Marie, but a Chaldea that hasn't been seen before.
Dr. Roman: This crazy world map. A newly discovered disturbance in space-time That Fuyuki's pales in comparison to.
Dr. Roman: They say often that if you change the past the future will change, But a slight change here and there in the past won't transform the future.
Dr. Roman: History has this restorative power, you see. While you may save one or two people,
Dr. Roman: The end that the era would meet--- That conclusive result alone is made to not change.
Dr. Roman: But the singularities from here onwards are different. These are the turning points of humanity.
Dr. Roman: "If this war did not end" "If this voyage did not succeed"
Dr. Roman: "If this invention failed" "If this country did not gain independance"
Dr. Roman: The ultimate points like those where decisions that define the humanity of today were made.
Dr. Roman: For those to be destroyed would be the same as the every foundations of human history being destroyed.  These seven singularities are precisely that.
Dr. Roman: The moment these singularities were formed, the future was determined. As Lev said, 2016 won't come to humanity.
Dr. Roman: ---But, that isn't the case for us, only us. Chaldea has yet to reach that future after all.
Dr. Roman: Do you understand? We're the only ones who can fix this mistake. We have the chance right now to fix the singularities that are being destroyed as we speak, and bring them back to normal.
Roman paused for a moment, as if to let the responsibility of saving humanity sunk into our hero, and probably into himself too.
Dr. Roman: In conclusion...
Dr. Roman: Leyshift to these seven singularities, And return history into it's correct form.
Dr. Roman: That is the sole method to save humanity. But the power we possess is too little.
Dr. Roman: Besides you, all Master candidates have been frozen. The only servant we possess is Mashu.
Dr. Roman: I understand that speaking to you in this situation is close to forcing you. But even so I have no choice but to say it like this.
Dr. Roman: Master candidate No.48, Ritsuka.
Dr. Roman: If you want to save humanity. If you want to bring back the future from 2016 onwards.
Dr. Roman: From now on you will have to Fight alone against these seven human histories.
Dr. Roman: Do you have the resolve to do that? Do you have the power to shoulder Chaldea's as well as humanity's future?

Option: Of course.
Option: ......If it's something I can do.

Dr. Roman: ---Thank you. Our fate have been determined by those words.
Dr. Roman: From now onwards, we will carry out the orders to preserve humanity, as planned out by former Chief of Chaldea, Olga Marie Animusphere.
Dr. Roman: Our objective is the protection, as well as recovery of human history. The subject of our search are each time period,  As well as the holy relic, The Holy Grail, which is thought to be the cause.
Dr. Roman: The enemy we should be fighting is history itself. The ones who will stand in your way are the many heroic spirits and legends.
Dr. Roman: This will be a challenge, and at the same time blasphemy for pointing our blades at the past. For we will be standing up against human history in order to protect humanity.
Dr. Roman: But in order to survive we have no other choice. No, in order to take back our future we have no other choice.
Dr. Roman: ......Regardless of what fate may await us.
Dr. Roman: With that determination in our hearts,  I will change our strategy name from First Order.
Dr. Roman: This is Chaldea's last and original mission. The Humanity Safeguard Designation - GO, Grand Order.
Dr. Roman: Through the greatest mission in the magic world,  We will take back the future!

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