Tuesday, January 10, 2017

[English] Septem Prologue

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Four: Kyuu, kyaau!

Mashu: Good morning. Did you sleep well Senpai?

Very soundly Not really

Mashu: I’m glad. We should be thankful to be able to rest like this.

Mashu: Oh no really? Senpai, please make sure to rest when possible.

Four: Foou, foou!

Mashu: As you can see, Fou-san is full of energy. Probably from a great sleep and breakfast.

Mashu: The next leyshift’s environment is unknown. I don’t know when we will have another chance for a good night’s sleep.

Mashu: Therefore if you have the chance you should get some proper sleep.

Mashu: No staying up late. Physical and magical power are somewhat tied together.

Mashu: So then, this dream….

Mashu: Did you see something? Some kind of dream?

A dream, why? Nothing in particular

Mashu: No, nothing, there isn’t anything to be said. But…

Mashu: According to what Da Vinci-chan’s said, the contracted master and servant can share the same dreams.

Mashu: I don’t know what that’s like… but if Senpai says he didn’t see anything then I don’t see any problems.

Mashu: Let’s go to the control room after breakfast. The Doctor is waiting for us.

Dr. Roman: Hey, good morning gentlemen. As I was saying, here you two are and…

Da Vinci: fuwaaa….. mornin~. The recovered Holy Grail is being analyzed in the engineering lab.

Dr. Roman: Though it’s just me and this sleepy genius. Please look through the observation system though it may be a little off.

Dr. Roman: The leyshift preparations are ready. It looks like this time you are heading to first century Europe.

Dr. Roman: More specifically, ancient Rome. Near Italy’s peninsula, the Mediterranean Sea of the Great Roman Empire.

Da Vinci: Hmm, Ancient Rome? Really? What, that sounds like fun! Hey I want to go to~!

Dr. Roman: You have analysis work to do don’t you? Enjoy the pleasures of Rome another time!

Da Vinci: Mu~~. Too bad. I wanted a chance to talk with the Roman emperor.

Da Vinci: Particularly Emperor Caligula or Emperor Nero. I’m sure we would share similar hobbies.

Dr. Roman: Yes, I agree…. No, it’s pointless. You need to help with the reconstruction of Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: Well then. Ready -? Transition point is set at the imperial Roman capital.

Dr. Roman: The Roman capital name is Rome. Like last time, teleportation is approximate so please don’t worry.

Dr. Roman: The Holy Grail’s location is unknown. This is an alternate historic timeline so it may be different than what we expect.

Dr. Roman: Your actions will only affect that timeline. Sorry, it seems that the transporter is not completely stable.

Mashu: No problem. Either way, Senpai and I will find the culprit.

Dr. Roman: Good, that’s the spirit. You’re so reliable!

Dr. Roman: Same plan as last time, investigate the singularity and correct it. Search, investigate, and stop the Holy Grail.

Dr. Roman: The survival of human history is on your shoulders. I hope for your success.

Dr. Roman: And also… your safe return home.

Mashu: Yes. We will definitely return home to Chaldea.

Mashu: … I’ll be taking your lead, Senpai. The success of this plan relies on your strength, Senpai.

Leave it to me! Rather, I’m counting on your strength, Mashu.

Mashu: Ok!

Mashu: No, that’s…. Actually, Senpai’s judgments and instructions is the key to our success.

Dr. Roman: There are definitely summoned servants in first century Rome.

Dr. Roman: If possible, try to borrow their powers. Unless of course, they are hostile.

Mashu: Doctor, one question. Is that all right?

Mashu: Hostile servants and neutral servants. Are you able to determine whether they are friendly right now?

Dr. Roman: It depends on how clear are sensors are.

Dr. Roman: Approaching life forms can be sensed, but I’m not sure if they are friendly.

Dr. Roman: No, sorry. There is no way to determine.

Dr. Roman: Even using Shiva and Trismegistus, the best we can do is sense biological and magical power.

Dr. Roman: Enemy or not. We can sense spirits not part of the timeline.

Dr. Roman: But it’s impossible to determine what kind of spirit they are. Sorry Mashu, Ritsuka-chan.

Dr. Roman: However, we may be able to infer from any information we can get.

Dr. Roman: No servants detected, only the physiological responses of the local peoples.

Mashu: No, Doctor. I’m sorry for asking something unreasonable.

Mashu: I know it’s impossible. But, even so…

To reduce the risk of danger right? To avoid combat right?

Mashu: Yes. Ultimately, the best strategy is to avoid unnecessary combat.

Mashu: But… No, that would be an impossible request. Please forget this.

Dr. Roman: No, I’m sorry. I understand I’m asking such a task to you but…

Dr. Roman: …With all the power I have, I will support you two as much as I can.

Dr. Roman: That much I can promise, Mashu, -.


Dr. Roman: Thank you. That was a good response….. Well then, Papa shall start the leyshift!

Mashu: Dr. Roman…..

Dr. Roman: Stop this awkward atmosphere! I’ll be supporting from the back!

Mashu: No, that’s…. suddenly so much tension….

Dr. Roman: Program start!

Announcer: Unsummon program start. Converting to spirit form.

Announcer: Leyshift starting in 3, 2, 1….

Announcer: Operation completed. Beginning Grand Order

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