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[English] Orleans 15-3-b

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Gilles: Impossible…! To overcome the power of the Holy Grail, to have reached this….. far….

Gilles: This isn’t possible! I won’t let go of this injustice! I, have, yet…..!

Jeanne: Gilles, it’s ok now.

Jeanne: Everything is all right now. Please rest. You’ve done enough.

Jeanne: Please believe in this young girl that knows nothing, this town has been liberated.

Jeanne: …. Please believe in the me now, like the time you believed in me from the past.

Jeanne: It’s all right. Until the very end, I have no regrets.

Jeanne: My corpse is connected to whoever’s path…. And that’s, that’s just fine.

Jeanne: Now, please return. From the chronicles you came from.

Gilles: …. Jeanne. The one, who will go to hell, is me only.

Having said his last world, Gilles the Blue Beard disappeared. In his place, a small golden cup appeared

Dr. Roman: I’ve successfully recovered the Holy Grail! From now on, this time period’s altercation will start recovering!

Dr. Roman: Prepare for Reyshift. Please return soon!

Mashu: Understood, Doctor!

Jeanne: Are you leaving already?

We have other things that must be done. We don’t have a choice but to go.

Elizabeth: Oh, really? Hmph…. Well, our goal has been completed.

Elizabeth: See you later, little puppy. It wasn’t a bad fight wasn’t it?

Kiyohime: Well, to think we would separate here. But, Master, please don’t worry.

Kiyohime: I have a somewhat of a spiteful personality. Wherever you go I will be closely tracking you.

Kiyohime: Because, that’s, love…. Ok?

Kiyohime: Well then for now, have a good day.

Having blatantly announced that, Kiyohime and Elizabeth both disappeared as well

Siegfried: …. It seems that everything has ended now. All the wyverns have disappeared.

Georgius: The Holy War had strong effect in distorting this time period. Anyhow, it was a great honor to have alongside you, “Dragon Slayer”.

Siegfried: No it was my pleasure, it was an honor to have fought on the side as the famous Saint George.

Georgius: Unfortunately, to be summoned here again will be far off opportunity.

Siegfried: Ah, but that Master’s journey has yet to end. We may once again be called for assistance.

Siegfried and Georgius also disappeared

Amadeus: Sorry about finally finishing my final role. Ah, I’m so tired, I worked so hard that my butt hurts!

Amadeus: … Oh, that was a dirty joke wasn’t it, oopsy daisy.

Amadeus: At any rate, you were a great conductor, . You did a very, very great job.

Amadeus too

Gilles: Jeanne!

It was Gilles Saber, after fighting the wyverns, he chased after Jeanne into the castle

Jeanne: Gilles…!

Gilles: What the hell happened…!? More importantly, you were alive this whole time!

Gilles: France was about to be devastated but…. As long as you are alive!

Jeanne: …. No, you’re wrong.

Gilles: What?

Jeanne: I’m sure as you are now, you can understand. This world is simply a short-lived dream.

Jeanne: I have certainly died and you grieved. That is history. That is unchangeable fate.

Gilles: Jeanne….

Jeanne: But, in a different form, different state, we can fight together…. I have a premonition it will happen.

Jeanne: That’s why this is a temporary farewell.

Gilles: As I expected, you are…. No, even so. After I die, this country…!

Gilles: Please forgive me, Jeanne D’arc. We, France, have betrayed you…!

Gilles: OOOOO….!

Jeanne: It’s alright, it’s okay. Please at the very least smile, I will separate from this world.

Mashu: Master…. It’s almost time.

Jeanne: Master and Mashu-san.

Jeanne: Perhaps, me meeting Mashu-san and -san, the fights we had, the lives lost…

Jeanne: It will all be as if nothing had happened. I’m a little sad thinking about this.

Jeanne: … of course, I’m happy that lost the lives will return.

Jeanne: I believe we will meet again. I have a good intuition you know?

Jeanne: Goodbye and thank you.

Jeanne: Even if everything disappears into the void. What remains will surely…

Mashu and our MC rayshifted back to Chaldea, where the staffs have been waiting for a celebration

Dr. Roman: Welcome back, Mashu, -chan! Good work!

Dr. Roman: Thanks to you two the first Grand Order was a success.

Dr. Roman: Really, you guys did a great job. Despite short supplies and reinforcements

Dr. Roman: And the Rayshift is still in the experimental stage while we are in a horrible state of affairs, you overcame all this and succeeded.

Dr. Roman: I’m saying this on behalf of all surviving Chaldean staff members.

Dr. Roman: You guys aren’t what you once were, you are Chaldea’s proud achievements, you are new wizards!

Four: Fou! Foou!

Mashu: …. Even Fou-san has returned home. He must really be a lucky animal isn’t he?

Da Vinci: Oh, welcome back. You look very exhausted.

Da Vinci: Here you go, it’s the latest observation documents. Please look Doctor.

Dr. Roman: O…. ooooo!

Dr. Roman: We did it, 15th century France has been perfectly amended. It’s only one of seven singularities but still.

Dr. Roman: We have returned human history back to normal! We did it, -!

Mashu: Yes, but Professor Lev Lainur did not make an appearance.

Mashu: Perhaps he wasn’t in France….

Dr. Roman: Yes, he must be lurking in one of the other six time periods….. No, he may be lurking at all.

Dr. Roman: He has enough power to not need to. If we do meet him in the same time period then we’ll make sure to stop him.

Dr. Roman: … If in the same time period, then I’m sure he will show himself. Even though we’ve made it this far we still need to strengthen ourselves.

Dr. Roman: Ah, let’s not worry about the small details!

Dr. Roman: That’s enough for today, mission complete!

Dr. Roman: I bet you want a warm shower and bed? Don’t hold yourself back and go back to your room to rest.

Mashu: Yes. I’ll take you up on your irresistible proposal. Please excuse me, Doctor.

After a nice bath which unfortunately we can't see, Mashu ran into our MC while wandering around Chaldea

Mashu: …Ah, senpai.

Mashu: Good work. Let’s continue to work hard tomorrow!

Mashu as well, let’s work hard. Is your body okay?

Mashu: …. Yes, thank you.

Mashu: I am still haven’t gotten used to receiving senpai’s help but…

Mashu: But somehow still managed to resolute myself.

Mashu: As long as we fight together, I think that we can fix the other six singularities.

Mashu: Yes, no problem at all.

Mashu: A demi-servants body is great at healing, high endurance, and very tough.

Mashu: It only takes a little time to recover.

Mashu: Senpai as well, please take it easy and rest for today.

Mashu: It might be good for you to be checked by the Doctor. After all, that is his job.

Mashu: …….

What’s wrong? Is there something you need to do?

Mashu: No, I just remembered about Gilles de Rais.

Mashu: I understand that it’s history. But his heart was broken because of Jeanne’s death….

Mashu: If history is correct, then he will go on to kill hundreds of children.

Mashu: …. That is the blood stenched France he desires. It really is the sight of a murderous demon.

Mashu: But, still. That person’s true wish is for Jeanne D’arc to live.

Mashu: That is why he is violent and conjures hatred. Even if the country is destroyed his rage would not end, it is pure rage.

Mashu: His bare emotions are amazing. Even so, to destroy the world

Because he was human, right?

Mashu: …. Because he was human. Amadeus-san also said these words.

Mashu: …. I am nowhere near as experienced as them. Those deep emotions, to accept them into your heart is also strength.

Mashu: But, I think I want to learn. I don’t know anything but slowly learning is alright.

Mashu: Because I think that’s what Amadeus had said.

Mashu: Anyways, see you tomorrow. Good night Senpai.

Mashu: Sweet dreams. The Saint has blessed us.


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