Sunday, January 1, 2017

[English] Orleans 15-3-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Gilles: ….

Jeanne: As expected, it was you wasn’t it?

Gilles: You have a sharp intuition.

Elizabeth: Oh, so you were here!

Kiyohime: To suddenly run away like that….

Mashu: Um, Jeanne-san. What is this?

Jeanne: It wasn’t the “Dragon Witch” that had the Holy Grail.

Jeanne: No, that servant never originally sat in the throne of heroic spirits.

Jeanne: I can only conclude that it was not my overflowing darkness,

Jeanne: …. Well then, how did you obtain this powerful force?

Jeanne: Could it be it wasn’t from the Holy Grail. Perhaps then it was from the “Dragon Witch”.

Gilles: That’s right. It was all for the “Dragon Witch”.

Gilles: That is the Holy Grail itself.

Mashu: What!?

Elizabeth: What? What? What? What do you mean? The dragon was the Holy Grail? Does that mean I’m the Holy Grail as well?

Kiyohime: You idiot dragon. It wasn’t Jeanne D’arc that had the Holy Grail and worked for evil.

Jeanne: You created Jeanne D’arc didn’t you? With the power of the Holy Grail.

Gilles: It was my wish to revive you. I wished with all my heart. It’s only natural isn’t it?

Gilles: ….. However, the Holy Grail rejected me. The all-powerful wish granter could not grant my wish!

Gilles: However, I have no other aspirations besides you! That is why, if I made a new creation….!

Gilles: I believed in you! I yearned for you! And so I constructed you!

Gilles: Jeanne D’arc the “Dragon Witch”, is the Holy Grail!

Jeanne: …. I see. She must have never known until the very end.

Jeanne: Gilles. Even if you revived me, I would never have been like the “Dragon Witch”.

Jeanne: Certainly, I was betrayed. And even ridiculed.

Jeanne: I may have had regrets in my final moments.

Jeanne: But, I never despised my motherland. I never had hate. The reason for that is because we were in this country.

Gilles: …. How kind. How excessively kind words. But, Jeanne.

Gilles: Because of that kindness, she had forgotten that one thing. Her patriotism for her motherland.

Gilles: I detest this country….! This country that betrays everything, I swear to destroy it!

Jeanne: Gilles…

Gilles: She would probably forgive you. But, I won’t! Regardless of God, the King, and the country men’s judgment…!!

Gilles: I shall show you destruction. I shall show you murder. For that is my wish of the Holy Grail…!

Gilles: Don’t try to get in the way of my path, Jeanne D’arrrrcccc!

Jeanne: ….. Yes, you’re right. That’s exactly right.

Jeanne: Because of your hatred, you used the Holy Grail to gain power and destroy this country, what a sorrowful reasoning.

Jeanne: And I will put an end to this. This is my duty as the arbitrator of the Holy Grail War, Ruler.

Jeanne: I will stop you in your path, Gilles de Rais…!

Gilles: I see, then you shall be my enemy.

Gilles: Let’s settle this once and for all. Saint and savior of France, Jeanne D’arc!

Jeanne: Just as I hoped…!!

Mashu: Master, I’ve determined that’s the Holy Grail. Please give us instructions!

This is the final battle! Put your guts into it!

Mashu: Understood, we shall now recover the Holy Grail! Mashu Kyrielite, heading out!


  1. Great way to start the new year! Only 15-3-b is left and then Orleans is complete :)

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