Tuesday, February 28, 2017

[English] Septem 02-2-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

???: … It seems we somehow got out of that crisis. It seems I am in your debt again.

???: Is there an end to these battles where we are outnumbered, I’m glad to be the last one standing but I’m not happy. I’m tired!

Mashu: No, not yet. There are still coming. I sense something…!

Dr. Roman: It’s a servant Mashu, -! One servant comfirmed!

Mashu: Understood. I can sense it. It’s nearing us quickly…. It’s here…!

???: My, lovely, younger, sister’s child.

???: Uncle…!

???: No… no, dare I say. How could you provide any assistance to the enemy you fool!

???: … Caligula….!

Dr. Roman: What did she just say? Uncle. Is that what she said?

Mashu: Yes, I definitely heard her say that. Is he a blood relative servant living in this era?

Dr. Roman: Let’s investigate later, Mashu. There’s no mistaking that over there is a servant.

Dr. Roman: -, get ready! This is the first servant you’ll be facing in this time period.

I’m ok to go anytime! No matter how many times I do this I still can’t get used to it, there’s no helping it.

Mashu: Don’t worry, senpai. I mean, Master

Caligula: Your destiny

Caligula: Your destiny is to serve me.

Caligula: Bestow your life. Offer your body.

Caligula: BESTOW


???: Ku….! Uncle, how far will you go….!

Mashu: He’s coming! It’s a battle with a servant. Master, instructions!

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