Tuesday, February 28, 2017

[English] Septem 02-2-b

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Caligula: Ah, ah….. I, lovely…. Younger sister’s….. child……

Caligula: Why, won’t you bestow yourself. Why, won’t you devote yourself.

Caligula: Beautiful, I….. I…. I….. I…. I….

???: He, disappeared…? Uncle…..

Mashu: I no longer sense him. It seems that the enemy’s forces have withdrawn as well.

???: My uncle must have been the commander of those troops. I never would have imagined seeing his face again.

Mashu: …..

Dr. Roman: It seems that the spirits have moved away. The battle is over. Good work.

Dr. Roman: Looking at his state, he’s most likely the berserker class. It must have been hard for him to consider escaping but…..

Dr. Roman: Perhaps…. Another master exists?

???: Hm. Mumu?

Mashu: Wh, what is it?

???: That voice there, it was the voice a male. Is he some sort of magician?

Dr. Roman: If she understands magic then this makes a conversation easier. Yes, I and these two are part of an organization called Chaldea.

???: How wonderful. You two, no, you three!

Dr. Roman: I’ve been interrupted….

???: At first glance you had a strange appearance but both of you worked magnificently. Once again, I send my praise to you!

???: Before asking about lineage, first is you. You…

???: You are the true defenders of Rome. Behold, Rome itself.

???: I will certainly show you the revival of Imperial Rome. Yes, gods, deities, myself, and citizens I swear to you!

Nero: You, I am Rome’s fifth emperor, Nero Claudius!

(Surprised) (For some reason I had that feeling)

Nero: Fufufu. You must be surprised, are you surprised?

Nero: Of course, of course. Excellent. Be surprised to your heart’s content, and then be fascinated by my magnificence. I’ll specially permit you.

Mashu: … Emperor, Nero.

Dr. Roman: She…. Was a woman…. According to history…..

Dr. Roman: How deep….

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