Tuesday, February 28, 2017

[English] Septem 03-1-a

Translator: Jiay
Editor: Aister

Nero: Behold, and be struck with amazement! This is my city, an establishment that even a child will praise!

It really is filled with energy...! Everyone's laughing!

Nero: Yes yes, of course of course. It IS the greatest city in the world!

Nero: The Seven Hills - Septem Montes - wast hither first. There was a saying like that.

(Editor's note: ancient English, it means Septem Montes was here first)

Nero: Everything started from there. Our ancestor, together with the Hills, started the history of glory.

Nero: And.... Oh, Store Owner, if you do not mind me taking one of these apples?

Shop Owner: Welco...AH, Her Majesty! Yes do please take one. Glory to Her Majesty and Rome!

Nero: No need for formalities Store Owner. Hm, yes... this is a good tasting apple.

Nero: How about it you two, take an apple. A little bad mannered but do not worry. We are back from a battle.

Nero: A sweet fruit does wonders after a tiring battle. No wounds will heal but your motivation will definitely recover!

Mashu: No, I'm alright. But I do appreciate your kindness...

Nero: Then what about the over there? It tastes great. There, do not be shy.

Thank you for the treat I'll eat it later

Nero: Oh, what a wonderful appetite.

Nero: Is that so? Quite a modest one.

Nero: Well me? I am usually very proper you know?

Nero: I just wanted to boast a little...no, ahem. A-anyway.

Mashu: (That's cute of her....)

Dr. Roman: (That was pretty cute....)

Nero: Umu. Once again, I have gotten fond of you bunch.

Nero: To say the truth, I do not quite understand what you are saying....but I do know that you and that girl are being honest.

Dr. Roman: Just hearing that from you is of great help Her Majesty Nero.

Dr. Roman: Just remember us as a magus and his disciples and that'll be fine for us.

Nero: Is that so? Then all this Servants and Masters, I shall just forget all of these nonsensical words.

Nero: You lot are a magus's disciples, and the magus himself is giving his words from afar.

Nero: And? Saving me is your objective. That was what you were saying?

Mashu: Yes. That understanding is correct.

Dr. Roman: The center of the world, and the world itself. Rome, the shared name of the world's largest empire and its capital.

Dr. Roman: In this time period, there's no way the capital isn't going to be threatened. It seems there's a disturbance in the events that occurred due to the effects of the Holy Grail.

Dr. Roman: It seems like the singularity here, is the existence of an Ancient Roman Empire at a size that's never been seen before.

Dr. Roman: An empire that had great influence on mankind. Preventing its collapse, perhaps, is how we fix the singularity.

Nero: M-mm.....

Nero: I-I apologize. I do not understand. Explain so that I can understand as well.

Mashu: I'm sorry, he's a bit argumentive.... I'll explain from my part as well.

Mashu: What we're looking for is called the Holy Grail, and it's a magical item that has special items.

Mashu: It can throw things in chaos just be having it.

Mashu: There's a high chance this Holy Grail, is the thing that is eating into Rome right now.

Nero: ....I see. A Holy Grail, to my Rome.

Mashu: Yes. What I'm saying might be absurd but....

Nero: No, for some reason there is no unfamiliarity. Especially, the word Holy Grail...strangely...has me concerned....

Nero: No, never mind. Just an empty worry. I had just felt that I had a nightmare like that some time ago.

Nero: Well then. For now come with me. Let us discuss at my mansion.

Nero: ....hm? There seems to be something going on at the market?

Shop Owner: A-AGH! Hey! What are you guys doing to my store!

Four: Fou!?

Nero: In my Rome? To my people? what is this madness! An enemy attack? Does not change that this cannot be forgiven. Let us go!

Mashu: ....Senpai, we need to go too! The citizens are getting attacked!

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