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[English] Septem 03-2-a

Translator: Jiay
Editor: Aister

Nero: ...Now. My Rome is currently, in a time of emergency.

Nero: The glorious map of the Great Empire, is unfortunately about to be torn to shreds.

Nero: One one side, the genuine Roman Empire that I rule. The area that has Rome as its capital.

Nero: On the other, a coalition that made a sudden appearnace, ruled by multiple "Emperors" that are not myself.

Nero: The Confederate Roman Empire. Calling themselves that, they took away half of the Empire.

Nero: The Confederates, I do not even know their true identity. Of all the scouts we have sent, none have returned.

Nero: We do not even know the whereabouts of their capital, the place where the fake "Emperors" reside.

Mashu: Multiple emperors, you say.

Nero: Indeed. The Greatest Opposition to me.

Nero: And....

Nero: ....No, nothing of importance. No more than the thoughtless words of the rebels.

Nero: Yes, Emperor is no more than their assumed name. It is simply not possible.

Your expressions are a bit gloomy though Is there something that's bothering you?

Mashu: ....Senpai.

Nero: No, I do not mind. Speaking of which, we did encounter it together.

Nero: The Confederate's enemy general Caligula. The man that slaughtered my army alone, before you arrived.

Nero: That is one of the "Emperors" of the opposing Confederates. And, he is, my....

Nero: ....Uncle.

Dr. Roman: A person that should be dead. Isn't that right?

Nero: Yes, magus without appearance, you are absolutely correct.

Nero: Our court magus had also fallen to his hands, but if he were alive, he may have been able to understand what you are saying.

Nero: The magus had been spouting that he overcame death. In fact, he had shown me some great magic.

Nero: But.... He fell to the hands of one of the "Emperors."

Nero: The one who supposedly had death defying magic, died effortlessly. ...It should not be something possible.

Dr. Roman: Someone who can easily defeat this era's magus.... It can't be a normal human. It's a Servant.

Mashu: I wonder if they are trying to trigger an abnormalty in history. Using the Holy Grail and all.

Dr. Roman: There's a high chance. That's the reason for this time period's Singularity.

Nero: Honestly, the Confederate is too great. They are causing violent fights everywhere and causing the people to suffer.

Nero: I dispatched all of my admirals and generals and sent out almost all of my army. And yet the Confederate forces do not seem to weaken.

Nero: Just now, the Confederate's expeditionary army has begun to invade the capital. They come in the city like such.

Nero: Even if we try to defend against them, I have only the slightest of men.

Nero: It is of great regret, but I was made aware. At this point, I am unable to face this situation alone.

Nero: And so, therefore...I order you, no, I request!

Nero: Become my guest general! I and Rome shall even support your objective, obtaining this so called Holy Grail!

Dr. Roman: That's a grateful request that we didn't even wish for. It seems that our goals are aligned.

Mashu: That's true. What do you think Senpai?

Let's work together Do we get paid?

Nero: Oh, yes yes! For you to accept!

Nero: Of course. In the wake of defeating the Confederates, I shall bestow upon you anything you wish!

Nero: I shall grant one of you the title of Governor-general. And an award for your efforts.

Nero: Rest well tonight. I shall have single rooms suited for governor-generals prepared for each of you.

Nero: Oh, right. Does the magus without appearance also need a room?

Dr. Roman: Don't worry about me. For a place to sleep, just for the two of them is enough.

Dr. Roman: Say, Your Majesty. Have you heard of the name Lev Reinol?

Nero: ....Lev? No, I have never heard. Who is he?

Mashu: A magus from our time. He betrayed Chaldea, and the entire human race.

Mashu: There's a possibility that he is in this era. Although we do not know if he is working undercover or not.

Nero: A magus from an unknown land. ....Hm.

Nero: I have heard that the Confederate has a person who controls powerful magic. It is only a rumor amongst the soliers, but they say they saw him on the forefront of the fight.

Dr. Roman: ....There is a possibility. Also Your Majesty, one more request.

Nero: Say anything you would like.

Dr. Roman: I'd like you to put Mashu and on the frontlines as much as possible.

Nero: I do not mind but.... Are you okay with that ? You will be in the frontlines?

Mashu: ....Yes. Lev Reinol is our enemy.

We'll definitely get him back ....We'll avenge the chief.

Mashu: ....Yes, Master.

Mashu: ...Yes. We can't leave someone who killed the chief like that.

Nero: Understood. I, Nero Claudius, shall definitely grant you that wish.

Nero: I, and the Roman gods and ancestors, wish the best of luck for you to defeat your sworn enemy.

Nero: Well then. Let us have a banquet before we rest!

Nero: As we are in the middle of war, it will not be as grandiose as usual, but let us indulge in the luxuriest of feasts.

Nero: , Mashu. Is alcohol something you like? I have the best from the East!

Mashu: Oh, n-no, alcohol is....

Roman Soldier: Apologies for the interruption Your Majesty! A middle sized Confederate troop attack from the eastern gate of the capital wall!

Roman Soldier: It seems they are remnants of the expeditionary army from before! We cannot hold off with our easter gate guards....!

Nero: ....Muu. Just when it was going to be a rare merry banquet.

Dr. Roman: Now Mashu. . It seems like it's your time.

Dr. Roman: An enemy servant can come in as a general at any time. Don't let your guard down!

Mashu: Roger that. ...Senpai, are you ready?

Let's move out, Mashu!

Mashu: Yes sir!

Nero: I leave it to you General . Show us your strength once more!

Nero: The banquet will be later! I shall look forward to it!

The party headed to the gate

Mashu: Enemy troop spotted. It seems they are in battle.

Dr. Roman: They seem to be a regular human troop with no servants or monsters. Deal with them swiftly you two.

Mashu: Understood. Master, your instructions please.

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