Thursday, March 23, 2017

[English] Septem 01-1-b

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

???: I entrust you with my sword, fight! Also, are you reinforcements from the capital?

???: I thought the way to the capital was completely blocked though….. Anyways, good. Thank you for your assistance.

???: If you were originally my enemy then now I don’t mind. With my overflowing leniency, I forgive your past mistakes.

???: Anyways, you did a good job in the battle. The girl with the unique weapon…

???: Umu, it’s especially to my liking! What a beautiful preference you have!

???: Good, I permit you to fight with me. Bathe in my glorious supremacy!

???: … However miss, I’ve never seen anyone of your appearance before. Aren’t you showing a bit too much? Are you a person of a foreign country?

We graciously accept your kind words. We are just passerby reinforcements.

???: Umu umu. Happily be immersed in the emperor’s voice.

???: How convenient. Are you a part of Boudica’s men? There is no reason for her oversight.

???: At any rate, this victory is thanks to you. I shall gift you a bountiful reward!

???: Ah, no, sorry…. I just promised in the momentum.

???: Please wait awhile before I give you your reward. As you can see, all I possess is this sword.

???: I shall reward you once we return to the capital Rome. Well then, stop hesitating and let’s go!

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