Monday, March 6, 2017

[English] Arturia Interlude 1-1-a

Translator: Zeress
Editor: Aister

Arturia: This is where the Holy Grail War began, Fuyuki...

Arturia: So much devastation. These flames will not subside for 10 or even 20 years.

Arturia: The curse clings to these lands. This is a place that no human can live in anymore.

Dr. Roman: That seems to be the case. There seems to be a similar place in America as well.

(Editor's Note: See Centralia Mine Fire)

Dr. Roman: It is said that the very ground itself is filled with fire, gases filling the underground. It would be reasonable to expect that it will burn for at least 50 years to come.

Dr. Roman: Well, that is a manmade disaster caused by urban development whereas this right here is one caused by magic.

Arturia: A disaster caused by magic... What do you think, Master?

I'm sure it's due to the Holy Grail War It is because it is the singularity.

Arturia: It's because of the Holy Grail War, isn't it? It is something I'd like to deny but it is an undeniable truth.

Arturia: If the Holy Grail is not the cause did this happen because the city itself became a singularity?

Mashu: ... umm. It was you who guarded the Holy Grail here in this very city, Saber.

Mashu: Or to be more precise, it was another version of you. Do you have no recollection of this?

Arturia: ... I'm sorry.

Arturia: During that time a servant was summoned that was completely independent of the original.

Arturia: If the contract is terminated and you are returned to the Throne, all accumulated experiences are recorded on reintegration...

Arturia: In this moment I am of the class 'Saber' and know myself as the King of Knights.

Arturia: ,Mashu. About the "me" in black armor, think of her as an entirely different person.

Dr. Roman: True. There are both pros and cons to summoning system.

Dr. Roman: While it is possible to make use of various aspects of a spirit, it is also entirely possible to have to deal with the very same spirit itself.

Arturia: Please, do not worry yourself. When I fell to the Black One I was another class. No matter what happens I will still stay true.

Arturia: I swear this sword to your cause. No harm will come to you, even if you make a mistake.

That is reassuring. Of course, I will trust you.

Arturia: Then it is agreed. Thank you, master. Then for the time being I shall reciprocate this trust.

Suddenly, a scream echoed the whole place

Mashu: That yell...! It is that of an enemy!

Arturia: This will most likely be a good fight. Come along, Mashu. I will teach you how to fight!

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