Monday, March 6, 2017

[English] Septem 05-2-a

Translator: Shiro of the Red
Editor: Aister

Nero: They treated those well-trained Confederation soldiers as small fries. Really, they performed so well with a troop of such numbers.

Nero: Is it Mashu's efforts?

Nero: Or is it the fruit of 's directions? Whichever the case, has it not stirred up from when we first met.

Nero: How about that? To declare neither guest nor a commander, what other qualities will be?

Nero: Can I relish this world's glories with you? Naturally, it is something for after the Confederation has been defeated.

Mashu: ...

Nero: What? Did I say something wrong?

Certainly…… Please let me think it over.

Nero: So it is, so it will be. Such a straightforward fellow. Fufu, I am more and more pleased by him.

Mashu: Senpai, we have our mission. Have you already forgotten?

Mashu: ......So you have forgotten?

Nero: It is quite rude for me to want an immediate answer, isn't it? Good good, just think it over carefully.

Nero: In the dawn of the Empire, neither the Gaul nor the foolish Britainnia were easily won.

Nero: While known for more than just generousity, have I been less than lavish with my hospitality prior to now?

Nero: Well, surely I am, see that soldier? Is he not as splendourous as emperors past?

Roman Soldier: Hah, it's as you say! In this day it can be said that Rome shines like the sun, and can even shine brighter still!

Nero: Fufu. Such a frank fellow. Indeed, I wonder if it shines a bit too much.

Mashu: ...

Dr. Roman: Oh, how is Mashu doing……?

Mashu: What is it, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: No, it's really nothing. Nothing at all. Uh oh. It's another enemy attack, seems like more ordinary soldiers this time.

Nero: My my, what a useful conjurer. Now then, let's rout them this time as well!

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