Wednesday, March 1, 2017

[English] Septem 03-4-b

Translator: Jiay
Editor: Aister

Mashu: ....Fuu. Enemy troops, making their retreat.

Mashu: It seems like there were no Servants. They were all human soldiers.

Dr. Roman: There seemed to be no mages like Lev as well. Any how good work. It's already night time.

Mashu: Let's go back, Senpai. If there's a night raid it'll be another fight for us as well.

Mashu: We should get rest when we can. I said that this morning too.

You're right I'm not sleepy yet....

Mashu: Yes.

Mashu: Excuse me?

Dr. Roman: Hahaha. Alright, I'll go back to my room and sleep too.

Dr. Roman: I gotta check the Magi☆Mari blog too. I'm sure her journal is updated by now....

Doctor.... I thought the outside world had perished?

Dr. Roman: W-what, why are you looking at me like I'm some pathetic creature!? What's wrong with Net Idols!

Dr. Roman: She hasn't been plagued by the media, you could even say she's the most ideal Idol!?

Dr. Roman: Good question. It's true that the outside world has perished.

Dr. Roman: So Magi☆Mari, and her homepage wouldn't get what you thought?

Dr. Roman: You fool. Magi☆Mari is a supreme idol that's surpassed such circumstances of the mortal world!

Dr. Roman: ....Well, in reality it's just an auto-generation AI that was made based off of past data.

Mashu: Doctor. I won't say anything about a 30 year old single man's hobbies, but please do your job.

Mashu: If not, I may or may not delete your secret stash files when we get back.

Dr. Roman: O-of course I'm just joking! Just a joke! I'll keep an eye on your surroundings at all times!

Dr. Roman: Anyway get some rest you two. Her majesty the Emperor will probably be waiting for a report as well.

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