Thursday, March 2, 2017

[English] Septem 04-1-a

Translator: Jiay
Editor: Aister

Dr. Roman: Good morning Your Majesty. There is actually one, very important request.

Nero: Hm, say anything. I am very generous.

Dr. Roman: In order to stabilize our actions in this era, we would like to go to Mount Etna.

Dr. Roman: There exists a very important Spiritual Pulse at that volcano.

Nero: Etna ou say. Our court magus also made frequent visits to Etna. Hm, but why?

We have to set a Terminal Point We can secure more forces

Nero: I see. I do not understand fully, but I shall grant your request.

Nero: If you went to Etna, that will be for the benefit of me, and for my Rome will it not?

Mashu: Yes, Your Majesty. Of course.

Nero: Yes I understand. I cannot come with, as I have investigations on the Confederate Empire...

Nero: Do as you wish. On the way, if you encounter Confederate soldiers, do not be careless.

Mashu: Thank you very much.

The party headed to Mount Etna. After a while, they reached the destination

Four: Fou, fou!

Dr. Roman: ....We got here surprisingly easily. I wonder if this area isn't really important for the Confederates?

Mashu: No, Doctor. It seems like there are already something grouped up at the Spiritual Pulse!

Mashu: That's....

Dr. Roman: Ghoul-type monsters!? They spawned naturally, so that's a pretty huge Spiritual Pulse!

Let's kick them out! Secure the Spiritual Pulse!

Mashu: Understood, Master! Initiating battle!

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