Saturday, February 20, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 1-1-b

Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

Mashu: ---*haa*. I was nervous, but we somehow managed through it.

Mashu: Are you hurt, Senpai? Does your stomach hurt, or do you feel bloated, or…?

What WAS that just now…!? Mashu, you were that strong!?

Mashu: I don’t know. It’s not something that exists in our era, let alone this one.

Mashu: Calling that a product of the singularity…I guess there really is no mistaking that, is there?

Mashu: …No, I always needed to work harder in combat training. A researcher that couldn’t do a bar flip; that was me.

Mashu: Right now, to be able to have Fourght like that was becau-


Dr. Roman: Ah, it finally connected! Hello, this is the Chaldea Control Room, can you hear me!?

Mashu: This is A-Team member, Mashu Kyrielite. Right now, I have completed shifting into Singularity Point ‘F’.

Mashu: With me is one other person: . No problems to report.

Mashu: Ray shift and master adaptations are both adequate. Please register as a formal investigator.

Dr. Roman: …even got wrapped up in ray shifts…

Dr. Roman: You endured ‘Meaning’s Disappearance’ well without a coffin. I’m honestly really happy.

Dr. Roman: Also, Mashu…I’m happy that you’re alright, but, what’s with that getup!?

Dr. Roman: It’s too shameless! I don’t remember bringing up that kind of girl!?

Mashu: This is my transformation. I couldn’t protect Senpai in my Chaldea uniform.

Dr. Roman: Transformation…? What do you mean ‘transformation’, Mashu? Did you hit your head? Or that just now surely…

Mashu: Dr. Roman. Please be quiet.

Mashu: Please check my current condition. I think you will understand the situation.

Dr. Roman: Your physical status? Oh….ooh, OOOOOOHHHH!?

Dr. Roman: Physical ability, magic circuits, everything is maxed out! These aren’t human, they’re-

Mashu: Correct. They’re that of a Servant.

Mashu: I don’t remember the details, but it seems I escaped death by fusing with a Servant.

Mashu: This time, Chaldea prepared a Servant in advance for me to investigate and resolve the Singularity Point ‘F’,

Mashu: That Servant, having lost their Master in the recent explosion, was fading away.

Mashu: But just before that, he offered to contract with me.

Mashu: In exchange for a Heroic Spirit’s ability and Noble Phantasm, he wanted to eliminate the cause of this singularity.

Dr. Roman: A Heroic Spirit and a human combining…that’s Chaldea’s sixth experiment, the ‘Demi-Servant’.

Dr. Roman: So that’s what it is. They finally did it. So now the consciousness of a Heroic Spirit lies inside of you?

Mashu: …no, he left me with his combat ability and disappeared.

Mashu: I never got his true name in the end. Because of that, what kind of Heroic Spirit---

Mashu: What kind of Noble Phantasm is the weapon placed in my hand…right now, I completely do not know.

Dr. Roman: …is that so? But still, that’s a blessing in disguise. There’s no limit to summoned Servants working with you.

Dr. Roman: In short, Mashu has become your Servant. In that case, I can have full faith in you.

Dr. Roman: . You’re the only one who successfully shifted.

Dr. Roman: Also, I’m sorry. Things became like this without any explanation of the situation.

Dr. Roman: I’m sure there are many things you don’t understand, but please be calm about this.

Dr. Roman: There is already a powerful weapon with you. Mankind’s strongest weapon called ‘Mashu’.

Mashu: …I’m not sure about ‘strongest’. That’s saying a bit much; later on I’ll be the one getting blamed.

Dr. Roman: Now now. It’s better to have understand that Servants are that sort of thing.

Dr. Roman: However , while Servants are reliable allies, they also have a weakness.

Dr. Roman: That is unless they have a human to supply them with mana – a ‘Master’ – they will disappear.

Dr. Roman: We are still collecting data, but it seems like Mashu exists as your Servant.

Dr. Roman: In short, you are Mashu’s Master. In other words, she is your first contracted Heroic Spirit.

I’m Mashu’s Master…? Um, I’m not following…

Dr. Roman: Right, your confusion is understandable. You didn’t even get the explanation about Masters and Servants yet.

Dr. Roman: This is a good chance to give you the full explanation. This mission has two objectives-

Mashu: Doctor, the connection is unstable. Ten seconds until connection loss.

Dr. Roman: Hm, so Shiba’s power output is unstable on just backup power. Can’t be helped, I’ll explain later.

Dr. Roman: You two, there is a strong leyline two kilometers from your location.

Dr. Roman: Make your way there. That should help make a more stable connection.

Dr. Roman: Listen, don’t do anything too reckless. I’ll do what I can to restore power quickl-

Mashu: …………

He got cut off, I guess. …Can’t be helped. Let’s get going.

Mashu: That's what the doctor does. When it counts, you can’t really rely on him.

Mashu: Yes. You’re reliable, Senpai. I was actually really scared, but you saved me.

Four: Kyu. Fu, Fou!

Mashu: Oh! Four is also here. Thank you for your support.

Mashu: It looks like Four-san, Senpai, and I all ended up ray shifting here.

Mashu: …oh, but I forgot to report this to the Doctor…

Four: Kyu. Four, Kyauu!

Don’t worry about it, though.

Mashu: Okay then. I’ll give a report about Four later, when the time is right.

Mashu: Let’s head for the point the Doctor mentioned. We can set up a base camp once we get there.