Saturday, February 20, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 4-1-a

Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

Mashu: All enemies defeated. Let’s move on.

Olga Marie: I wondered what to do when I saw that monster, but as expected of a Servant, your specs gave a complete victory.

Mashu: ….they’re still quite frightening though… by the way Chief, I have a question.

Mashu: This Fuyuki City is far too different than the Fuyuki in our records.

Mashu: Chief, what do you think happened in this city?

Olga Marie: …True. Surely its history has been altered. But I don’t think that’s all of it.

Olga Marie: Mashu. Also, . Don’t ask questions, just listen closely.

Olga Marie: Chaldea sees the future through model Earth, called Chaldeas. At the same time, it collects records of the past through a function called ‘Laplace’.

Olga Marie: It’s easier to think of Laplace’s function as collecting history outside of public knowledge, or events that were quietly buried away.

Olga Marie: According to the Laplace surveys, a unique Holy Grail War was held in this city in 2004.

Mashu: Holy Grail War…? By Holy Grail, you mean that legendary Holy Grail?

Mashu: An almighty power that grants its owner their wishes. A holy vessel, claimed to be the root of all magic?

Olga Marie: Yes, that Holy Grail.

Olga Marie: For the mages living in Fuyuki city to complete the Holy Grail, they summoned seven Heroic Spirits.

Olga Marie: That is the start of the Holy Grail War. Away from the public eye, Servants were called to this city.

Olga Marie: The system for Fuyuki’s Holy Grail War was simple.

Olga Marie: Seven Masters competed with each other, and the last man standing would be granted the Holy Grail.

Olga Marie: Chaldea knew of this event in 2010. Fathe-… sorry, the previous chief used this data as the basis for creating the summoning ceremony.

Olga Marie: That is Chaldea’s Heroic Spirit Summoning System, ‘Fate’. Laplace was Chaldea’s third invention.

Mashu: Third? It’s different from the near future lens, ‘Shiva’?

Olga Marie: That would be Professor Lev’s invention. Well, I did invent it with him though.

Olga Marie: In any case, this is where Servants originated from.

Olga Marie: Before, seven Servants fought here. The war ended as a result of Saber’s victory.

Olga Marie: Not only was the city not destroyed, but the Servants’ activities should have stopped by now.

Olga Marie: …Despite that, things are like this now. It’s like that the results are different due to the singularity.

Olga Marie: This abnormality of the year 2004 affects human history, and because of it we can no longer see the future clearly.

Olga Marie: Therefore, our mission is to resolve this abnormality. The source of whatever is causing history to change is here somewhere.

Olga Marie: That’s why eliminating it without analysis will complete the mission. Both you and I would be able to return to the present day.

I see; I completely understand now. Have you summoned Heroic Spirits at Chaldea?

Mashu: Yes. The current situation is strange, but I’m glad it’s a straightforward mission, Senpai.

Olga Marie: Of course we have. But they didn’t go very well, and the success rate isn’t very high.

Olga Marie: It seems like three summons occurred, but I only know about two of them.

Olga Marie: The first one was in the previous chief’s time. The 2nd and 3rd happened after I became chief.

Olga Marie: ….the second was Mashu’s fusion with a Heroic Spirit. And you already know of the 3rd one, right?

Olga Marie: That oddball that settled down at Chaldea. Leonardo da Vinci.

???: GuoooOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Olga Marie: Tch, they’re back again….! Mashu, , send them back!

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