Saturday, February 20, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 4-2-b

Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

Mashu: …whew. The battle is over, Master. I’m glad we somehow managed through this one as well.

Good work, Mashu. Thanks, Mashu.

Mashu: …Of course. I’m glad I can help.

Olga Marie: ….Say, Mashu. Could it possibly be – you can’t use your Noble Phantasm?

Mashu: …That is correct. It’s because I do not know the identity of the Heroic Spirit that fused with me.

Mashu: I can’t manifest that Heroic Spirit’s special art and trump card, the ‘Noble Phantasm’.

Mashu: -senpai. I’m sorry for the late explanation.

Mashu: Servants possess special inherent skills called ‘Noble Phantasms’.

Mashu: Heroes each have their legends and exploits, and their strong and unique trump cards.

Mashu: However, I cannot use my Noble Phantasm at all.

Mashu: …You can probably use a Noble Phantasm somehow, but its power will be greatly diminished, and you can’t use its true ability without understanding its true name.

Mashu: My weapon, in the first place, is something I don’t know about, other than “It must have been derived from somewhere.”

Olga Marie: ………………

Mashu: So I am a half-complete Servant, and so please do not expect much of your kouhai, whose growth may not reach full potential.

Mashu: Although I don’t have any leads or information on my fused Heroic Spirit, as long as Senpai continues to grow as a master I will understand eventually.

Olga Marie: That’s true. Masters can look at a matrix of information on their contract Servant’s skills and parameters.

Olga Marie: …if you stand in front of Mashu, you should be able to see her information, right?

Olga Marie: All Servants you contract with after this will be the same. First, you understand the true name of your Servant’s Noble Phantasm.

Olga Marie: As you continue to build a bond, that Servant’s ability will also increase.

Olga Marie: Although, you probably don’t have that kind of ability. Mashu being unable to use her skills is proof of that.

Olga Marie: When Chaldea’s rayshift functionality is restored, I’ll have a team of Masters shifted here.

Olga Marie: When that happens you’ll be let go. Rookies with no combat experience should stay trembling in the corner of Chaldea.

Even though Chief Marie is the one that’s shaking… Could you perhaps be worried about me?

Olga Marie: I am not! Watch it! Respect your elders, will you!

Olga Marie: O-of course I am, you’re the only one that can fight right now! Who would fight if something happened to you? Who?!

Mashu: It’s enough that everybody understands the situation better now. We should leave before more arrive.

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