Saturday, February 20, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 2-1-b

Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

Mashu: We have won the battle... are you hurt, Chief?

Olga Marie: …………… …………what is this?

Mashu: Chief? …ah, it’s me, isn’t it? I’m sure it’s hard to believe, but I-

Olga Marie: -fused with a servant; a ‘Demi-Servant’, right? I know that already.

Olga Marie: What I really want to know is how you won just now!

Olga Marie: More than that, you! You were the one that came late to my lecture!

: !?

Olga Marie: How are you a Master now? You need to be a mage to form a contract with a Servant!

Olga Marie: You shouldn’t be able to become a Master! Why does she recklessly go and do what she’s told!?

This is a misunderstanding! Even if you say that…

Mashu: You’re mistaken, Chief. If anything, I’m the one that pushed him into the contract.

Olga Marie: What are you saying?! What?

Mashu: Let me explain. That way we can both understand the situation.

Mashu: …and that’s it. We got trapped in a rayshift, and we ended up transferring here to Fuyuki.

Mashu: The other transferred Masters are not here. Chief, you’re the first human we’ve met since we got here.

Mashu: But there’s still hope. If you’re here, then perhaps there are others who successfully transferred…

Olga Marie: …there aren’t any. Of that I am very sure.

Olga Marie: I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I think I understand why I rayshifted to Fuyuki here with you.

Mashu: You mean how you survived in getting here?

Olga Marie: The same way you did. We three never got into a coffin.

Olga Marie: Rayshifting without a coffin certainly reduces the chance for success, but it’s not impossible.

Olga Marie: Besides, the coffins have breakers. If the shift success rate drops below 95%, it cuts the power.

Olga Marie: So those others likely did not rayshift themselves. We are the only ones here.

Mashu: I see…as expected of the Chief.

When she’s calmed down, she’s quite reliable, isn’t she? Huh? So then you didn’t plan on shifting, Chief?

Olga Marie: What do you mean by that? Are you saying I’m always agitated?

Olga Marie: …excuse me? You never see a commanding officer on the front line, right? I did say that you are all means to an end, you know.

Olga Marie: Well, that’s that. I understand the situation.

Olga Marie: . Since this is an emergency, I will acknowledge your contract with Kyrielite.

Olga Marie: From here on you’ll be taking orders from me. …First, to build a base camp, I guess.

Olga Marie: Got it? In times like this, we’ll need to find a leyline terminal with an abundance of mana.

Olga Marie: From there we should be able to contact Chaldea. Then, we can figure out what’s…

Mashu: Chief, just letting you know – you’re standing on a ray point.

Olga Marie: Eh? Ah…it seems so. I know that. I knew that all along!

Olga Marie: Mashu, put your shield on the ground. I’ll need a Noble Phantasm as a catalyst to establish a summoning circle.

Mashu: …I guess so. Is that okay, Senpai?

Sure, go ahead. I’m not a fan of dropping weapons, but…

Mashu: …Understood. Then I’ll start.

Mashu: This…is exactly the same as the summoning test site in Chaldea…

Dr. Roman: CQ, CQ. Hello-! Great, it connected again!

Dr. Roman: Good work you two, I successfully locked in your spatial location. We should be able to communicate now, and even supplies-

Olga Marie: Haa!? Who put you in charge, Romani! Lev? Where’s Lev? Go get him!

Dr. Roman: Uhyaaaaa-!?

Dr. Roman: Ch-chief, you’re alive!? Even inside that explosion, and with no injuries?! How in…?!?

Olga Marie: What do you mean by that! Whatever, where is Lev?! Why are you in that high level medical section?!

Dr. Roman: …even if you ask me… I am fully aware that I am not cut out for this role.

Dr. Roman: However, there’s no other capable person here, Olga Marie.

Dr. Roman: Currently, no more than twenty Chaldea staff members are still alive, including me.

Dr. Roman: I am overseeing this operation because there is no staff higher ranked than me.

Dr. Roman: Professor Lev was in the control room directing the rayshifts. It’s wishful thinking that anyone survived being in an explosion like that.

Olga Marie: That- ---Lev, he…? No, wait, hold it, stop.

Olga Marie: There’s only twenty left alive? Then what of the Masters? What happened to the coffins?!

Dr. Roman: …..all 47 are in critical condition. Our medical tools aren’t enough. Even if we had people to help them, they’re all-

Olga Marie: Don’t joke with me, put them into cryofreeze immediately! Worry about resuscitation later, your priority is to make sure they don’t die!

Dr. Roman: Ah! That’s right, coffins had that ability! I’ll prepare immediately!

Mashu: I’m surprised. Cryogenically freezing someone who has not given their consent is a criminal act.

Mashu: And yet you immediately decided on it. It’s not just being responsible, it’s the Chief prioritizing lives, isn’t it.

Olga Marie: Isn’t that obvious! You can explain it to them all you want afterwards, as long as they don’t die!

Olga Marie: Besides, there’s no way I could bear the responsibility of 47 peoples’ lives…!

Olga Marie: Please, don’t die…! …ah, jeez, if Lev were here, surely…!

Dr. Roman: …That’s the end of my report.

Dr. Roman: Currently, Chaldea has lost 80% of its functionality. The remaining staff is doing all it can.

Dr. Roman: We are split into three actions: controlling the rayshifts, repairing Chaldea, and maintaining Shiva. [TL Note: Not sure if there is an implied conjugation here.]

Dr. Roman: As soon as communications to the outside are restored, we will get supplies and fully repair Chaldea…or something like that.

Olga Marie: Good. I’d do the same in your position.

Olga Marie: ….Haa. Romani Akiman. I’m not happy, but I leave Chaldea to you until I get back.

Olga Marie: Your utmost priority is to repair the rayshifts.

Olga Marie: Those of us here in this city… will continue the investigation of Singularity Point F.

Dr. Roman: Ue?! Chief, you’re not scared of that ground zero-like place? Aren’t you a bit of a chicken!?

Olga Marie: …Honestly, you talk too much.

Olga Marie: I’d really like to return immediately, but it seems like we have plenty of time until the rayshift is repaired.

Olga Marie: I know this city is filled with weak monsters, but I’ll be okay as long as Demi-Servant Mashu is here.

Olga Marie: To serve the very best under the circumstances, regardless of trouble or accident, is the Animusphere’s pride.

Olga Marie: Henceforth, and Mashu Kyrielite are both formally acknowledged as investigators in Singularity Point F.

Olga Marie: Although inexperienced, the mission will be to discover the source of this singularity’s existence.

Olga Marie: We will send a second team for analysis and removal after Chaldea is restored. You’re okay with that, right?

Is it okay to just find the source…? I’m okay with that.

Dr. Roman: Understood. I wish you luck, Chief.

Dr. Roman: We will be able to keep this connection for a short while. Do not hesitate to call if there is an emergency.

Olga Marie: ….oh? Even if we sent an SOS, nobody would come save us anyway.

Dr. Roman: Chief?

Olga Marie: It’s nothing. I’m cutting the connection. Go take care of the work you have over there.

Mashu: …Chief, is that okay? We had planned on waiting here until help arrived.

Olga Marie: I can’t let that happen. …After we get back to Chaldea, who knows how much time it’ll take to select the next team for this.

Olga Marie: It’s not just finding the people and months of financing. Do you know how many objections the Association will raise in the meantime?

Olga Marie: Worse case, we’ll have to talk about who takes responsibility for Chaldea’s latest failure.

Olga Marie: If that happens, it’ll be the end. We can’t go back empty handed. It’s important that I find something that can get them off our case.

Olga Marie: ….Sorry, but I’ll have you accompany me, Mashu, .

Olga Marie: For now, let’s explore this city. The cause of all this craziness must be somewhere.

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