Saturday, February 20, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 5-1-a

Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

Olga Marie: Everything here is burning… no signs of life either, what on earth is going on here?

Olga Marie: And what the heck turned Chaldeas gray… To not be able to see the future means that humanity disappeared…

Olga Marie: Could it be…deterrence didn’t work in this singularity? Then, it must have been catastrophic here…

Olga Marie: The choice that brought destruction and downfall of mankind… this is the result of choosing the worst possible path…

Dr. Roman: Oh, the Chief started talking to herself? She’ll be fine, then.

Dr. Roman: . You’re safe for the time being, why don’t you rest a little?

Mashu: I agree with the Doctor. Senpai, would you like a ration?

Thanks. You’re not tired, Mashu? Thanks for the food. Do you feel alright, Mashu?

Mashu: Physically tired…? Are you asking if I have had any issues since I became a Servant?

Mashu: …I guess in some ways. I’m scared of fighting, but I’m 100% physically fit.

So, you’re okay with me as your Master? And you have no complaints about becoming a Servant?

Mashu: Of course. I have no complaints. Senpai can be this year’s #1 best master.

Mashu: …that’s…difficult to say. I never quite imagined becoming a fighter like this.

Mashu: Even if I became able to fly through the air, maintenance really isn’t in my hands.

Mashu: No matter how much strength I have, a Master is important to the fundamental concept of my “existence”.

Mashu: It’s a balance of risk and return, but thinking about it I feel that Senpai is carrying quite a burden.

Dr. Roman: ---No time to rest now, I’m detecting multiple organisms in your area!

Mashu: Tch…! Master, your instructions!

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