Friday, February 19, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 6-2-b

Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

Servant (Assassin): Guh...---You bastard, the Holy Grail, right in front of me---

Mashu: Ah, um…thank you. You saved us from a dangerous situation…

Caster: Oh, good work. Just this much is a freebie, so don’t worry about it.

Caster: More importantly, I’m concerned for your physical well being. That asshole, Assassin probably kept chasing after you, right?

Mashu: Hyan…!

Caster: Oh, such a frail figure and yet a strong body! That’s pretty handy.

Caster: I’m not sure what class you are, but with that strength maybe Saber? That can’t be right, you don’t have a sword.

Olga Marie: …wait, . What do you think of this?

He’s unmistakably some old pervy man. …an ally, maybe…?

Dr. Roman: For now just keep an eye out. At the very least, he seems to be an honest Heroic Spirit.

Caster: Oh, doesn’t someone here speak fast? What now, nerd? Is that magic you’re using to speak with us?

Dr. Roman: A pleasure to meet you, Caster. I am not sure what Heroic Spirit you might be, but I am humbled and honored to meet-

Caster: Ah, such introductions aren’t necessary. I’ve tired of hearing them. Get straight to the point, you weakling. That’s what you’re good for, right?

Dr. Roman: Uh…right then, I’ll get straight to it. …weak… I got called weak during the first meeting again…

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