Friday, February 19, 2016

[English] Orleans 6-1-a

Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

Marie Antoinette: Whew. I think we should be okay if we made it here.

Mashu: Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Ah. No signals detected.

Dr. Roman: Speaking of which, I’ve confirmed a spirit pulse in that forest next to you.

Mashu: Understood. Jeanne-san, and…Marie-san?

Marie Antoinette: Marie-san?!

Mashu: M-my apologies. I, um…---.

Marie Antoinette: It’s not rude, I’m just very happy! That way of calling to me is music to my ears!

Marie Antoinette: Please, young lady of such a beautiful nation! Would you continue calling for me in that manner?

Mashu: Ah, right… Miss Marie, or, Mademoiselle Marie…perhaps?

Marie Antoinette: No, absolutely not. Marie-san will do just fine! Just call me as the others do!

Marie-san it is, then… Glad to meet you, Marie-san.

Marie Antoinette: Yes! Yes yes yes! Pleased to meet you, my name is Marie!

Marie Antoinette: She is such a charming young lady. Wait and see, because don’t you think she’d become very popular?

Mashu: …Marie-san. Might I have a word?

Marie Antoinette: Ah, my apologies. I got a bit carried away, how disgraceful of me.

Marie Antoinette: And so, what would you ask of me?

Mashu: We’ve detected a strong spirit pulse from that nearby forest. For starters, would you happen to know what that might be…?

Mashu: That isn’t a problem, right?

Marie Antoinette: Of course I do not mind. Is that okay, Amadeus?

Amadeus: Looking for my opinion is pointless. Do as you please, Maria.

Jeanne: Understood. I have no issue, I think.

Mashu: Then, rest for a bit, and I’ll go over everything that’s happened so far.

Mashu: …somehow, it seems those monsters are gathering spirit energy.

Mashu: We must defeat them!

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