Friday, February 19, 2016

[English] Orleans 6-2-a

Translator: Andrew Kuntjoro
Editor: Aister

Marie Antoinette: Now that everything is settled, allow me to formally introduce myself.

Marie Antoinette: My true name is Marie Antoinette. I am a Rider class Servant.

Marie Antoinette: Consider it good fortune to look upon me, no matter who you might be!

Marie Antoinette: Also, it’s unfortunate, but I do not know the reason for my summoning. After all, I do not have a Master.

Amadeus: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I am as she says.

Amadeus: I don’t get a feeling about why I was summoned, or even why I am a Heroic Spirit.

Amadeus: Certainly I achieved greatness, but I am no more than the many other artists in history…

Amadeus: Well, I was more or less interested in magic for music’s sake, even if all I was interested in was playing the devil’s opera.

Mashu: I am Mashu Kyrielite. I am a Demi-Servant, but I do not know my true name.

Mashu: This is , my Master.

Pleased to meet you. Cheeze!

Amadeus: Ah, likewise. I hope to get along well with you, as a fellow non-combatant.

Marie Antoinette: Oh, what an interesting greeting! Ch-cheese! Meet you, please!

Marie Antoinette: Hmm. It’s fundamentally a bit different than -san… I suppose it’s impossible without understanding the commonfolk’s feelings…

Mashu: Senpai, please don’t teach such strange greetings.

Marie Antoinette: Ah, I get it! It’s important to fawn over your partner! Look, look Amadeus. Cheeeze!

Amadeus: Cheeeeze! That’s good Maria, let’s use this next time! It’s as refreshing as a one hundred year old love!

Marie Antoinette: …mm!

Marie Antoinette: I apologize, -san, "Cheeze!" is such an interesting saying, but I’ll try to contain my excitement.

Marie Antoinette: What would make Amadeus happy would be words that a lady wouldn’t be able to use.

Amadeus: Ah, let’s stop such rumors here, shall we? It’s as if I were some perverted gentleman who loves dirty jokes.

Marie Antoinette: I wouldn’t know. Dear, outside of music, you have but a child’s mind.

Mashu: And then, this is ---.

Marie Antoinette: Jeanne. Jeanne D’Arc.

Marie Antoinette: The saint who rose up to save France. One who I wanted to meet in my lifetime.

Jeanne: …I am no such saint.

Marie Antoinette: Yes. I think everybody knew you thought as such.

Marie Antoinette: But you lived your life as such. That much we all know.

Marie Antoinette: That’s what everybody praised you, aspired to be you, and never forgot you. Jeanne D’Arc. The Miracle of Orleans.

Jeanne: ………………。

Amadeus: And yet she burned at the stake, as that dragon witch did. Maria’s has a bad habit of focusing only on people’s good points.

Amadeus: Isn’t that right, Jeanne D’Arc? Your existence is somewhat irregular.

Amadeus: To hurt one called “the perfect saint” can be none other than Jeanne.

Amadeus: Listen, Maria. You care too much for others. Sometimes scolding others, even denying things is important.

Marie Antoinette: I-I know that without you saying so, Amadeus! You say it every day!

Marie Antoinette: T-this is good enough, isn’t it? You idiot musician! Waste of humanity!

Marie Antoinette: You and your one-dimensional fetish and passion for musical scales! If you loved sheet music so much, wouldn’t you be better off as a music note?!

Amadeus: …I may say so myself, but to be abused by you for this, only brings up feelings that I cannot even put into words.

Amadeus: But now, I can do so if I want to! Even Jeanne can do it if she wants.

Amadeus: Faster. Stronger. Sharper! Turn your thoughts into words, no matter what they might be!

Marie Antoinette: Non, that’s impossible, Amadeus.

Marie Antoinette: Idiots like you may have weak points, but Jeanne has no such weakness.

Amadeus: ---Is that so? Such a grievous wound. To think you liked Jeanne D’Arc that much.

Marie Antoinette: It’s less to like, and more like faith. Although I feel a little guilty. [TL note: lost me on this one.]

Marie Antoinette: …It’s not much, but I am sorry. As a foolish royal, I of course feel guilt for such a Saint.

Jeanne: …Marie Antoinette. Your words are sincere. However, it is for this that I must confess.

Jeanne: The ‘me’ that lived before was certainly not a Saint.

Jeanne: I simply raised the flags for what I believed in, and as a result my own hands were stained with blood.

Jeanne: …of course, I have no such regrets. Neither in the results of the Inquisitions, nor in my death.

Jeanne: But too much blood was shed. This simple peasant girl simply believed in her dreams. However ---

Jeanne: But I never would have imagined the number of sacrifices I would make before arriving at that dream.

Jeanne: I have no regrets, and yet I have never been gripped by fear. …that is likely my greatest sin.

Jeanne: My being called a ‘saint’ is surely in hindsight. In my opinion, to call such a girl a saint is a mistake.

Marie Antoinette: …Is that so. Hey, so you’re not a saint?

Marie Antoinette: If that’s the case, can I call you ‘Jeanne’?

Jeanne: ..s-sure. Of course. It feels like forever since I’ve been called that.

Marie Antoinette: Thank goodness. In that case, you may also refer to me as ‘Marie’.

Marie Antoinette: If you’re simply ‘Jeanne’ and not a saint, then I am not royalty, and I’ll just be ‘Marie’.

Marie Antoinette: Jeanne, if you don’t mind. Would you please try calling me ‘Marie’?

Jeanne: Y-yes. Well then…thanks, Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Pleasure is mine, Jeanne!

Marie Antoinette: And I must apologize, I was imposing my feelings on you. I simply lost sight of your reactions.

Marie Antoinette: It’s like the ‘me’ who did not know anything that day. We’d no choice but to search for answers ourselves.

Marie Antoinette: I’d love to side with Jeanne’s thinking, but for now I will try and reserve judgment!

Marie Antoinette: If not a one-sided belief, then I’ll support! This is the spirit of a girl’s friendship, Amadeus!

Amadeus: Of course. Isn’t that wonderful? The spirit of such a friendship sings sweetly through the empty air.

Mashu: We believe as well. Don’t we, Master?

Of course. There are many liars who would deceive otherwise.

Jeanne: …Thank you. Your spirit is strong.

Jeanne: L-Liars?

Mashu: Master…please don’t say unnecessary things that will confuse her.

Marie Antoinette: I’m not sure about liars, but I know about mysterious people!

Marie Antoinette: Look, something rather inviting for us has arrived!

Amadeus: No, I don’t think this is an a simple invite. But whatever. Let us quickly tidy up and return to our discussions!

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