Friday, March 11, 2016

[English] Fuyuki Prologue a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Announcer: ---Base sequence confirmed to be human genome. ---Spiritual Vessel's attribute confirmed to be Good Neutral

Announcer: Welcome to the museum of humanity's future. This is the Human Continuation Facility, Chaldea.

Announcer: Fingerprint authentication, vocal authentication, and genetic authentication all clear. Magic Ciruit measurement……Completed.

Announcer: Registered name matches. You have been acknowledged as a member of the primates.

Announcer: Pleased to meet you. You are today's last visitor.

Announcer: Please have a good time here.

Several minutes later...

Announcer: ……My apologies. Another 180 seconds are needed to complete the admission procedure.

Announcer: During that time, please enjoy a mock battle.

Announcer: Regulation: Senior Contracted Servants: Saber, Lancer, Archer

Announcer: Your score will not be recorded. Please feel free to enjoy it as you feel like.

Announcer: Booting Heroic Spirit Summoning System - Fate. We hope that you will have a good experience as a Master for these 180 seconds.


  1. Is there a plaintext version of the translation available? I want to throw this onto an epub so I can read it whenever, but copy+pasting each individual segment plus reactions to Gudao/ko's comments would be a major pain.

    1. there are none at the moment, but I will see if I can make a script that can do that

    2. That would be amazing, thank you!

    3. good news: I've got the text for Fuyuki, please PM our facebook page to get the file :P