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[English] Fuyuki 11-1-b

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Saber: ---Heh, it appears that my muscles too have become loose. To think that you would have stopped me right at the end.

Saber: I intend to protect the Grail, However I ended up losing due to your devoted tenacity.

Saber: It appears that in the end, no matter how fate changes, With only me the same fate would be met, huh.

Caster: Ha? What the heck does that mean? You, what do you hiding?

Saber: You'll find out eventually, Ireland's Child of Light.

Saber: That Grand Order - The fight revolving around the Holy Grail - Has only just begun.

Saber slowly faded away, leaving the party tons of questions unanswered

Caster: Oy, wait. What do you mean---Wooah!? What the, we're being forced back now!?

Caster: Tch, ain't happy but can't complain! , I'mma leave the rest to ya!

Caster: If we have the chance to meet again, Make sure you summon me as a Lancer!

With the same fashion, Caster also disappeared. The short but eventful contract with the Caster named CĂș Chulainn has come to an end.

Mashu: I have confirmed the disappearance of both Saber and Caster. ……Can I consider this as, our victory?

Dr. Roman: Yeah, nicely done Mashu, ! I'm sure the Chief is very plea……Wait, where's the Chief?

Olga Marie: The Court Ranking System - Grand Order. Why does that servant know that name……?

Chief Marie, your orders? ……Is something wrong?

Olga Marie: Eh……? Y, Yes. Well done, , Mashu.

Olga Marie: There are many unknown points, But with this, the mission's clear.

Olga Marie: Let's collect that crystal first. The reason behind Saber's change……

Olga Marie: And the cause of Fuyuki city becoming a singularity, Appears to be that after all.

Mashu: Yes, I shall do so imme---Wha!?

A man appeared right in front of the party. And to their surprises, the man was someone who they are too familiar with

???: My, to think that all of you managed to come this far. Not only was it not part of my plans, but it is not within my generous tolerance level.

???: The forty-eighth master candidate. It was a miss on my part for letting you go out of the pureness of my heart, Having thought you were a completely unlikely child.

Mashu: Professor Lev!?

Dr. Roman: Lev---!? Did you say Professor Lev!? He's there with you?

Lev: Mm? Is that voice Romani? You ended up surviving too, did you.

Lev: I had told you to come to the control room straight away. You didn't listen to my directions did you. Geez---

Lev: There's too many people are just pieces of junk who don't follow commands That the nausea just won't stop.

Lev: I wonder why do these things called humans stray from their determined fate?

Mashu: ---! Master, behind me……quickly!

Mashu: That person is dangerous……That, that isn't the same Professor we know!

Olga Marie: Lev……Ahh, Lev, Lev, you're alive Lev!

Olga Marie: I'm relieved, without you I, Didn't know how to protect Chaldea anymore!

Mashu: Chief……! Don't, that man is……!

Ignoring Mashu's warning, Olga ran up to Lev. She pretty much looked up to him and relied on him on almost everything, there's nothing that will go wrong now that Lev is here

Lev: Hey, Olga. I'm glad you seem fine. It must have been hard on you too.

Olga Marie: Yes, yes, it was Lev! The control room exploded, This whole town's all ruins, and we can't return to Chaldea!

Olga Marie: There are too many surprises that my head was going all weird! But that's all fine, with you here we'll manage right?

Olga Marie: I mean that's how it's always been. You'll save me this time too, right?

Lev: Yes, of course. There really were so many surprises that blood would go to your head.

Lev: But the most surprising of all is you, Olga. I had set the bomb right under your feet, so to think that you'd be alive.

Olga Marie: ---Eh? ……L, Lev? Uhm, what, do you mean, by that?

Lev: No, to say you're alive, would be wrong. You're already dead. Your body's been long gone I mean.

Lev: Trimegistus ended up being so nice to you, Transfering you who had turned into lingering thoughts to this land.

Lev: I mean, while alive you didn't have the aptitude to Leyshift did you? You can't transfer while you had a physical body.

Lev: Do you understand? With the advent of your dead, You finally obtained the aptitude you had yearned for so much.

Lev: That's why you can't go back to Chaldea. The moment you return to Chaldea, Your consciousness will disappear, after all.

Olga Marie: Eh……Eh? Disappear, me……? Hold on a minute……I can't go back……to Chaldea?

Lev: Indeed. But then that would be too pitiful.

Lev: For the sake of you, who had devoted your whole life to Chaldea, I shall at least show you what is happening to Chaldea right now.

Suddenly, the group found themselves near Chaldeas. It could be teleportation, or projection. One thing for sure, this Chaldeas was not the one back home, which has already been in ruins. This one, on the other hand, was completely fine, apart from one thing.

Olga Marie: Wha……What in the world? Chaldeas has turned completely red……?

Olga Marie: This is a joke, right? That's just a virtual image right, Lev?

Lev: It's the real deal. I connected space-time for you. Witht he Holy Grail you can do things like this after all.

Lev: Now, look closely, Animusphere's descendants. That is the fate of your foolishness.

Lev: There isn't a single shard of blue to show human life. All there is is a blazing red.

Lev: That is the result of this mission.

Lev: Aren't you glad, Marie? Yet again, Your incompetence caused this tragedy!

Olga Marie: Don't---Don't mess with me!

Olga Marie: It's not my responsibility, I haven't failed, I haven't died……!

Olga Marie: You, who the hell are you!? What in the world did you do to my Chaldeas……!

Lev: That is not your Chaldeas. Geez---You're one noisy girl right to the end aren't you.

Olga Marie: Wha……My body is floating into space---It's being pulled by something---

Lev: Didn't I tell you? That that's connected to Chaldea right now?

Lev: It's easy to kill you right now, but there's no beauty in that. Allow me to grant your wish at the end.

Lev: You may touch your treasure. What, consider it as compassion on my part.

Olga Marie: Wai---What are you talking about, Lev? By treasure you mean……Chaldea?

Olga Marie: No, stop. Please. I mean that's Chaldeas you know? It's a body of information densed together you know? It's a territory of another dimension you know?

Lev: Yes. It's no different to a blackhole. Or perhaps the Sun. Well, regardless.

Lev: It's the incarnation of hell that'd disassemble any person who touches it on the molecular level. Please, feel free to savour living death for an eternity.

Olga Marie: No---No, no, help, somebody help! I……I, I don't want to die in a place like this!

Olga Marie: I haven't been praised yet……! No one, no one has acknowledged me yet……!

Olga Marie: Why!? Why does this always happen!?

Olga Marie: No one would appreciate me! Everyone hated me!

Olga Marie: No, please, nonononononono……! I mean I haven't done anything yet!

Olga Marie: Since I was born, not even once Did anyone acknowledge me---!

Chief……! ……We won't make it, anymore……

Marie was pulled straight into Chaldeas. She tried to resist it but it was futile. She disappeared, leaving no trace of her behind. The girl called Olga Marie, is no more.

: ……!

Mashu: It's no good. Don't go, sempai……! If you come any closer to that man, you'll meet the same fate!

Lev: Oh? To be able to tell that I'm a fundamentally different organism. I suppose it's to be expected from a demi-servant.

Lev: Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Lev Reinol Flauros.

Lev: I am in charge of 2015, here to deal with you humanity.

Lev: You're listening aren't you, Doctor Romani? As school friends who had studied sorcery together, I shall give you one final piece of advice.

Lev: Chaldea is finished. You humans have, from this point onwards, been destroyed.

Dr. Roman: ……Professor Lev. No, Lev Reinol.

Dr. Roman: What do you mean by that. Does it have any relation with how we cannot see 2016?

Lev: It's no relation. It's the truth that it's already over.

Lev: When you couldn't see the future anymore, you all babbled about how "The future disappeared" didn't you? That was a truly hopeful observation.

Lev: The future didn't disappear. It was incinerated. From the moment that Chaldeas was dyed deep red.

Lev: The end has been determined. The era all of you belong to no longer exists.

Lev: Chaldea is probably being protected by Chaldeas' magnetic field, But outside, it's probably met the same end as what you see here in Fuyuki.

Dr. Roman: ……Is that so.

Dr. Roman: So the reason why we could not contact the outside world wasn't because of a transmission fault, But that anyone who could have received our calls have been erased.

Lev: Heh, smart as always. It's regrettable that I didn't kill you first.

Lev: But that too is futile resistance. Once the time within Chaldea progresses past 2015, it too will vanish from this world.

Lev: There is no longer anyone who can change this fate. For this is a denial of humanity caused by human history itself.

Lev: You do not reah a deadend in evolution and degenerate, Nor do you fall from conflict with another race.

Lev: But your own meaninglessness! Because of your own incompetence! Because you have lost favour with our King!

Lev: You'll burn without a trace, Like the worthless paper scraps you are!

Lev: Oops. guess this singularity's almost at it's limit.

Lev: ……That Saber. If she had quietly obeyed, I would have let her live.

Lev: But she caused me unecessary trouble, trying to maintain this era even though I gave her the Holy Grail.

Lev: Well then, farewell, Romani. As well as Mashu, and the 48th candidate.

Lev: Despite appearances I have more work to do. I'll have to stop enjoying your ends here.

Lev: Be swallowed by the distortions of space-time. But I'm no monster. I'll let least allow any final prayers.

The cave started to shake violently, showing signs that it was going to collapse at any moment.

Mashu: The underground cave is collapsing……! No, more importantly this space isn't stable!

Mashu: Doctor! Emergency Leyshift!

Mashu: If this goes on, not just me, But even Sempai……!

Dr. Roman: I know, I'm already on it! But sorry, the destruction on your end might be quicker!

Dr. Roman: When that time comes, just give up and do something on your end! They say that you can survive without special equipment for ten or so seconds after all!

Mashu: Sorry, please shut up Doctor! I can feel that I'm losing my cool out of rage!

Dr. Roman: Either way just hold on to your consciousness! As long as you don't lose your essence I can at least salv---

The shaking got even more intense. The time remaining could only be counted by miliseconds.

Mashu: ! We won't make it!

Mashu, this way! Even if it's just her……!

Mashu: Sempai, your hand……!

Suddenly everything went white. The next thing our knows is a strange woman's voice. woke up, and found in a familiar place. It was back home, at Chaldea.

???: You've been a very good boy! Wanna eat something? Fruits? Or maybe fish?

???: Mm...I can't tell if it's a cat or squirrel. But whatever, it's cute!

Four: Foou~…… Nkyu, Kyuuu……

???: Mm? Oh, our favourite's woken up eh. Nice, nice. That truly is what being a protagonist is all about.

???: Hello, good morning, . Have you come to your senses?

This is……? You are……?

???: Hmm, guess your cognitive capabilities aren't back yet huh. This is the first time we've spoken in person isn't it.

???: What? You're surprised that there's a stunning woman here when you woke up? I get you, I get you. But get used to it.

Da Vinci: I'm Da Vinci. I'm an ally of Chaldea. Or rather, Summoned Heroic Spirit No.3, or something?

Da Vinci: Either way, we'll leave the talking to later. There are people waiting for you, So go to the control room.

People waiting……? The doctor……?

Da Vinci: Roman? Well, Roman's waiting, But who cares about him.

Da Vinci: Geez, there's another more important girl isn't there! Your protag senses still aren't up to scratch are they.

Four: Fou, fou!.

Da Vinci: See, even he agrees. It's about time you stand, .

Da Vinci: This'll be a story revolving around you from here on out. It'll probably be your choices that will save us.

Da Vinci: Just like the countless heroes who saved humanity But were not carved into history.

Da Vinci: Not as a hero, but as a normal person, your role is this fight, That would determine the path of this world.

walked down the hallway, and found Mashu.

Mashu: Good morning, Sempai. I'm glad you're safe.

Good morning. Thank you, Mashu. Good morning. Looks like we were saved doesn't it, Mashu.

Mashu: I should be the one to say thanks. Because you were there I managed to maintain my consciousness.

Mashu: Yes. It's all thanks to being able to hold your hand. I feel like I want to believe in the proverb "What happens twice will happen thrice"

Dr. Roman: Ahem. It's all well and good celebrating your reunion, But I'd appreciate it if you'd pay attention to me here.

Dr. Roman: Firstly, congrats on returning alive, . And good work, completing the mission.

Dr. Roman: Everything ended up being pushed onto you bit by bit, But you gallantly took this situation on, and overcame it.

Dr. Roman: For that, you have respect and gratitude fromm the depths of my heart. Thanks to you, both Mashu and Chaldea have been saved.

Dr. Roman: What happened to the Chief is a shame……but we don't have the time to hold a funeral for her. The most we can do would be to grieve.

……………。 I'm alive, so the Chief too, should……

Dr. Roman: ……

Dr. Roman: Listen to me . We will protect humanity in the Chief's stead. That will be our tribute to her.

Dr. Roman: I've received Mashu's report. The crystal object that was called the Holy Grail, and Lev's mannerisms.

Dr. Roman: Considering the situation that Chaldeas is in, Lev speaks the truth. We have no contact with the outside world.

Dr. Roman: The staff that had gone out from Chaldea aren't coming back. ……I fear that humanity has already fallen.

Dr. Roman: The only one that isn't on a standard time axis would be Chaldea. I suppose you could say……That it's stopped it's tracks in a history just before destruction.

Dr. Roman: You could think of it as a colony that's floating in outer space. The world outside is a dead world. Until we break this situation down, at least.

Can we break it down? ……Do you have a plan?

Dr. Roman: Of course. Before that, I want you to look at this. I tried scanning with a rebooted SHIVA.

Dr. Roman: Not the Earth of the future, but of the past. Thanks to the both of you, the singularity in Fuyuki has vanished.

Dr. Roman: We hypothesise that the fact that, despite that, the future hasn't changed, Means that there are other causes to it.

Dr. Roman: The result of that hypothesis is---

Dr. Roman showed the Chaldeas, it was not the one in deep red that killed Marie, but a Chaldea that hasn't been seen before.

Dr. Roman: This crazy world map. A newly discovered disturbance in space-time That Fuyuki's pales in comparison to.

Dr. Roman: They say often that if you change the past the future will change, But a slight change here and there in the past won't transform the future.

Dr. Roman: History has this restorative power, you see. While you may save one or two people,

Dr. Roman: The end that the era would meet--- That conclusive result alone is made to not change.

Dr. Roman: But the singularities from here onwards are different. These are the turning points of humanity.

Dr. Roman: "If this war did not end" "If this voyage did not succeed"

Dr. Roman: "If this invention failed" "If this country did not gain independance"

Dr. Roman: The ultimate points like those where decisions that define the humanity of today were made.

Dr. Roman: For those to be destroyed would be the same as the every foundations of human history being destroyed. These seven singularities are precisely that.

Dr. Roman: The moment these singularities were formed, the future was determined. As Lev said, 2016 won't come to humanity.

Dr. Roman: ---But, that isn't the case for us, only us. Chaldea has yet to reach that future after all.

Dr. Roman: Do you understand? We're the only ones who can fix this mistake. We have the chance right now to fix the singularities that are being destroyed as we speak, and bring them back to normal.

Roman paused for a moment, as if to let the responsibility of saving humanity sunk into our , and probably into himself too.

Dr. Roman: In conclusion...

Dr. Roman: Leyshift to these seven singularities, And return history into it's correct form.

Dr. Roman: That is the sole method to save humanity. But the power we possess is too little.

Dr. Roman: Besides you, all Master candidates have been frozen. The only servant we possess is Mashu.

Dr. Roman: I understand that speaking to you in this situation is close to forcing you. But even so I have no choice but to say it like this.

Dr. Roman: Master candidate No.48, .

Dr. Roman: If you want to save humanity. If you want to bring back the future from 2016 onwards.

Dr. Roman: From now on you will have to Fight alone against these seven human histories.

Dr. Roman: Do you have the resolve to do that? Do you have the power to shoulder Chaldea's as well as humanity's future?

Of course. ……If it's something I can do.

Dr. Roman: ---Thank you. Our fate have been determined by those words.

Dr. Roman: From now onwards, we will carry out the orders to preserve humanity, as planned out by former Chief of Chaldea, Olga Marie Animusphere.

Dr. Roman: Our objective is the protection, as well as recovery of human history. The subject of our search are each time period, As well as the holy relic, The Holy Grail, which is thought to be the cause.

Dr. Roman: The enemy we should be fighting is history itself. The ones who will stand in your way are the many heroic spirits and legends.

Dr. Roman: This will be a challenge, and at the same time blasphemy for pointing our blades at the past. For we will be standing up against human history in order to protect humanity.

Dr. Roman: But in order to survive we have no other choice. No, in order to take back our future we have no other choice.

Dr. Roman: ……Regardless of what fate may await us.

Dr. Roman: With that determination in our hearts, I will change our strategy name from First Order.

Dr. Roman: This is Chaldea's last and original mission. The Humanity Safeguard Designation - GO, Grand Order.

Dr. Roman: Through the greatest mission in the magic world, We will take back the future!


  1. Ok! Thanks for this! I would not have understood a thing if it were not for you guys!

  2. Ok! Thanks for this! I would not have understood a thing if it were not for you guys!

  3. ... So sad. Olga Marie ;_; We'll avenge you!
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