Sunday, March 6, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 11-1-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Olga Marie: So this is the Greater Grail……Isn't that an exceptionally advanced magecraft reactor core…… Why would an island in the Far East have something like this……!?

Dr. Roman: According to the data, it was apparently created by a distinguished family of alchemists known as the Einzberns.

Dr. Roman: It appears they are a clan that does not align themselves with the Magi Association, Who create homunculi - artificial humans.

Caster: Sorry, but the friendly banter ends here. The buggers noticed us.

Saber: ---.

Mashu: ……That powerful prana burst…… Is that, really King Arthur……?

Dr. Roman: There's no doubt about it. It appears that there's some alteration, But she's the King of Britain, the Holy Sword user Arthur.

Dr. Roman: The sex is different to the legends, But she probably had some reason for crossdressing in Camelot.

Dr. Roman: I mean, you can't gain the throne unless you were a boy, right? She must have been forced to act as a boy because of familial circumstances, I'm sure.

Dr. Roman: Must have been the court magician's guile. This was also mentioned in lore, but Merlin was one hell of a prankster.

Mashu: Eh……? Oh, you're right. He's a she isn't she? I thought it was a man.

Caster: She might look flashy, but don't underestimate her. That isn't muscle, but a monster of exponential power.

Caster: Each and every hit is just crazily heavy. If you let up, the top half of your body will be blown off.

Mashu: It's as though she's a rocket personified, isn't it? ……I understand. I will intercept with all my strength.

Caster: Cool. Once we defeat her, the anormaly in this town will disappear. You got me? [#Both her and I won't be an exception].

Caster: After that'll be your job. I have no clue what'll happen, But make sure you do what you can and do it well.

Saber: ---Oh? You have an interesting servant there.

Caster: Whut!? You could speak!? You mean you've just been silent all this while!?

Saber: Indeed. There is little point in speaking when everything can be seen. Thus I gave it my all to become a scarecrow.

Saber: However---Interesting. That Noble Phantasm is interesting.

Saber: Take your stance, woman whose name I know not. Let this sword determine if your defence is true!

Mashu: Here she comes---Master!

Yeah, let's fight! Yeah, as if we'd lose!

Mashu: Yes! Mashu Kyrielite, commencing battle!

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