Sunday, March 6, 2016

[English] Fuyuki 10-3-a

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

Caster: We're almost at the Greater Grail. This will be the last chance to rest, so do you have anything left to do?

Of course, I'm all set. Is it okay if we just quickly go back to base?

Caster: Well that's promising. I don't hate Masters who know when to show resolve.

Caster: You're still wet behind the ears, But you have the most important things that voyagers need.

Caster: The luck to grasp fate, and the decisiveness to face it.

Caster: Don't go forgetting that foolhardiness yeah? The thing called the blessings of the stars are only granted to people like that.

Caster: Yeah, if you've got things worrying, shuffle your asses back. We're entering enemy territory here, so you'd better make sure you've everything.

Olga Marie: What are you talking about. Regardless if we're moving forward or going back, don't we need to rest first?

Olga Marie: Doctor, are you really doing a proper check on our vitals? 's face is looking paler than usual?

Dr. Roman: Eh!? Uhh……Hm, this really is pretty bad. It was a sudden servant contract after all……

Dr. Roman: The unused magic circuits are working full throttle, And it's putting a lot of pressure on the brain.

Dr. Roman: Mashu, prepare a camp. This is a cue for a nice warm cup of tea with plenty of honey.

Mashu: Understood, doctor. I too agree that it's time for tea.

Caster: Oh? Last meal before the showdown eh? That case Imma hunt a boar or something.

Olga Marie: There isn't an animal like there, is there. Besides, cut down on the meat. If you want to, have some fruits instead.

Having said that, Marie took out a bag of dry fruits and some cofee. The party sat down and took some rest

Mashu: ……I'm satisfied. To think that the chief kept dry fruits hidden on her being, I'm once again astonished by that meticulousness.

Olga Marie: I only just happened to have it on hand is all. Citruses work well on headaches you know. More importantly---

Olga Marie: ………… …………………………

……Uhm, what's that, chief? ……Would you like more, chief?

Olga Marie: One cup is enough! And do remember that I prefer coffee over tea!

Olga Marie: N, no, that's not that. That's not what I mean……Ah geez!

Olga Marie: I'll give the work so far a passing mark. As the chief of Chaldea, I acknowledge your achievements.

Olga Marie: ……Hmph. What's with that face. It's probably all just a fluke, but right now there's no one but you.

Olga Marie: It's just that if you keep things up, there's no problem with praising you. I've understood that even a third rate can do work for more qualified people after all.

Dr. Roman: Wow. To have acknowledged as qualified! Did you eat something sweet?

Olga Marie: Romani. If you have time to spout nonsense, Send some supplies to .

Olga Marie: Isn't it just painful to watch pushing self so hard, but failing because of inadequate equipment?

Dr. Roman: Oh? 'Painful'? How kind. Don't tell me that this means, that the Chief's heart has finally melted from it's icy shell?

Olga Marie: You idi……! I, I mean it's pitiful to watch! You can't even understand that!?

Dr. Roman: Maan, no matter how many times you witness the interactions between a boy and girl, it's always a wonderous sight isn't it. It's a bit weird calling the Chief a girl though.

Mashu: Really? It's true that the Chief is older than us, But I feel something intimate in her preferences. I can feel deep affection from them.

Olga Marie: What are you saying!? Haven't I said all of you are just my tools!?

???: ---(Yep yep)

Olga Marie: See look, even this blackish, monstrous looking thing Is agreeing!

It took her seconds to realize her mistake.

Olga Marie: Eh---Eeeeeeeeek!? Mashu, eliminate it quickly! I'm going to be eaten, I'm going to be eaten!

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