Thursday, March 17, 2016

[English] Fuyuki Prologue b

Translator: Faker
Editor: Aister

???: Four……? Kyu……Kyu?

???: Four! Fuu, Four!

……That the cry of some animal……? ……It kinda felt like my cheeck was being licked just now……

Our vistor opened eyes, and found a girl standing infront of .

???: .......

???: ………………………Uhm, It's neither morning or night time, so please wake up, Sempai.

You are……? This is……?

???: That was a hard question right off the bat, so I'll pass on answering. I'm not someone whose name is worth mentioning---I guess?

???: No, I do have a name. I do have a proper name.

???: But I've rarely had the chance to use it…… So like, I can't really make an impressionable self-introduction or something……

???: Ah, that's a simple question. Thank goodness.

???: This is the corridor leading from the front gate to the central control room. In sketchy terms, this is the front of Chaldea's front gate.

???: Ahem. Either way, is that all, Sempai?

???: It appears you were resting, but to have a reason for sleeping in the corridor is a bit…… Are you one of those people who cannot sleep unless their bed is hard?

I was sleeping here? Yes, actually. If it's not tatami, I'm actually……

???: Yes, and soundly at that. Sleep that's sound enough for me to want to put it into a textbook.

???: The Japanese carpet, was it? I've heard of it. I see……I see.

???: Four! Kyu, Kyuu~!

???: ……I forgot. We've yet to introduce you haven't we, Four.

???: This squirrel-like one is Four. He's a Very Important Creature that freely strolls through the halls of Chaldea.

???: I was called here by Four, And found you resting.

Four: Four. Nkyu, fou!

Four jumped off Mashu's arm, and ran off to somewhere.

???: ……He's run off somewhere again. In this way, he walks around whenever he pleases.

……That's an animal I've never seen before…… ……That's one mysterious creature isn't it.

???: Yes, he doesn't approach anyone but me, But he seems to have gotten a liking for you.

???: Congratulations. This is the birth of Chaldea's second attendant of Four.

???: Ah, that's where you were, Mashu. That's no good, you have to make sure you get permission before you move……

???: Oops, looks like there was someone here already. You're……I see, you're a newbie whose been assigned here today aren't you.

Lev: I'm Lev Reinol. I'm one of the technicians working here.

Lev: And you're……?

Lev: Hm, you say. So you're the last of the 48 candidates invited here.

Lev: Welcome to Chaldea.

Lev: Seems like it was an open recruitment, but how long was the training period? A year? Half a year? Or was it the shortest three months?

……I'll leave it to your imagination. No, I'm not doing any training.

Lev: Oh? Your competitive spirit's already awakened has it? Planning to hide info from your rivals then?

Mashu: Professor Lev. 's traning period is on a level of several hours. I believe he's just shy.

Lev: My. That's……I see, there was a public spot for emergency recruitment to fill up the numbers wasn't there.

Lev: Oh? So you're a complete amateur then, are you?

Lev: Ah……Now that you mention it, wasn't there a normal slot for filling up the numbers?

Lev: So you're one of them huh. My apologies. That was inconsiderate of me.

Lev: But please don't be pessimistic just because you got a normal slot. The upcoming mission needs all of you.

Lev: 38 people from noble magi families, and 10 civilians with potetial…… We somehow managed to gather 48 master candidates.

Lev: This is a jovial thing. The ones gathered here are all the people who have the aptitude to quantum spirit dive in 2015 after all.

Lev: If you have anything you need help with, please feel free to ask either me or Mashu……Oh?

Lev: Actually, what are you talking to about, Mashu? That really isn't like you. Were you acquainted with him previously?

Mashu: No, this is the first time. He was sleeping in this block, so we just happened to meet.

Lev: Sleeping soundly? ? Here?

Lev: Ah, don't tell me you took the simulation when you were admitted? If you aren't used to spirit quantum dives, you'll go dizzy.

Lev: You probably walked here after being released by the gate while your outer consciousness still hasn't awoken.

Lev: It's a form of sleepwalking. Mashu probably called out just as collasped.

Lev: From what I can see there's no problems, but there's always that possibility. I'd like to send you off to the infirmary, but……

Lev: Sorry, try and endure for a bit more. The succeeding chief's briefing is starting. You'll need to attend quickly too.

Chief……? Briefing……?

Lev: The chief's the chief. The one responsible for Chaldea, and commander for any missions we have.

Lev: You are a newbie who did come here through public routes, But don't tell me that you didn't read the pamphlet?

Mashu: Seems like it. The chief's profile isn't publicly available after all.

Mashu: There's no point of contact between the Chief and Sempai. The only ones who respect the Animusphere name now are magi whose families have been around for over a hundred years.

Lev: That's true. Well, whether knows the Chief or not Doesn't affect [&his:her] responsibilities as a Master, so there's no problem.

Lev: But it's not good to be noticed for trivial things. If you want a peaceful workplace here, you should hurry.

Lev: The briefing will be in five minutes at the central control room. A just little performance for you New Age lot.

Mashu: Yes. It's a form of greeting to all Master candidates who, like you, -san, were assigned here today.

Lev: Pretty much, this is tutorial number one from the organisation's boss to all the restless newbies.

Lev: The chief's the kind that'd not forgive the slightest fault after all. If you make a mistake, you'll have eyes on you for a year.

Lev: The briefing will start in five minutes in the central control room. Head straight through this corridor. Hurry up.

Mashu: Professor Lev. Am I allowed to attend the briefing?

Lev: Mm? Well, if you stand in the corner I'm pretty sure they'd look the other way……Why?

Mashu: I just thought that I should guide him to the control room. I wouldn't be surprised if he fell asleep again on the way there.

Lev: ……And if I leave you to it you'll be scolded by the Chief huh…… Meaning that ultimately I'll be attending too.

Lev: Well, if Mashu wants to do that then do so. Are you fine with that, ?

Lev: If there's no other questions you need answered, we'll start heading to the control room. Do you have anything else you want to ask while we have the time?

No questions. By the way, why does she call me Senpai?

Lev: Alright. That case let's go. Straighten your posture, but keep yourself nerves relaxed.

Mashu: ……………..

Lev: Oh, don’t worry about that. For a girl like her, any old person around your age would definitely be considered a senpai.

Lev: Though, you’re right, that certainly -is- strange. Ah, but perhaps this is the only time she’s done it?

Lev: I’m starting to wonder myself too. Hey, Mashu. Why do you call that senpai?

Mashu: A...reason? -san seems like the best person out of all the people I’ve met in here up to now.

Lev: I see. And that means?

Mashu: I truly feel no threat from them. In other words, they have no hostile motives whatsoever.

Lev: I see, that’s very important! After all, a lot of people who come into Chaldea are pretty fishy!

Lev: I agree with Mashu’s assessment myself though. Ol’ will get along great here!

Mashu: ...anyone Professor Lev likes is the type of person the chief will hate, though.

Mashu: ……… At this point, what do you say to hiding yourself in the toilet and boycotting the meeting?

Lev: That would probably just help grab the chief’s attention. At this point you might as well resign yourself and leave it up to fate.

Lev: Just try jumping into the lion’s den, . Hey, she’s a charming enough person if you get used to it all.

Mashu and the visitor quickly walked to the control room.

Mashu: This is the central control room. Senpai, your number is...based on this, you have a front row seat.

Mashu: Please head to the open spot in the front row. ...Senpai? Is your face losing color?

Sorry, my head is still a little foggy... sleepy...

Mashu: It must still be simulator after-effects. I’ll accompany you to doctor straightaway...

???: ………………。

Lev: We better stop the chitchat. Look, things are already starting.

After a brief moment to settle things up, the woman started to speak.

???: Tardiness aside, it seems all members are now present.

Olga Marie: The secret organization Chaldea welcomes you all. I am chief Olga Marie Animusphere.

Olga Marie: You all have been chosen from around the globe, in some cases rare finds---

Suddenly, everything went black. Our visitor has fallen asleep, at probably the worst time ever. The next thing was already in the hallway.

Mashu: …...are you all right, Senpai?

…..whoops. ……..did I fall asleep?

Mashu: Yes. Your sleep was something sort of like...REM sleep, somehow.

Mashu: Anyways, the chief’s slap is the best wake-up call around.

Mashu: Senpai, as you’ve been dismissed from the first mission, right now I’m to guide you to your room---kyaa!?

Four: Four!

Four charged at Mashu at a very high speed, aiming right at her face.

Your face, that squirrel is….! That’s dangerous…!

Mashu: N, no, this happens all the time, nothing to worry about.

Mashu: Four-san’s surprise attacks on my face always finish with him wrapping around my back and calming down on my shoulder.

You’ve gotten used to it, then. Wait, are you his godparent or something?

Mashu: Yes. After all, it’s been a year since Four-san’s settled down here in Chaldea.

Mashu: Of course. For no particular reason, I have an intuition for what Four-san is saying.

Mashu: However, seeing that is pretty impressive, Senpai. You have good intuition as well.

Four: Four! Kuu, Fooour! Foooour!

Mashu: …...there, there. It seems as if Four-san wants to help show you around too, senpai...

Mashu: But, a squirrel-like animal can’t really rival humans...

Rival? Can you elaborate

Mashu: Well, it’s Four-san, so he might be forgotten tomorrow. Things like that.

Mashu: Actually, we’ve already arrived at our destination. This will be your working quarters from now on, senpai.

….I see. Thank you for everything up to now. Mashu, what team are you on?

Mashu: It was nothing. If you request it, senpai, I’ll even do things like bringing you lunch if you want.

Mashu: I will be on Team A on the first mission. There will be no turning back in our case.

Four: Kyuu...Kyu!

Mashu: Four-san will be watching over you too, senpai. From here on you’ll be in good hands.

Mashu: Well, this is as far as I go. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll be able to meet again.

Mashu walked off. However, was not left alone for so long.

???: Yeeees, I’m coming---eh, ueeeeeee!? Who’re you!?

???: This is an open room, it’s my truancy spot, isn’t it!? Shouldn’t you warn a guy before coming in!?

I was just guided to my room here... What type of person are you...

???: Your room? Here? Ah-....right, finally, the last of those kids showed up...

???: What type of person? No matter where and how you look at it, I’m obviously a doctor!

???: Well, pleased to meet you, . That was an unexpected meeting, so I’ll introduce myself again.

Dr. Roman: I’m the head of the medical division, Romani Akkiman. For some reason everyone just calls me Dr. Roman, though.

Dr. Roman: Well, I say that, but you can feel free to call me Roman too if you like.

Dr. Roman: Really, Roman has a nice ring to it. Somehow it’s got this sort of sweet, cool, careless feeling.

Nice to meet you too, doctor. …..ah, so fluffy…..

Dr. Roman: Yep, likewise. I’m looking forwards to working with you.

Dr. Roman: Fluffy? Oh, my hair? I never have time, so I do it accordingly.

Four: …………。

Dr. Roman: Huh? That thing on your shoulder, could it be the rumored mystery creature here? Uwaa, it’s my first time seeing it!

Dr. Roman: I’ve heard all about him from Mashu, he honestly seems rather spoiled...well, it seems to have tamed him, anyways.

Dr. Roman: Here, shake. If you do it well I’ve got a treat for you.

Four: ………….Fuu.

Dr. Roman: O, oi. Just now, I saw something like an awfully pitying look in his eyes when he ignored me...

Dr. Roman: A, anyways, let’s talk about some things.

Dr. Roman: You just got here today, and yet you’ve already drawn the wrath of the gods from the chief?

Dr. Roman: In that case you’re just like me. To be honest, I always have to look out for the chief scolding me too.

Dr. Roman: You know the rayshift experiment is starting soon, right? All the other staffs are out there on site.

Dr. Roman: But my job happens to be everyone’s healthcare. Frankly, I never really have to do much.

Dr. Roman: The mages climb into their coffins, and a machine accurately does a vitals check on them.

Dr. Roman: So the chief said “When Roman is on-site, the entire atmosphere itself slacks off!” and drove me out, and I ended up sulking here.

Dr. Roman: But, then you showed up. By the hells, it was like getting an email friend to deal with my loneliness.

Dr. Roman: Fellow idle friend, here we can relax and chat and bond!

Indeed. In what was my room to start. But I’m not really lonely.

Dr. Roman: Yep. We could say I’m just dropping in at a friend’s room! Yahoo, new friend acquired!

Dr. Roman:’re just a newbie here and you already have friends...what community bonding powers….! Lucky!

Our visitor and Dr. Roman started chit chatting for some time.

Dr. Roman: …...well, and that’s Chaldea’s architecture. It’s built 6000 meters above sea level with basement workshops in these snowy mountains….

Lev: Romani, the rayshift experiment is starting soon. Is there any chance you could come here to help with the preparations?

Lev: Team A’s status is normal, but from Team B downwards some people are having trouble settling in.

Lev: This is likely because of anxiety for things to come. The insides of the coffins are like cockpits, after all.

Dr. Roman: Hey, Lev. That’s unfortunate. I’ll go to give them a little anesthetic.

Lev: Ah, you should hurry. You’re in the doctor’s office right now, right? You should be able to arrive from there in about two minutes.

This isn’t a doctor’s officer, is it? ….more like, from where he’s hidden from work….

Dr. Roman: …...awawa…...I didn’t want you to say that….well, from here it’ll take about five minutes...

Dr. Roman: Well, it’ll be fine if I’m a little late. Team A is doing fine.

Dr. Roman: Ah, the man just now is called Lev Reynolds.

Dr. Roman: He was the mage who created the telescope for observing the pseudo global environmental model Chaldeas---the future-observing lens, Shiva.

Dr. Roman: Shiva isn’t just Chaldeas’ observation system. Almost all of this facility is observed as well and can be projected to monitors.

Dr. Roman: On that topic, the one who shouldered most of the burden for the heart of rayshifting, by constructing the summoning system, was the last chief.

Dr. Roman: That theory was implemented with Pseudo Heroic Spirit Calculatior...basically a supercomputer, supported by the Atlas house.

Dr. Roman: Looking at it this way, we truly do have a massive collection of talent here for this mission.

Dr. Roman: Well, having common physicians like me here too can’t really be helped.

Dr. Roman: Thanks for putting up with my rambling, .

Dr. Roman: When things calm down, come visit me in my office. This time I’ve got some great cake we can feast on.

Suddenly, everything went black. And no, it's not that our visitor fell asleep again. It was a blackout.

Dr. Roman: Huh? The light went out, what---

Almost immediately after the blackout, the alarm rang, filling the pitch black darkness with flashing red lights.

Announcement: Emergency. Emergency. A fire has started in the central power plant and central control room.

Announcement: The central division bulkhead will be closing in 90 seconds. All personnel, please quickly evacuate from the second gate.

Announcement: I repeat. A fire has started in the central power plant and central---

Dr. Roman: Was that an explosion just now!? What the hell just happened….!?

Dr. Roman: Monitor, project the control room! Is everyone safe!?

The monitor displayed the control room. It was a big mess, like there was a bomb that exploded there.

… horrible…. ….the control room, what about that girl, Mashu…..?

Dr. Roman: That is----

Dr. Roman: , find shelter immediately. I’m going to the control room.

Dr. Roman: The bulkhead will be closing soon. Before that happens, you need to get out of here!

Four: ……………

To escape now would be... Understood. We’ll go to help Mashu!

Four: Four!

The visitor, together with Four, followed Dr. Roman to the control room.

Dr. Roman: Oi, what are you doing!? You’re going the wrong way, the second gate is in the opposite direction, you know!?

Dr. Roman: You can’t seriously be thinking of following me!? An extra set of hands could help save others but...

Dr. Roman: Gaaah, we don’t have time to argue about this! Turn around before the bulkhead closes!

When they reached the control room, Dr. Roman did a quick scan of the surrounding, trying to find some signs of life.

Dr. Roman: …………….no survivors in here. Only Chaldeas is safe.

Dr. Roman: It seems like this was where the explosion originated. This was no accident. It has to be sabotage.

Announcement: Suspension of the power department confirmed. Power generation insufficient.

Announcement: Automatic switching to reserve power currently impossible. Personnel, please manually change the power source.

Announcement: The bulkhead will be closing in 40 seconds. All remaining personally please quickly---

Dr. Roman: …...I’ll go to the basement power plant. Right now, stopping Chaldea’s fire is impossible.

Dr. Roman: You need to hurry and turn back. You can still get out at the last moment.

Dr. Roman: It’s fine, don’t go out of your way for this! You can get out and wait for help from outside!

: ………………。

Announcement:Transferring to the final stage of the rayshift system. Coordinates 2004 AD, January 30, Fuyuki, Japan.

Announcement: Materializing Laplace’s transfer protection. Guaranteeing additional singularity factor frame.

Announcement: Unsummon program set. Masters, please enter final adjustments.

……..this is absurd. I need to hurry and turn…. ……I should search for survivors until the last minute….

Suddenly, there was a sound coming from behind the visitor. turned around and found Mashu, in a critical state.

: ……!

Mashu: ………………..ah.

………..I’ll definitely save you now……! ………..(that’s already….)

Mashu: ………’s...fine……….please do not save me now. More importantly, you need to hurry and escape.

Mashu: …………yes. You understand quickly, you’ll be saved. So, -san, hurry, escape.

All of a sudden, Chaldeas emitted a strange sound and changed color.

: !?

Mashu: Ah…….

Announcement: Warning to all observing staff. Chaldeas’ current status is changing.

Announcement: Shiva’s observed near future data is being overwritten.

Announcement: Detecting no traces of humanity on Earth in the next hundred years.

Announcement: Unable to confirm humanity’s survival. Humanity’s future is not guaranteed.

Mashu: Chaldeas’ is….becoming, deep red….no, that’s---

The bulkhead closed down, completely sealed off the two from the outside world.

Announcement: Center bulkhead sealed. Beginning cleansing of internal structure in 180 seconds.

Mashu: …...the bulkhead, has shut. ….it’s already, too late.

…..yes, it seems so. Stuck here together. ….we’ll manage somehow.

Mashu: ……………。

Announcement: Unable to access values of vitals of coffin Masters.

Announcement: Unable to reach minimum persons required for rayshift. Seeking eligible masters...eligible masters discovered.

Announcement: Reestablishing with Number 48 as a Master.

Announcement: Unsummon program start. Beginning Heroic Spirit conversion.

Mashu: ……………………..sen, pai.

Mashu: Is it ok, if I hold, your hand?

Announcement: Rayshift beginning in 3

Announcement: 2

Announcement: 1

Announcement: Entire process clear. Beginning First Order demonstration.