Thursday, March 17, 2016

[English] Orleans 2-1-a

Translator: Sajyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

Mashu: This is...horrible...

The party walked around the castle, it was completely in ruins.

Dr. Roman: Everything inside has been destroyed, huh...the outer walls may look relatively unharmed, but we can't really call this much of a fortress anymore.

Is this because of the war? It's full of injured soldiers

Mashu:, that is unlikely.

Mashu: Indeed. And yet, it shouldn't be because of the war.

Mashu: In the year 1431, the France side's Charles VII and the English side's Philip III signed an armistice treaty.

Note: This is historically incorrect. For more info

Mashu: Of course, though, some skirmishes might still be going on.

Mashu walked towards a group of soldiers

Soldier: Ahh....!? M, more are coming!

Mashu: Bonjour. We're just travelers.

Mashu: Good sirs, we mean you no harm. Please lay down your arms, monsieur.

Soldier: You're not...the enemy...?

Dr. Roman: Hrm. That went surprisingly well. I wonder if he's just regained his senses, or--

Dr. Roman: Perhaps, he's lost his will to fight...?

Mashu: Has Charles VII not yet signed an armistice treaty?

Soldier: King Charles? Haven't you heard?

Soldier: The king is dead. Burnt to death in the witch's flames.

Mashu: ...Dead...? In the witch's...flames....?

Soldier: It was "Jeanne D'arc". That woman is the "dragon witch" who rose from the dead.

Soldier: England has long since retreated. But for us, though, where can we escape to?

Soldier: This was my hometown, damn it, and yet I wasn't able to do anything.

Mashu: Jeanne D'arc, a witch...?

Jeanne D'arc? ...

Mashu: The patriot and saint Jeanne D'arc. She's a world famous hero.

Mashu: Near the end of the Hundred Years' War, she was a woman who rose up to save France from being conquered.

Mashu: At the age of 17, she first stood up for France's sake, and in a single year she successfully recaptured Orleans...

Mashu: England's army eventually captured her, put her on trial for heresy, and burned her at the stake. 

Mashu: ...I hear that from the time she was imprisoned until her execution, she underwent horrible tortures and humiliations day after day.

Mashu: The English claimed that she was not a saint, but a heretic.

Mashu: Because of that, she was put through all manners of tortures, to make her say "I do not hear the voice of God."

Mashu: However, even until her last moments, the girl's heart remained unbroken. Even as she burned, she would not surrender her prayers.

Mashu: After that, attempts to restore her honor were made, and four hundred years later she was officially canonized as a saint.

Mashu: A powerless girl whose thoughts managed to change the world --- because of this, Jeanne D'arc would be a top-tier Heroic Spirit.

Suddenly there were growling from afar.

Soldier: ...ah! They're coming! They're coming again!

Dr. Roman: Be careful! I'm picking up a magical response!

Dr. Roman: It's a small power, so they might just be using a human body as a familiar...probably skeleton soldiers.

Dr. Roman: This is different from the last fight. Go wild and crush them, you two!

Mashu: Understood. Your orders, Master! I'll smash them to splinters!

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