Thursday, March 17, 2016

[English] Orleans 2-2-a

Translator: Sajyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

Mashu: …phew. Good work.

Soldier: Hey, you guys aren’t half bad.

Mashu: ….we’ve had practice. Now, I’m sorry, but could you please tell us the full story from the beginning?

Mashu: Is it true that Jeanne De Arc was revived?

Soldier: Ah, yeah. I participated in the battles at Orleans, so I’ve got everything memorized.

Soldier: Her hair and her skin color are different now, but it was definitely the saint girl that I saw.

Soldier: When we heard that England captured her and burned her at the stake, we were shaking with anger.

Soldier: But now that girl is alive again! Not only that, she’s been making deals with demons!

Mashu: Demons, you say? …you mean, like the skeletons earlier?

Soldier: No, no, not them. If it’s just creatures like those, we’re able to handle them.

Suddenly, a shriek echoed through the sky, something is coming, fast.

Mashu: ….ah!!

Soldier: Damn it, I knew it! It’s coming for us, we’re going to have to fight!

Soldier: Hey! Hey! Get up, get up! A dragon is coming! If you don’t fight back, it’ll swallow you whole!

Dr. Roman: There’s a large lifeform in your guys’ surroundings! And it’s fast…!!

Mashu: Visuals confirmed! That’s…no way.—

Both Mashu and our couldn't believe what they saw. The enemy standing in front of the two is something coming straight out of fantasies.

Dragon!? Wyvern!?

Mashu: Yes. That is a wyvern, a subspecies of dragon.

Mashu: Never, absolutely never, has such a creature existed in fifteenth centure France!

Dr. Roman: It’s coming!

Mashu: Master, fight with everything you’ve got! This fight will be completely different from the last one!

Then, in the middle of the chaos, a girl appeared. With a clear and strong voice, she started to command the soldiers.

???: Soldiers, throw water upon your heads! That will help protect you from the flames!

Soldier: Eh….!?

???: You there! Pick up your weapons and fight!

???: Together, with me! Please follow—

Without actually waiting for the soldiers to actually understand what is going on, she charged into the battle.

Mashu: That person is…

Dr. Roman: Ohh, it’s another Servant! The readings are weak, though. What is up with that girl…?

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