Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[English] Orleans 2-2-b

Translator: Sajyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

Mashu: …that seems to be the last of them for now.

Dr. Roman: All right, nicely done, ladies and gentlemen! Ahh, just watching you guys, my hands were sweating and I was seriously squeezing my sesame manjuu!

Mashu: Doctor. That was the sesame manjuu I prepared, you know.

Dr. Roman: Eh? Huh? Really? I saw it with the tea in the control room, so I just figured surely…

Mashu: …it was supposed to be for when we return from this Order, prepared as a sort of small thanks.

Mashu: Of course, you weren’t doing your work, Doctor, unlike senpai down here on the ground.

Dr. Roman: Mashu…how were you were raised as such a good girl…*munch munch*

Dr. Roman: *Gulp* Anyways, that was delicious. I’m sure would be quite pleased by this too!

Mashu: ...Master. When we get back to Chaldea, please save some of this excursion’s battle resources for me.

Mashu: There’s one more person I’d like to add to my list of enemies beaten with the back of my sword.

Suddenly a scream interrupted the conversation.

Soldier: No way, that woman is—ahh, it’s her! Run! The witch is here!

Mashu: Eh, witch…?

The one who the soldiers were fleeing from was no one else but the girl who gave out commands earlier.

Jeanne: ….

Jeanne: Um. Thank you very much for your help.

Mashu: No, it was only natural. Anyways, your name would be—

Jeanne: Ruler. My Servant class is Ruler.

Jeanne: My full name is Jeanne D’arc.

Mashu: Jeanne…D’arc!?

They said she became a witch… Wasn’t she dead?

Jeanne: We can talk about that later. …because of those guys from earlier, we shouldn’t be talking here.

Jeanne: Come this way. Please.

Mashu: …she’s calling us. What should we do, senpai?

Let’s go together It’s a clue

Four: Kyu kyu, Kyuu!

Dr. Roman: I agree. She seems weak, but that girl is definitely a Servant.

Dr. Roman: She’s surely well acquainted with the time period. You’ll probably be able to get a detailed report from her.

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