Friday, April 15, 2016

[English] Orleans 5-2-b

Translator:Sajyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

Berserk Assassin: ...something still feels strangely out of place. Is my dear Vlad letting up you once more, I wonder?

Berserk Assassin: Girl, over there. You---something about you smells off.

Berserk Assassin: For such a young girl, you are at least somewhat competent at combat. That makes no sense. What type of person are you?

Jeanne Alter: …a demi-Servant, it seems. An interesting existence of a human fused with a Servant.

Mashu: …..!

Jeanne Alter: …hmm, that was my mistake. You lot were outsiders, so I permitted some toying around with you.

Jeanne Alter: No more playing around, though. I will leave it to the remaining Wyvern to dispose of these little girls.

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