Friday, April 15, 2016

[English] Orleans 5-3-a

Translator: Sajyou Manaka
Editor: Aister

Berserk Lancer: Hold. Carmilla and I have not yet seriously worked together. The Saint’s blood is ours.

Berserk Lancer: You cannot simply hand that brilliant blood, its precious drops, over to some other ignorant executioner.

Jeanne Alter: Silence. Know your place, Vlad III.

Jeanne Alter: I care not for how much power and authority you had in life, for as a Servant in this present world, you are the same as the rest of your brethren.

Jeanne Alter: This obsession of yours with drinking this girl’s blood stems from unconscious behavior. Your personal growth as a human is far from complete like this.

Jeanne Alter: ---Such disobedience will most certainly displease me. So why don’t you kindly retreat for now and think about what you’ve done?

Jeanne: Tch…! Mashu-san, please hurry and escape! I will hold them off here!

Dr. Roman: Awawa, now the Wyvern behind us are getting riled up too!?

Mashu: Doctor, please calm down. At this rate, you’re going to have a panic attack…!

Dr. Roman: B, but things are getting really bad! Awawa, emailemail, right…at a time like this we should turn to the internet!

Dr. Roman: Internet Idol Page GO! Magical☆Marie’s Crystal Ball, Magical Marie’s Crystal☆Ball!

Dr. Roman: Let’s see, “Right now some Wyvern Servants are coming to attack, what should we do?”…

Dr. Roman: “Hmm~☆How does getting killed and being reincarnated sound?”

Dr. Roman: Uwaaa, what a cruel Internet Idol! She doesn’t understand people’s feelings at all!

Mashu: --Master. I’m going to risk it all on breaking through their lines at a weak point.

Mashu: Please stay close behind me…!

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