Wednesday, November 16, 2016

[English] Orleans 9-1-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Mashu: … It seems to be an abandoned fortress. For now, let’s rest here.

Jeanne: How are your wounds Siegfried?

Marie Antoinette: My Noble Phantasm should be able to heal your wounds a little. But, this wound is too deep.

Siegfried: …. It seems to be sort of curse.

Jeanne: Why were you in that town anyways?

Siegfried: It seems I was quickly summoned there.

Siegfried: While I was wandering without a master… I saw the town being attacked.

Marie Antoinette: Then you went there to help right?

Siegfried: Yes… I’m not as capable compared to when I was alive, but I figured I could manage with my Illusionary Greatsword.

Siegfried: However, multiple servants attacked making it more difficult than I thought it would be.

Siegfried: But, in the heat of the battle a Rider hid me in that castle. The Rider said it was possible to cure these wounds.

Siegfried: So there, I had no choice but to wait.

Mashu: Was it perhaps a woman that controlled a dragon?

Siegfried: A dragon…? No, it was a turtle… No, a dragon…. A dragon turtle…. Now that you say that… yes, it was a dragon…

Siegfried: That’s right. She had the atmosphere of a Ruler, just like you.

Jeanne: It must be…. Saint Martha.

Siegfried: I see, she used the wicked dragon Tarasque to break away from the battle, so that was Saint Martha. I must give my thanks to her.


Siegfried: I see. No, it’s alright. She was prepared for it….

Siegfried: It is most certain that the help I received is the reason I’m still here.

Jeanne: Perhaps, there is a spell that can remove the curse. However, it must be from a high ranking servant.

Marie Antoinette: Jeanne, are you not able to?

Jeanne: …. No. I’ve tried but by myself I don’t have enough power.

Jeanne: There are multiple curses casted onto Siegfried. It is a miracle you’re still alive.

Jeanne: To remove the curses another Saint is required.

Mashu: A Saint servant….?

Dr. Roman: …. Ah, it is possible.

Dr. Roman: Jeanne D’arc holds the Holy Grail… how rude of me, I mean the “Dragon Witch”.

Dr. Roman: There was reaction detected that a Saint may have been summoned.

Dr. Roman: As of now, we know Saint Martha has been summoned right? Then, have you met any other Saint servants?

Siegfried: I only know of the servants we’ve faced together.

Mashu: For me and Jeanne-san as well, we don’t know any besides the servants we’ve encountered so far.

Marie Antoinette: It might be more dangerous but it would be a good idea to split up.

Marie Antoinette: Dragon Slayer Siegfried, to solve your curse we will need to defeat Fafnir won’t we?

Jeanne: But…

Marie Antoinette: Jeanne?

Jeanne: Ah, no…. it’s nothing.

Jeanne: You’re right, I believe that’s reasonable. What do you think, -san?

Let’s search for the Saint. Split up and search France

Mashu: Fortunately, French territory has been cut to less than half during this time.

Mashu: It shouldn’t be too difficult to search. The problem is how to split us up…

Dr. Roman: Stop there. Sorry to interrupt during your discussion but wandering monsters have intruded.

Mashu: Wander…. What’s that?

Dr. Roman: … No, nothing. Anyways it’s the enemy, hurry and defeat them so we can continue our plans.

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