Wednesday, November 16, 2016

[English] Orleans 9-1-b

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Marie Antoinette: I’ve just come with an idea! Let’s decide how to split up by drawing from a lottery!

Mashu: … What?

Marie Antoinette: I mean, for these kinds of moments it should be a lottery right! Amadeus, please prepare the lottery!

Amadeus: You just want to draw things out don’t you….? I understand. I’m prepare the lottery. Now we can split the group up.

After drawing the straws, they have finally came up with the groups.

Jeanne: It seems I’m with Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Amadeus. You’re with -san.

Amadeus: Honestly, I’m quite worried to leave you on your own. No, now is not the time to be worrying.

Amadeus: … but, I shall believe in the fate chosen by lottery. It would be bad luck to go against it.

Amadeus: Well, you can always your Noble Phantasm to escape. Jeanne specializes in protection as well.

Amadeus: Actually, shouldn’t I be worried to be in my group.


As long as Mashu protects us we won’t lose. Actually Mashu is quite amazing.

Mashu: Master…. Thank you very much!

Amadeus: No, actually I’m worried about the wounded Siegfried.

Amadeus: Ah, give me a break.

Marie Antoinette: Amadeus, try to get along with everyone. You’re the type to be misunderstood after all.

Amadeus: I don’t want to hear that from you. I should be saying that to you Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Hm?

Amadeus: No, nothing. Try to get into the travelling mindset. If you get hungry don’t go try looking for a bakery.

Marie Antoinette: What! I just remembered the time you proposed to me, my heart is beating so fast!

Amadeus: Wait. Why would you think that from what I just said!

Mashu: A…. proposal? What? With Marie-san? Amadeus-san said that?

Dr. Roman: Oh, you didn’t know Mashu? It’s a rather famous story.

Dr. Roman: That Mr. Amadeus, when he was six years old proposed to seven year old Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, he had slipped and I caught him with hand, he gazed at me with sparkling eyes.

Marie Antoinette: “Thank you, wonderful person. I am called Amadeus.”

Marie Antoinette: “If, my lady has not yet been promised marriage from another as beautiful as you, let me be the first to ask you for your hand in marriage.”

Marie Antoinette: That’s what he said! From the day I was born, I’ve never experienced such a prosperous moment!

Amadeus: Never until the end of the world I would have thought to hear this…. What a nightmare….

Marie Antoinette: Hehe, well of course. I, happily, happily told this to everyone!

Amadeus: Because of you! It was because of you wasn’t it! How could you reject me, what a devilish woman!

Marie Antoinette: Well I had no choice. Because it wasn’t my choice to decide on my engagement.

Marie Antoinette: And also.

Amadeus: And also?

Marie Antoinette: You know what happened after in my life don’t you? I was happy for that. I was happy to have declined you.

Marie Antoinette: That way, you became the musician that the people loved. And then, my life ended as the foolish Queen.

Marie Antoinette: It can’t be helped. There wasn’t any helping it. Because I, I was always dreaming about love.

Marie Antoinette: I hopelessly fell in love with France didn’t I? Unloved by the people, unloved by my country.

Marie Antoinette: Because of that way of thinking, in the end, by the hands of the citizens my life stopped.

Jeanne: Marie, that’s…

Amadeus: ……….. What is this? Are you an idiot?

Marie Antoinette: Am I an idiot?

Amadeus: Yes. This is a huge misunderstanding. You fell in love with the country of France?

Amadeus: That’s wrong. You did not fall in love with the country of France. The country of France loved you.

Marie Antoinette: …….. Yes. Thank you, Mozart.

Marie Antoinette: Huh? Isn’t that strange? Then why was I killed by the people that loved me?

Amadeus: Ah. Humans just work that way.

Amadeus: Love can easily become hate. Because you were loved, you were also hated.

Mashu: To be hated because you were loved… Because you yearned to be love, those lovers extended their hands.

Marie Antoinette: I see. It’s difficult being human isn’t it? After all, yes, even in the end, my love couldn’t reach them.

Marie Antoinette: But it’s alright.

Marie Antoinette: I am Marie Antoinette, the woman that was in love with France!

Marie Antoinette: See you later, Amadeus! I’m going! When I return, please let me listen to your piano again!

Mashu: Ah, Jeanne-san. Try to keep in contact regularly.

Mashu: Here is a Chaldea communication device. By using magic, we will be able to communicate with each other.

Jeanne: I understand. I’ll take care of it.

Be careful Be cautious

Jeanne: I will, thank you. -san, please be careful as well.

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