Wednesday, November 16, 2016

[English] Orleans 9-2-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Amadeus: … I wasn’t in the position to say anything. Shall we also depart?

Is it all right for you to not follow her? Do you still love Marie?

Amadeus: Not at all. I no longer feel any passion for her. She was just a part of a unique path I had travelled.

Amadeus: … Yes. If I had a normal life, then I’m sure we would have been together.

Amadeus: What you know history to be is the truth.

Amadeus: I am the man called Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. No matter what choice I make, I shall make it happen.

Amadeus: No matter what. Any lovers I met, any friends I made, any happiness I could grasp.

Amadeus: I threw them away and became scum. I devoted myself to music.

Amadeus: But, just one thing.

Amadeus: If I could change my destiny, it would be because of her.

Mashu: … Amadeus-san. That means that you still love Marie-san, that’s what you are saying right?

Amadeus: Ah, yes. I still love her. It’s just I never loved any other. And so what?

Mashu: … I don’t know. What you had said before, Amadeus-san. Humans are despicable.

Mashu: Then by what you are saying, do you think Marie-san is despicable?

Amadeus: Eh? Despicable, even though I love her? Music is a beautiful thing. Humans are a despicable thing.

Amadeus: Did you not know the difference? It’s just my way of categorizing, you know?

Mashu: Eh…eh? But, humans love beautiful things, and…

Amadeus: It’s not like that. Humans only love beautiful things.

Mashu: But…. That’s wrong, I don’t quite understand but…

Amadeus: Hm, this is something words can’t explain.

Amadeus: Anyways, you’ll understand one day. You’re going to travel with -kun right?

Amadeus: Then I’m sure you’ll understand one day. If properly grows as a person, then will be the ideal senpai.

Mashu: I, I see…! The ideal senpai, that I completely understand!

Mashu…! Sometimes your confidence me is overwhelming.

Siegfried: … I’m sorry. I understand you’re having a great conversation. I understand but…

Siegfried: The enemy is approaching. Sorry…. As a man who can’t read the atmosphere, I’m very sorry…

Four: Fou… Fou, fou!

Dr. Roman: What!? Damn, Sieg took my only duty!

Dr. Roman: But I want you to understand my absentminded-like personality too.

Dr. Roman: Come on. You thought I was the same as those despicable people but actual I’m an amazing person with a deep personality. You’re surprised aren’t you?

Amadeus: Yes, rest assured Doctor. I feel sympathy for you.

Amadeus: Fundamentally, humans are… actually, there’s one person here who is a good for nothing.

Dr. Roman: Mmhm, thank you Amadeus! This is the first time I’ve been so happy to be praised!

Mashu: Enough, please monitor the battle!

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