Saturday, December 10, 2016

[English] Orleans 13-3-a

Translator: Faneto
Editor: Aister

Elizabeth: Why you-! Why you, why you, why you!

Carmilla: Depressing…. Isn’t it, my other self!

Elizabeth: That’s my line! Why are you a servant….!

Carmilla: If you think about. From my point of view, why was I summoned as such a mediocre servant, it’s so far off and abhorrent…..!

Carmilla: There’s no one else I fear more and respect than the blood countess. The form of true completion.

Carmilla: Much different than you, who is far from completion. The one who drank fear and become a Heroic spirit, is right here.

Carmilla: But how about you?

Carmilla: You are also one who drank like me. Refusing to age, you successfully sealed that fear.

Carmilla: But of course that’s only natural. Just by looking at you, you can see that I am the formation of sin and guilt.

Carmilla: I accepted my sins, the falsified documents of slaughter!

Elizabeth: …. That’s right.

Elizabeth: You are my true nature. I am one of the possible conclusions. You are the embodiment of my unchanging crying sins.

Elizabeth: To turn my back on you, would be the same as turning my back on my sins.

Elizabeth: Even so, I can’t deny my misfortunate other self! No matter how disgusting and deceitful I am, I cry and shout.

Elizabeth: I, I don’t want to become like you!

Carmilla: How foolish. We are both ghosts of the past, you deny our fate?

Elizabeth: Of course I already know that. Even so, that’s all I got!

Elizabeth: Lend me a hand, little puppy!

Elizabeth: Sometimes your grades fall a little but even so you’re still first rate!

Elizabeth: Please help me defeat this other me! Please use your full power to defeat me!

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